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Chef for dogs, the gourmet trend for man's best friend – Italian Cuisine

What our pets eat must be "healthy" like what we eat. Dog chefs are born. Here are their stories, their tips and a recipe for making homemade cookies for our four-legged friend

The chef for dogs it's the last one gourmet trend, dedicated to man's best friend, who is slowly gaining ground all over the world. This is no longer a whimsical star in Paris Hilton or found advertising of the puppy influencer: We are talking about a real professional service (even affordable) to keep the beloved four-legged in health and in shape with special attention.

After the beer for dogs, the dog street food and the Candoro or the Canettone for Christmas, just take a ride on the web to find different offers of quality pet friendly and with just a few clicks you can receive straight home in the bowl of your dog so inviting a delicacy that would want to share … and sometimes it is also possible! We took a quick tour of the world to give you three examples of how the trend is not isolated or elitist. From the United States to Belgium, to Italy, discover with us 3 protagonists Pet Chef + one recipe all-Italian for your four-legged friend.

Cheffa Dog's cup cake

United States – The Dog Chef

Back in 2005, Kevyn Matthews he began the profession of chef specializing in pets. Through the creation of personalized food plans, he realizes he can also take care of high quality fresh food: «If it's not good for me to eat, then it's not even for my dog, is the philosophy of The Dog Chef. Between passion and competence, he then opened his own Dog Chef Café Baltimore which counts thousands of fans between bipeds and quadrupeds. For nearly fifteen years, chef Matthews has been providing balanced and healthy meals that can be purchased online. For example, there is a monthly subscription Fresh Meal Plan $ 35 that is built on the responses of the owner of the animal based on its characteristics and habits. Not missing the Froyo, frozen yogurt in four flavors (Bacon Molasses, Peanut Butter & Banana, Mixed Berry & Ice Cream Sundae) which is a delicious reward for the dog, also a source of calcium, potassium and magnesium, in addition to probiotics that help improve the health of the immune and digestive system. The highlight is the Anxiety Squares, four brownies for $ 40 that promise to reduce anxiety or arthritis pain thanks to100% organic cannabis oil. In collaboration with veterinary professionals, chef Matthews self-proclaims the original chef dog.

Balanced and delicious snack from The Dog Chef Café, Baltimore.

Belgium – Dog Chef

Name similar to the American chef Matthews, here it is a catering service founded in Brussels by Alex Cardon and two members: Dog Chef. Having noted the growing habit of feeding more pets with home-prepared food rather than packaged, Alex & co. choose to offer a healthy alternative by cooking only high quality products, so much so that they could be eaten by humans too! They started with a limited offer of two dishes, but high standards: chicken with rice and vegetables, or beef with pasta and vegetables. "There's not much choice, but it's better than what dogs eat every day!", Cardon jokes about The Bulletin. The recipes are then changed thanks to the continuous collaboration with the University of Liège. So now we find the cod / salmon combo with quinoa, beef with lentils, chicken with rice and vegetables; all carefully described in detail. Much attention is given to the portions, which are calibrated according to age, weight and physical conformation of the dog.

A satisfied customer of the Dog Chef service, Belgium.

Italy – Cheffa Dog

Cheffa Dog, a century Sonia Orlandi, of Rome, transforms his passion for cooking and love for animals into a real profession. Pushed by friends, she opens her blog to collect her recipes for 100% natural dogs, which she compiles following the guidelines of veterinary nutritionists. "Becoming a pet chef was not a choice made at a table, it was more a becoming, the logical consequence of what I was doing," says Sonia. «The first invitations to trade shows have begun with the request for show cooking … To show people that there is nothing complicated and reveal my tricks learned in years and years of cooking and testing has become a mission. The result is an illustrated recipe book published just over a year ago in collaboration with MondoFido: Dog recipes: Homemade cooking in bowl. From the Dog-Sushi up to Bau Pasticcini, Cheffa Dog makes it easy to make tasty and nutritionally balanced bowls for your dog. Among advice on nutrition and advice from the vet, Cheffa Dog becomes the reference point for those looking for practical and healthy solutions to pamper your four-legged friends. Here is a recipe that is easy to make.

Dog biscuits with apple and carrot of Cheffa Dog


200 g of wholemeal flour
100 g of 00 flour
1 small carrot
1 big apple or 2 small
2 teaspoons of honey
1 egg
a generous sprinkling of powdered cinnamon
grated lemon rind
1 tablespoon of sunflower oil


Before starting to knead, turn the oven on at 180 ° so as to find it already at the temperature when baking.
Cut the apple into small pieces and cook in a saucepan with a cup of water until it is so soft that you can crush it well with a fork.
Add the cinnamon and mix well.
Finely grate the well washed raw carrot and set aside.
On the work surface, put the two flours together, form a fountain and carefully put all the ingredients in the center.
Start to knead starting from the center, slowly mixing everything together.
Form a soft dough like a short pastry, if too soft add another whole wheat flour, while if too hard, add a tablespoon of water.
Spread the dough half a centimeter thick and cut with a cookie cutter form.
Put the prepared biscuits in a baking sheet covered with baking paper and bake for about 15-20 minutes at 180 ° in the previously heated static oven.
When the biscuits appear browned, switch off and let them cool in the oven with the door open.
They are kept for about 15-20 days in a hermetically sealed jar.

Dog biscuits with apple and carrot of Cheffa Dog.

Drink without alcohol: the new trend is mocktails (and we'll explain how to make them) – Italian Cuisine

Good cocktails, elaborate, fashionable, but without alcohol. They are the new trend in terms of mixology, expert word, and since they are perfect to receive during the holidays, we give you a recipe made exclusively by La Cucina Italiana for Pompadour

Defining the mocktails a "cocktail without alcohol" is really reductive. The non-alcoholic cocktails that pop up in bartending capitals like New York and London have nothing to envy to the classic drinks made with gin, whiskey or rum. Rather.
Once alcohol-free cocktails such as Shirley Temple and Virgin Colada were relegated to the last pages of the drink lists of clubs and restaurants, offer due to please children and teetotalers. Today, however, mocktails have ceased to be faded versions of large international drinks, and are a rapidly growing segment of the market – and an idea to copy at home too.

Less and less alcohol, up to zero

The culture of drinking is evolving rapidly and in recent years cocktail enthusiasts are growing, as are the opportunities for consumption and the awareness of their own. health. They appreciate each other sophisticated ingredients, balance, balance of flavors and aromas, just like for a wine. With more recipes designed for specific moments, which in addition to the classic out of the meal meet the combination with food and even daytime hours of the day. Cocktails have invaded our days, dinners, lunches, brunches – and not necessarily with an alcohol content, albeit minimal. The new trend of international mixology aims therefore to reduce more and more the gradation of cocktails, whether as an aperitif, after dinner, or as a meal.

In addition to alcohol there is more

"The absence of alcohol is no longer the only main feature of mocktails – explains Alessandro Melis, soul of Indrinkable, bartender sailor, trainer and mixology consultant for many local – today the focus is on the quality and combination of ingredients present (and not on the only absentee!) of this type of drink. They are no longer "without" versions, but recipes built, designed and designed for different times of the day and different occasions of use, "with", so much to offer and to be discovered by the public ".
Today mocktails are so popular that the most fashionable clubs have their own "home" recipes moments of the day, from aperitif to after dinner, and above all new opportunities like brunches and lunches, a time schedule off limits for the bartenders. "In Milan, two of the cocktails that are most successful in the premises where we have studied the drink list, are just two mocktails – goes on Alessandro – and are drunk during the day or at meal time. Acqua di mare is a cocktail based on Mediterranean water, lemon juice, sugar syrup with black pepper and soda, very popular, as well as Scents of Field, made with rosemary syrup, cucumber extract and lime juice " . A breath of summer and spring, but do you drink the same thing all year? Apart from some great classics, absolutely not.

Cocktails are seasonal, like the kitchen

The cocktail bars change the lists every season, such as restaurants, just to be inspired by different ingredients and flavors. Now in winter, we prefer spicy and red fruits, which recall those typical of Christmas. There is no limit to the imagination "because the barmen are no longer content with the products on the market and as chefs prepare their own syrups, extracts and many infusions with which to" cook "the cocktails on the spot," concludes Alessandro. Using the infusions Pompadour has created six exclusive cocktails for Italian Cuisine, such as Cinnamon Red, based on Infuso Garofano and Cinnamon and many other recipes that will be unveiled in the next few months in the magazine and online. The goal is to help readers to try their hand at easy and homely bartending, but effective and in step with the times.
For parties, as an aperitif or after-dinner toast, here is the recipe for the perfect cocktail to accompany the classic bottle of bubbles – which we bet will no longer be so popular.

Cinnamon in Red
1 cup of Infuso Carnation and Cinnamon Pompadour
2 teaspoons of lime juice
1 glass of lemon soda
1 teaspoon of honey
1 pinch of black pepper
Shake the infusion and lime juice with pepper and honey. Pour into a long drink glass with ice and fill with the soda; decorated as desired with red currant.

Brunch trend. All the recipes! – Italian Cuisine

Pancakes, aromatic ricotta, fig pie, omelette, salmon salad and stuffed sfogliatelle. Everything you need for the perfect brunch to sweeten a late awakening at the weekend, lengthen meal times and pamper yourself on those days when you have woken up too late to have breakfast, but you are too hungry to wait for lunch time . Set the table, prepare everything calmly and enjoy the joy of a meal that knows no timetables and limitations between sweet and savory.


The brunch menu in six recipes


Savory pie with figs, goat cheese and hazelnuts


Rich omelette with tomato, Emmentaler Dop and coffee powder


Salad with marinated salmon, walnuts and avocado mayonnaise