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The novelty of AtelieReale's summer 2020: Royal Ice Cream – Italian Cuisine

The novelty of AtelieReale's summer 2020: Royal Ice Cream

A new project for chef Giampiero Vivalda and the Atelier of the Antica Corona Reale. A fresh creation for summer 2020: Royal Gelato, 12 flavors of creams and sorbets

The project reflects the almost obsessive search for raw materials made of the excellence of Italian gastronomy.

An important team work, planned and built during the quarantine period together with the sous-chef Christian Conidi, the pastry chef Elisa Fornasiero and the pastry chef of theAtelieReale Luca Zucchini.
«We have always made ice cream, explains chef Vivalda. «We lacked a more comprehensive approach, let's say: for this reason we refined by comparing ourselves with the master ice cream maker Palmiro Bruschi, we became passionate about" ancient "processing and we started a specific and very rigorous research of the raw material, to obtain a product at the height of our restaurant .

The production of ice cream is done in the classic Carpigiani: for creams, they use farmed eggs, fresh and powdered Piedmontese milk and fresh cream from the Latterie Inalpi centrifuge, from a certified Piedmontese chain.

For the preparation of sorbets, Sparea is used, the pure alpine spring mineral water that flows into the Pellice Valley, in the heart of the Cottian Alps, fresh fruit and sugar.

To close the circle of excellence, Vivalda found in Domori chocolate and Lavazza coffee the right partners for the production of Royal Gelato, whose further quality secret is the daily creaming (performed every afternoon for the following day) and the storage in glycol wells (type of thermoregulated carapina) which guarantee uniformity of temperature inside the refrigerated compartment thus ensuring perfect ice cream mixing.

Twelve flavors, six cream-based ice creams and six fruit sorbets, which are the result of multiple encounters with small Piedmontese and non-Piedmontese producers, capable of growing very small quantities of product or fruit, historical and very rare species. The tastes in this way will follow the seasonality and the proposals of the market. In fact chef Vivalda is keen to point out that "the selection of the raw material requires a certain timing, and there are no rules if not the choice based on the maturation. A bit like doing with Sauternes, a vendange par tri, or a harvest in successive stages, picking the grapes only if it has reached perfect ripeness. In some cases, to get the full taste, we have assembled different varieties of the same fruit: as for the strawberry, remaining in the wine metaphor, we have studied an assembly of strawberries, where each percentage of grapes chosen gives taste, color and aroma .

Royal Ice Cream it is also a physical place: on the external side of the Atelier, the Rose garden, a suggestive pergola created by the architect Peirone, with tables to which you can order, in addition to 12 flavors of ice cream, 3 special composition-cups in combination with as many spirits, raisin wines or Barolo Chinato.

The 6 flavors creams

Chuao Chocolate Ice Cream 75%
Pistachio ice cream from Bronte “Feudo di San Biagio®"Agrimontana
Ponda Piedmont Hazelnut Ice Cream Tonda Gentile delle Langhe Trilobata Agrimontana
Bourbon Vanilla Ice Cream from Madagascar
INALPI Fior di Panna ice cream
Kafa Lavazza coffee ice cream

The 6 sorbets

Terlizzi black Fiorone fig sorbet
Noli Lemon Sorbet
Peach sorbet Tobacco from Etna
Valleggia Apricot Sorbet
Strawberry Sorbet from Tortona, Mara dei Boschi and Valle Pesio
Pecetto Cherry Sorbet

Hours: from 4 to 11 pm, every day except Wednesday.
Service at the tables of the Rose Garden, with reservations required at the same number as the restaurant (tel. 0172 474132)

A gourmet palace: the Cerea family at the Royal Villa of Monza – Italian Cuisine

A gourmet palace: the Cerea family at the Royal Villa of Monza

From 10 December a new gastronomic offer at the Monza Royal Palace will be managed by the two brands owned by the Cerea family: Da Vittorio and Vicook

The splendor of the eighteenth-century rooms, the perfection of Piermarini's architecture, around the magnificent park, within the alternation of exhibitions and cultural events. And the starry kitchen of the Cerea. There Villa Reale Monza will be transformed into a center of gastronomic as well as cultural excellence: it will start on 10 December and the new catering project signed by the Cerea family will continue for the next two years, which will be entrusted with the "direction" of the Villa Reale restaurant service. The announcement was made during the presentation of the new exhibition dedicated to From there, to emphasize the combination of art, culture and gastronomy. The imprint arrives directly from the "Da Vittorio" restaurant in Brusaporto, with its three Michelin stars: "it is for us a source of great pride to be able to place our name alongside a prestigious reality like that of Villa Reale in Monza, underlined by Cerea – and to contribute with our catering experience to increase its success ".

In concrete terms, the offer will be divided into two different proposals, managed by the two brands owned by the family: Da Vittorio for the part relating to events e Vicook for the one related to the bistro. "Vicook bistro Villa Reale" will be a versatile space, capable of accommodating up to 200 people: connection between the Courtyard and the Park, includes restaurant, bistro and cafeteria; here the chef Corrado Leoni, under the supervision of the Cerea family, will reformulate the menus and update the service style.

The noble floor, first floor and Belvedere offer is different, where the Royal Dalì exhibition has just been inaugurated and will continue until 2021: these spaces will continue to host events of national and international prestige, under the aegis of Da Vittorio.

AtelieReale – Ancient Royal Crown of Cervere since 1815 – Italian Cuisine

AtelieReale - Ancient Royal Crown of Cervere since 1815

What happens when a two-star Michelin restaurant, which has fascinated travelers and gourmands from around the world since 1815, decides to open a bakery and pastry shop?

It's amazing to see how passionately the chef is Gian Piero Vivalda tell the new project of theAtelieReale.
An established chef in the Michelin star Olympus, to be exact two since 2009, a member of Relais Chateaux, who decides to open a pastry and bakery workshop next to the restaurant in Cervere, The Ancient Royal Crown, temple of taste since 1815.
Here, from 2016, we produce bread sticks, biscuits, cakes, panettone and Easter doves and, from this year, the Royal Cloud.

How a project is born

The idea was born a few years earlier to make panettone and grissini to pay homage to customers of the Antica Corona Reale, products that were prepared at the end of service in the restaurant's oven.
So the chef Vivalda decided to buy the lot next to the Antica Corona Reale restaurant and finally create her own workshop, which contains the best equipment and cutting-edge technologies, with large windows to give customers the chance to admire the team at work and make the laboratory brighter.

Quality work

An almost maniacal selection of raw materials, for Gian Piero Vivalda and his brigade: only the best to make excellent products. From Inalpi butter to Sparea mineral water, to the best flours. But not just Piedmontese, to always raise the bar of quality. The best chocolates, chosen according to the product to be made, including Domori, Bodrato, Gobino; the Agrimontana candied fruit, another company that produces excellence in the area.
An experience in leavened bread, in the production of bread and breadsticks for 30 years and 10 years for panettone and doves.
The head of the Atelier Reale, Luca Zucchini, born in 1988, a pastry chef and cook, former head of the restaurant confectioner since 2011, is a self-taught pastry chef for the love of the subject, then specialized in bread-making and leavening at Morandin, with Rolando and his daughter Francesca and in the pastry shop , with the World Champion Fabrizio Donatone.

The Real Cloud

La Nuvola comes from the idea of ​​using a leavened cake that was designed for Wimbledon. The appreciation was high, a great success in the grand prix of the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Monaco during the 2019 Monaco Grand Prix. A very light dough, which is not similar to the pandoro, recalls the Venetian, the typical Venetian dessert, stuffed with the red fruits and candied summer fruits of Agrimontana: from the Calabrian mandarin to the Apulian fig, the pineapple, the black cherries, the Costigliole apricots.
The Nuvola Reale mixture in the process is similar to that of the panettone, with double leavening, a first phase of 12/14 hours and a second phase, of about 8 hours. Compared to that of panettone, it is lightened with butter and eggs, but with a slightly more acid note given by the lemon and mandarin paste.
Vanilla is super selected, it comes from the Vanuatu islands; all leavened products of AtelieReale do not contain emulsifiers or additives, for a product that is as natural as possible, of the highest quality.

In addition to the Reale panettone, the Reale colomba and the Nuvola, presented in May 2019, other delicious products are expected in the autumn to satisfy all tastes: Baci di Dama, biscuits of Piedmontese dry pastries, known throughout the world, made with Inalpi butter, Piedmont IGP hazelnuts and 56% Domori dell'Equador chocolate, Brutti ma buoni (prepared with hazelnuts, egg white and sugar) and a soft Hazelnut Cake.

But the protagonists of AtelieReale remain the hand-stretched breadsticks in Taggiasca extra-virgin olive oil (Frantoio Sant’agata di Oneglia and Sommariva, which as we said a little while ago, the restaurant has been producing for about 30 years.
So good that every customer passing by the restaurant asked the chef to be able to have a package to take home. Suffice it to say that around 60 kg are prepared per day, to meet the demands that come from venues across Italy that have chosen the high quality of AtelierReale products. Because AtelieReale products are sold in the best wine bars, bistros and delicatessens throughout Italy, but not only.

In short, when Piedmontese excellence goes beyond the borders of the region and enchants the palates of all of Italy.

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