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Shrimp paste, summer queen – Italian Cuisine

Feel for fresh, delicate, sweet but full flavors at the same time. In the summer we are hunting for new tastes that know how to support us in the great fight in the heat, but at the same time know celebrate our desire to party, share and enjoy ourselves, even at the table. And one of the dishes that seem born to do this is just the pasta with shrimp, a great classic that lends itself to be served hot, warm, cold and enriched with many different ingredients. Here are some rules and tasty ideas to turn it into a summer dish.

Shrimp cooking

At the base of a successful pasta with shrimp, there is the right cooking of the prawns. Which must be quick and delicate to preserve its juice and softness. If you opt for boiling, it will take a couple of minutes in boiling water and, if you are preparing a cold dough, you will block the cooking in a bowl with cold water and ice.

Shrimp size

When we talk about shrimp we mean small shrimp that lend themselves to being cooked in very tasty sauces with the whole shell and the head or cooked quickly to enrich delicate first courses. In any case we treat these small crustaceans with care and we also use the shells and the heads to give more flavor to our dishes. If we choose large shrimp tails instead, we will have to take care to clean them carefully and serve them after a short cooking, perhaps on top of the pasta dish. If you love raw, you can complete each dish with a small portion of tartare.

The ingredients ok

To enhance our pasta with shrimp, we can focus on a group of ingredients that can enhance this combination. Yes with lemon, lime, mozzarella, burrata, almonds, sesame, rocket, cherry tomatoes and courgettes. But also to other ingredients from the sea like mussels, clams and squid.

In the gallery above, 20 pastas with delicious prawns.

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Linguine with two creams and marinated prawns


Eggplant spaghettoni with prawns and tomatoes


Fusillotti with shrimp and lemon sauce


Spaghetti with radicchio, prawns and burrata


Penne with shallots, squid and prawns


Pasta and peas with prawns


Soy noodles with prawns and sesame


"Straw and hay" with prawns


Shrimp Tagliolini


Whole spaghetti, prawns and rocket


Shrimp butterflies


Cold Fregula with olives, almonds and prawns


Fregula with prawns


Shrimp, tomato and coffee pasta


Cold pasta with prawns


Paccheri with prawns


Trofie with prawns

Burrata, the queen of summer: enjoy it in these recipes! – Italian Cuisine

Burrata, the queen of summer: enjoy it in these recipes!

Burrata is irresistible, especially when you want to fight the heat at the table. Here are so many ideas to serve it in first and starters

Creamy and fresh, the burrata she is the undisputed queen of summer. With its versatility it is truly an ingredient that cannot be missed in the refrigerator in the summer.
This typical Apulian cuisine product can really give that extra touch to delicious first courses and more. Taste it in these delicious recipes.

What is the difference between mozzarella and burrata?

Be careful not to mess with the mozzarella and burrata: first, the first has Campania origins, while the second is from Puglia. And then, the first is a fresh spun paste cheese, made from cow's milk curd; while in the second, the spun dough is only the casing, which hides a creamy heart, the stracciatella, mixed with cream.

Spaghetti with burrata, pesto and cherry tomatoes

The tricolor in our dishes it cannot be an optional. And, then, here's this recipe to recreate it. While boiling the spaghetti, bake the halved cherry tomatoes for 30 minutes at 180 °. Meanwhile, make a pesto, blending some basil leaves, together with pine nuts, oil, salt and pepper. Finally, drain the spaghetti and season with the tomatoes, basil pesto and flaky burrata.

Black rice, burrata and friggitelli

The delicate flavor of burrata cream goes perfectly with the slightly spicy flavor of the friggitelli. Join them in this first course really amazing. While toasting the black rice in a casserole, wetting it with vegetable broth, stew the friggitelli in a pan, already cleaned of the seeds. Once the rice is cooked, stir in the burrata and a teaspoon of vinegar. Finally, serve seasoned with friggitelli and burrata flakes.

Orecchiette with burrata and friarielli

With the orecchiette let's put the burrata back in its original context, namely Puglia. Also in this case, separate the cooking of the ingredients: start frying the friarielli in the pan, previously cleaned of the seeds. Then, boil the orecchiette and in the meantime, separate the stringy wrapper of the burrata from the stracciatella: the first blend it for the sauce, to which you will add a little stracciatella, to make it more creamy. Finally, serve the orecchiette, laying the friarielli on top and seasoning with the burrata sauce. To lick your chops.

Bruschetta with vignarola and burrata

There Bruschetta is another of the cult summer dishes: this is topped with some vignarola, a typical Lazio side dish, based on artichokes, peas and broad beans and burrata, of course. Everything is in preparing the vignarola: boil the beans and peas, then cook them in the pan, perfuming them at the end with mint and basil. Finally, toast the bread, sprinkle it with a little oil and garnish it with the vignarola and a burrata fiocco. Great idea for a quick aperitif.

Why does Queen Elizabeth celebrate her birthday twice? – Italian Cuisine

Why does Queen Elizabeth celebrate her birthday twice?

Queen Elizabeth II celebrates her birthday on April 21 and the second Saturday of June … why?

April 21st is the birthday of Queen Elizabeth II, which calendar this year wants to add to the celebration of Holy Easter. Born 93 years ago, however, the sovereign does not celebrate her special day like all of us, it would be too simple. As His Majesty, however, it is British tradition that the birthday party be repeated twice, did you know? The most curious thing is precisely the reason for this double party, which will make you smile …

Double birthday

The eldest daughter of King George VI and Queen Consort Elizabeth, was born in London on 21 April 1926, more precisely at 02.40am at 17 Bruton Street in the elegant Mayfair district. Like all ordinary mortals, Elizabeth II he celebrates his birthdays on the day of his birth – we cannot stop ourselves from imagining her elegantly dressed in royal clothes blowing candles on a huge cake prepared by the pastry chefs of the royal house! Already from its twenty-eighth birthday everything changes: in fact, starting from the day of its coronation, June 2, 1953, the double celebration takes place. In fact, His Majesty celebrates both on his actual day of April 21st and the second Saturday of June.

The funny tradition is not due to an aristocratic whim, but has its own because in an essential element of the United Kingdom: the climate! The change dates back to the 18th century, when King George II decided to move the day of his birthday celebrations from November to June to find in the English climate once more forgiving and favorable to the military parade with which he intends to celebrate the event. From 1748 it is tradition that the second Saturday of June honors the birthday of the reigning ruler with the colored one Trooping Colors. Then, in the 66 years of unchallenged reign, Queen Elizabeth II has always celebrated her birthday twice: traditionally April 21 in private with the family, while in June with celebrations in great pomp before the English subjects and numerous tourists.

The queen's cakes

Despite the Sovereign's diet is decidedly balanced, healthy and light, her rigor falters in front of the cakes, especially if of chocolate. The former royal cook Darren McGrady in fact, she revealed Elisabetta II's passion for the food of the gods in an interview with the magazine Harper’s Bazaar, which she tastes moderately almost every day. The Royal Chef has always made sure that his favorite chocolate cake, or the Chocolate Biscuit Cake, which even wants to find at hand even when traveling.

Over the years, this passion has been repeatedly documented giving a more human and less distant appearance to the stainless queen. For his 90 years, the winner of Great Britain Bake Off, Nadiya Hussain, has prepared a real work of art by cake design on three floors between gold and palettes of lilac really attractive. A birthday so important to be honored with another spectacular cake, a huge rectangle that replicates the colors of the British flag with berries, donated on the occasion of Prince William's diplomatic visit and his wife Kate in New Delhi. Also in 1989 the birthday cake it is on three floors, this time in white with colorful decorations, then donated by the Royal Welch Fusiliers military corps to Powis Castle in Wales. But not just birthdays: often official commitments involve cutting the cake and its pleasure in sinking the knife is undeniable!

Browse the gallery to see Queen Elizabeth II struggling with beautiful cakes!

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