Burrata, the queen of summer: enjoy it in these recipes! – Italian Cuisine

Burrata, the queen of summer: enjoy it in these recipes!

Burrata is irresistible, especially when you want to fight the heat at the table. Here are so many ideas to serve it in first and starters

Creamy and fresh, the burrata she is the undisputed queen of summer. With its versatility it is truly an ingredient that cannot be missed in the refrigerator in the summer.
This typical Apulian cuisine product can really give that extra touch to delicious first courses and more. Taste it in these delicious recipes.

What is the difference between mozzarella and burrata?

Be careful not to mess with the mozzarella and burrata: first, the first has Campania origins, while the second is from Puglia. And then, the first is a fresh spun paste cheese, made from cow's milk curd; while in the second, the spun dough is only the casing, which hides a creamy heart, the stracciatella, mixed with cream.

Spaghetti with burrata, pesto and cherry tomatoes

The tricolor in our dishes it cannot be an optional. And, then, here's this recipe to recreate it. While boiling the spaghetti, bake the halved cherry tomatoes for 30 minutes at 180 °. Meanwhile, make a pesto, blending some basil leaves, together with pine nuts, oil, salt and pepper. Finally, drain the spaghetti and season with the tomatoes, basil pesto and flaky burrata.

Black rice, burrata and friggitelli

The delicate flavor of burrata cream goes perfectly with the slightly spicy flavor of the friggitelli. Join them in this first course really amazing. While toasting the black rice in a casserole, wetting it with vegetable broth, stew the friggitelli in a pan, already cleaned of the seeds. Once the rice is cooked, stir in the burrata and a teaspoon of vinegar. Finally, serve seasoned with friggitelli and burrata flakes.

Orecchiette with burrata and friarielli

With the orecchiette let's put the burrata back in its original context, namely Puglia. Also in this case, separate the cooking of the ingredients: start frying the friarielli in the pan, previously cleaned of the seeds. Then, boil the orecchiette and in the meantime, separate the stringy wrapper of the burrata from the stracciatella: the first blend it for the sauce, to which you will add a little stracciatella, to make it more creamy. Finally, serve the orecchiette, laying the friarielli on top and seasoning with the burrata sauce. To lick your chops.

Bruschetta with vignarola and burrata

There Bruschetta is another of the cult summer dishes: this is topped with some vignarola, a typical Lazio side dish, based on artichokes, peas and broad beans and burrata, of course. Everything is in preparing the vignarola: boil the beans and peas, then cook them in the pan, perfuming them at the end with mint and basil. Finally, toast the bread, sprinkle it with a little oil and garnish it with the vignarola and a burrata fiocco. Great idea for a quick aperitif.

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