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what to eat in smart working – Italian Cuisine

what to eat in smart working

With fruit, vegetables, yogurt and more, the mid-morning and mid-afternoon break becomes easy. Here's how to compose DIY snacks that ensure taste and health in a short time

With smart working, resisting hunger attacks and the call of the pantry between meals is not always easy. When working from home, the risk of giving in to ready-made sweet and savory snacks is often high, a problem for those who want to keep fit. Yet managing snack time isn't all that difficult. Just get organized and have the right ingredients in the fridge and pantry. Here's how to compose quick and easy snacks that satisfy the palate and lend a hand to the figure.

Fennel, celery and raw carrots

Having crudités in the refrigerator, already washed and cut, is an excellent strategy to be able to compose satiating snacks in a short time. «Fennel, celery and raw carrots, thanks to their crunchiness give satiety. They are also a supplement of minerals and vitamins that help relieve stress , says the nutritionist Valentina Galiazzo, specialist in clinical biochemistry. "They also provide many fibers, including prebiotic ones, which nourish the intestinal bacteria on which the synthesis of serotonin and dopamine, two hormones that regulate mood, depends". Combined with probiotic foods such as kefir they help to counteract nervous tension even more. "They promote the balance of the intestinal flora, which is important for psychophysical well-being".

Cashew nuts

Do performance anxiety and agitation make you irritable and unproductive? «A handful of cashews is the ideal choice to counter nervousness. They ensure excellent quantities of selenium, which together with phosphorus and zinc, help to better resist the load of things to do , says nutritionist Valentina Galiazzo. The ideal is to choose them natural. «They are free of salt which, if consumed in excess, can promote the feeling of fatigue.

Avocado and ricotta mousse

Lack of concentration and drops in energy reduce your desire to work? «The ideal snack is the one that gives the right 'fuel' to the body and mind. A quick recipe for inspiration? «Mix half a peeled and mashed avocado with a fork with two tablespoons of ricotta. Avocado is a source of essential fatty acids for the health of neurons. Ricotta, on the other hand, is rich in essential amino acids such as tryptophan, tyrosine and tyramine which favor the production of serotonin, dopamine and adrenaline, the neurotransmitters of well-being. This mix, combined with some black cabbage leaves (kale), fights hunger and provides energy .

Greek yogurt, dark chocolate and nuts

"Greek yogurt is a source of a super mix of substances for the brain and mood. In addition to providing high biological value proteins and healthy fats that give satiety, it contains glutamic acid, a precursor of Gaba, the neurormone of serenity and tryptophan, which lower levels of cortisol, the stress hormone. Dark chocolate (at least 70% cocoa), on the other hand, helps you feel more agile because it is rich in theobromine .

Fruit salad of orange, apple and cinnamon

Cut an orange and an apple into slices, after washing and peeling them, and add a pinch of cinnamon. This quick and easy mix to prepare is perfect for getting your sprint back on the busiest days. «It ensures sugars that energize the brain and vitamins of the B complex, essential for energy metabolism. The oranges rich in vitamin C also promote the assimilation of the iron contained in apples, a super mineral to stay away from sluggishness ".

Egg whites and cocoa pudding

«This healthy, protein-rich, low-fat snack is highly satiating and ideal for increasing focus. It can be eaten both in the morning and in the afternoon or as a snack before going to sleep. It provides essential amino acids, mainly B vitamins, magnesium and potassium, "says the expert.


«Easy to eat, lupins are a real cure-all in the most demanding moments. They help prevent fatigue, improve the sense of satiety and promote memory and concentration . From a nutritional point of view, explains nutritionist Valentina Galiazzo, "they are naturally gluten-free and have an excellent content of vegetable proteins and mineral salts such as magnesium, potassium, calcium and iron". They are usually found in the supermarket in brine. «Before consuming them they must be rinsed well otherwise they risk being too salty.

a lesson on healthy eating for smart working with carla lertola – Italian Cuisine


In these long months of pandemic for many workers it is smart working it has become a way of life. Far from the offices and daily routine that we used to have, many have had to adapt to the so-called agile work: "Stay safe, stay home", it was said. This is one of the topics that has been discussed for a long time recently, for many aspects, as well as in the field of nutrition and health of those who practice it. In fact, at home, it could be easier to maintain a healthy lifestyle, made up of good habits, which help not only to stay fit and more serene, but also to better face the working day. A good opportunity to review your diet, eat regular and balanced meals. To give you some advice we have heard the opinion of Carla Lertola, Surgeon Specialist in Food Science and Dietetics

The vadecundum of smartworkers

"Awareness, organization and imagination", these are the three keywords or rather the attitudes to be adopted. No matter how much work there is to be done, meals cannot be skipped. Basic breakfast, lunch and dinner, but better if we add two snacks to these so as not to arrive too hungry. Choose fruit rather than a snack: this will help not only to reduce the nervous hunger, typical of smart workers, but also because it is less caloric and more satiating.

183810Harvard plate, says Lertola, could be your guideline: the healthy eating dish rich in vegetables, proteins, whole grains and fruit. Deny the myth "the carbohydrate every day hurts or put on weight", indeed it is essential to include it in all meals and every day together with a protein. The couple marries perfectly and helps keep the metabolism always active despite the constant sedentary lifestyle. The only effort to make would be not to mix carbohydrates with each other but to always keep a line. Pasta today, bread tomorrow and so on …

Eating well, choosing foods that provide the right amount of each nutrient, also depends on the type of shopping you do. You have more time to organize yourself so spending more accurately is certainly a further benefit. Planning the week is a great place to start. Divide the meals think about what we would like to eat, so that we arrive with clear ideas and have the opportunity to indulge in the healthiest ingredients. Then of course, cooking well, or rather correctly. The secret lies in simplicity. A simple but tasty cuisine, enriched with raw condiments. No butter nor trans fats.

Let's not forget about the water

Another tip from our nutritionist is to drink an adequate amount of water, important during every activity and therefore even if you are at home sitting at a desk. Our daily requirement is around one and a half or two liters, but it is important to remember that you must drink throughout the day, not just at the table during meals. Knowing how to distribute it adequately rather than ingesting it all together. Also let's face it, the toilet problem does not arise, so no excuses. And if you are also fed up with water, you can also hydrate with tea and herbal teas. In this case, however, be careful not to take too much sugar.

Do we do gymnastics?

Beware of laziness, always keeping active, even staying at home is essential. Yes to proper nutrition but not completely abandoning physical activity with the excuse of closed gyms. If at the end of the day you are unable to put on your gym outfit and indulge in the intense workout, you can also use some little tricks, but always effective: always choose the stairs instead of the comfort of the lift, stand up and walk around the house when you are at the phone, or do not deny yourself a walk, even around the house, to reactivate the circulation. And then a breath of fresh air is just a great benefit.

If, on the other hand, you particularly miss the gym or the swimming pool, hold on and download some apps where you can organize training sessions without any difficulty. This will help you feel more relaxed, release the tensions of hours spent in front of the PC and free your mind from stress. Working from home, in smart working, therefore, can become an opportunity to take care of your health and to adopt healthy habits that we will carry with us even when we return to the office. Eating quality food in the right quantities, carefully choosing snacks for our breaks, avoiding fatty and harmful foods and exercising are practices oriented towards psychophysical well-being. Obviously all this by following and respecting your lifestyle, its resources without ever exceeding. Doctors can give directions, lead on the right path but then it is we who must take care of ourselves, starting with proper shopping, good distribution of food in the refrigerator and the right movement.

When everything returns to normal, hoping even in a not too long time, it is obvious that you will want to treat yourself to a breakfast at the bar or a nice substantial lunch at the restaurant, we deserve it all … but let's try not to miss these healthy habits that we have acquired over time

183809 Consultation by Carla Lertola, Surgeon Specialist in Food Science and Dietetics

By Elena Strappa

Smart working: 10 foods to work better from home – Italian Cuisine

What to bring to the table to combat lack of concentration, irritability, anxiety and a bad mood? Here are the foods that can help you stay away from stress

There are more than 4 million Italians who work in smart working and in the coming weeks there could be many more. The latest Prime Ministerial Decree of the Government to contain the pandemic in fact encourages the use of agile work both in public administration and in private companies. But working from home can sometimes be more tiring. The confirmation comes from the results of a survey conducted by LinkedIn on 2,000 workers: 46% of smart workers feel more anxious and stressed; as many as 27% have difficulty sleeping well at night; 26% feel a lack of concentration during the day. "Often the problem depends on lifestyle mistakes, including diet, which can make it more difficult to adapt to the new daily rhythms and the menage of family life", he explains Valentina Galiazzo, nutrition biologist specializing in clinical biochemistry. "Those who lead a sedentary lifestyle and have the habit of exaggerating at the table with sweets, baked goods, snacks and industrial foods, rich in fats and sugars, are likely to face more easily, for example, psychophysical fatigue and sudden changes in d ' mood. To avoid the problem, it is necessary to focus on digestible and nutrient-rich foods that allow the body to function at its best even in stressful situations ". Here are the foods that cannot be missing in the daily menus to work better from home.

Smart working: 10 foods to work better from home

To promote a good mood

Working in smart working often tends to be more lazy and sedentary. The reduction in motor activity, especially in the open air, can favor the decrease in serotonin and endorphins, which facilitates the onset of nervousness and irritability. To have greater momentum in facing the working day from home, it may be useful to move more around the home and enrich the daily menus with foods that promote the synthesis of neurormones that counteract stress. "Avocado, walnuts, dark chocolate, for example, are a source of tryptophan, an amino acid that promotes their production and helps you feel calmer and more relaxed".

To improve concentration

Has the return to smart working knocked out intellectual performance and do you feel mentally overtired? In the three main meals of the day, make sure you have a good protein intake, alternating fish, eggs, meat, legumes and dairy products at the table. «The essential amino acids of which proteins are formed stimulate the production of neurotransmitters such as tyrosine which activate brain functions. To have an efficient brain even in the most demanding moments, it is also necessary to stock up in the daily menus of healthy fats, in particular Omega 3, which protect the memory and promote mental clarity. For example, an excellent strategy is to enrich salads with a handful of dried fruit or seeds ".

Smart working: 10 foods to work better from home

To combat sleepiness

The load of things to do during the day and social isolation can also interfere with the quality of rest, favoring the appearance of fatigue and sleepiness during the day and insomnia at night. «To counter the problem, yes to foods rich in B vitamins. They positively affect productivity and help you feel more energized. In particular, they support the nervous system and energy metabolism and, at the same time, promote the production of melatonin, the hormone involved in the regulation of sleep. Green leafy vegetables such as chicory and lettuce, eggs and milk are particularly rich in it .

In the gallery above 10 foods to work better in smart working

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