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Nutrition: the 2022 trend in the kitchen and at the table – Italian Cuisine

Nutrition: the 2022 trend in the kitchen and at the table

Eating habits have changed a lot in the last 10 years: home delivery menus, homemade and personalized dishes and increasingly sought-after foods. Here are the most interesting news to keep an eye on

In the last decade, the way of cooking and consuming food has changed a lot, also thanks to the pandemic which for almost two years has changed a large part of lifestyles, including food. We eat less outside the home and more and more consciously starting from the choice of the ingredients we use in the kitchen. The confirmation comes from the data of the Food Trends & Innovation Report, conducted by the research institute Censuswide for HelloFresh, a leading home recipe box company. The report, made on a sample of more than 11 thousand people from 16 countries around the world, including Italy, photographs global culinary and food habits and highlights future trends in food. But what has changed in the last 10 years in nutrition and what are the 2022 trends in the kitchen? Here are the trendiest news to keep an eye on.

More and more home cooking and meal kit based

Since the beginning of the pandemic with the spread of smart working, for many cooking and eating meals at home has become a daily habit. In the HelloFresh report, 34% of respondents said they eat less at the restaurant and spend more time with their family at the table. However, it is not always easy to reconcile the organization of meals with the rhythms of work and home management. There is no shortage of alternatives to save time in the kitchen. Even if the minutes are numbered during the week, in recent years there is less and less space for traditional food delivery based on fast food foods and ready-made dishes. "Sandwiches, sandwiches, fries even if they are very practical to consume, they give little satiety and have a high content of sugars, fats and sodium, which in excess are harmful to the figure and health", explains the nutritionist Maria Rosaria Baldi. The alternative? One of the newest trends are meal kit at home, boxes with pre-dosed ingredients that combined together allow you not to give up the pleasure of cooking at home and quickly put on the table tasty menus and dishes that are at the same time balanced from a nutritional point of view. The advantages? Many. The ingredients received directly at home already portioned allow you to save the time of shopping and avoid unnecessary waste in the kitchen. But the benefits of this new trend are also others. «The recipe boxes allow on the one hand not to give up on the preparation of dishes, a moment that can be very relaxing. Cooking for your family and together with your family can be a way to reduce stress, one of the main factors that put physical and mental health at risk . Confirmation also comes from the results of the report. For 43% of Italians, cooking is a way to have fun. «Furthermore, having the right ingredients available to compose the different recipes allows you to overcome the monotony and bring to the table always new and different dishes that satisfy the taste.

Various, balanced and personalized menus, even at home

To live better and healthily, having a varied, balanced diet tailored to your needs has increasingly become an indispensable priority. It is for a third of the interviewees. In recent years, awareness of what we consume has been increasing more and more. The choices of fresh and seasonal foods, but also of special diets such as vegetarian or vegan ones have become increasingly widespread. However, following an ad hoc meal plan can often become difficult. Today, unlike 10 years ago, thanks to home services it is possible to receive more and more personalized menus directly at home to lose weight, to eat vegetarian and in general to satisfy any personal need, choosing the dishes according to your preferences.

At the table, more space for quality ingredients

In recent years, attention has finally grown towards the selection and quality of the ingredients used in the kitchen. As many as 46% of people are interested in where the food comes from and spend more on the quality of the ingredients, buying locally sourced food. "Making more sustainable choices in the kitchen", comments nutritionist Maria Rosaria Baldi, "allows you to follow a healthier diet at the table. In several studies it has been found that the most sustainable foods for the environment are more wholesome and guarantee greater benefits for health and fitness ".

Prosecco for breakfast: the new trend arrives in Milan – Italian Cuisine

Prosecco for breakfast: the new trend arrives in Milan

At Milan Wine Week 2021 Montelvini launches in Milan the international trend on the new moment of consumption of the most popular Italian bubbles in the world

For some years now Prosecco has been a global phenomenon and as such is the subject of trends that are born in places all over the world, far from the Veneto territory of origin.

After entering the Anglo-Saxon culture, a new way (or rather a moment) in which to drink bubbles arrives in Italy: Prosecco for breakfast!

This trend expresses an unprecedented moment of conviviality and sharing, halfway between breakfast and brunch.
The version designed by Montelvini, the historic winery ambassador of Asolo's bubbles, which had the idea of ​​launching it during the Milan Wine Week, provides a sort of "pre-game" prosecco in the name of excellence.
Thanks to an exclusive partnership with the chef Daniel Canzian, the new reference Serenitatis by Montelvini, theAsolo Prosecco Superiore DOCG Brut Millesimato 2020 “FM333", Becomes the protagonist of free tastings for all customers of DanielCanzian Restaurant who, until 10 October 2021, will go to the Milanese location in via San Marco, on the corner of Castelfidardo, for a gourmet breakfast.

"We are happy to be present with many initiatives at this 2021 edition of Milan Wine Week, which was born in the sign of a confident restart: a great event with an international vocation that confirms itself to be attentive to the infinite potential of the wine sector, a proudly Italian excellence" , he has declared Alberto Serena, CEO of Montelvini. "With our winery, once again this year we represent an iconic territory, Asolo, owner of the rarest and most exclusive denomination of Prosecco, which gives life to unique wines for the finesse of the perlage, the persistence and the typical flavor of the terroir in which they are born. ".

And now all that remains is to try Prosecco Superiore for breakfast too!

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The trend of Turin panettone 2020 – Italian Cuisine

The trend of Turin panettone 2020

Turin celebrates the best panettone in Italy with Una Mole di Panettoni and previews for next Christmas

Covid has turned off the events for 2020, but not the desire for sweetness and tradition. Every year in Turin a very important event is held in the pre-Christmas period, A Mole of Panettone, where pastry chefs from all over Italy propose their creations to the jury. Obviously this year will be held in digital version.

The competition will award, as always, the best panettone of the Milanese school (without icing), of the Piedmontese school (with icing), the best creative panettone and the best salty panettone.
The appointment with A Mole of Panettone is scheduled for Saturday 28 November, live streaming at the Principi di Piemonte hotel, where the jury of experts will meet to decree the best panettone of the year.

An e-commerce will also be available, already operational from 15 November, which aims to become the best-stocked shop for large leavened products, the flagship of Italian craftsmanship in the field of pastry and leavened products of excellence. A one-of-a-kind store will be available for purchase throughout the country.

Artisan panettone with single origin chocolate chips by Davide Appendino

Prepared with single-origin Ecuador 75% chocolate chips. A soft dough, produced with mother yeast, naturally leavened with three consecutive dough phases. It can be purchased on the Davide Appendino website

Panettone by gliAironi

A nice collaboration between gliAironi and Galup, from an idea by Gabriele Conte and Michele Perinotti, a panettone starring Penelope black rice: inside it grains of candied black rice and drops of Nero, the first Italian sake made with Vercelli black rice from GliAironi. It is produced for the Aironi by Galup. It will be possible to buy in the Christmas temporary shops Favola di Favola di gliAironi; this year they have six planned: Turin, Lignana, Biella, Pavia, Vigevano, Asti and on the website the Aironi Shop.

Pure panettone design by Fabrizio Racca

Turin pastry chef master of design desserts. Racca's is a completely atypical panettone with modern shapes: made with ricotta cream, pears and chocolate, without candied fruit and raisins. Available online on the Fabrizio Racca shop.

Video Shop

Alberto Marchetti, known for his work as an ice cream craftsman, goes further and invents the Video Shop where it will be possible to buy products in the virtual shop thanks to the video call connection with the shop. For Natale Marchetti has created PANETTONEH, one (con) temporary shop dedicated to the traditional dessert par excellence: a selection of 20 artisan panettone, produced by 10 of the best Italian pastry chefs and leaveners, carefully chosen by Alberto Marchetti to satisfy all tastes.
For two months, from November 6th to January 10th, PanettoNeh is the right place to give (and treat yourself) an absolutely special artisan dessert. Info on the Alberto Marchetti website.

Cloud of Ghigo

Among the queens of the pandori, the now famous Ghigo cloud, appreciated by the Turinese (but not only): a soft leavened product covered with a cream of butter and powdered sugar and then covered with impalpable sugar. On sale at the shop in via Po 52B. Better to book: they sell like hot cakes.

Great Piedmont of Albertengo

The panettone Gran Piemonte from Albertengo, of Torre San Giorgio (Cn), classic panettone, produced with only local ingredients: the sweet Moscato of Santo Stefano Belbo, the hazelnut Tonda Gentile, Inalpi Piedmontese milk cream butter, without citrus peel. Online shop.


The Panettone with Cocchi's Historic Vermouth, an ancient winery in Cocconato (At) famous for its wines and its vermouth, known all over the world. In fact, the Cocchi panettone is the only one to be produced with Historic Vermouth, and is created exclusively for Cocchi by Albertengo. The peculiarity of this leavened product is in the candied orange and lemon peel with Cocchi Vermouth, then decorated with hazelnut and almond glaze. Cocchi website.

Royal Atelier of the Ancient Royal Crown

This year Gian Piero Vivalda's panettone will be available in 6 versions, of which 2 (new 2020) limited edition of only 300 pieces: the first ai Red fruits, created with candied and semi-candied fruits by Agrimontana exclusively for the AtelierReale; the second to Candied Mandarin of the Antica Confetteria Romanengo, a historic Ligurian company (existing since 1870) specialized among other activities in the candying of fruit, and in mandarin in particular. Info on the site.

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