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Polenta Recipe alla Padana – Italian Cuisine – Italian Cuisine

  • 500 g yellow flour
  • 80 g butter
  • 100g grana padano
  • salt

For the recipe of polenta alla Padana, Place on the fire a large container with a liter and three quarters of water that will rise as soon as the boil rises. Pour in the flour and mix well and vigorously to prevent lumps from forming. Allow the mixture to boil again, then lower the heat and, still stirring, continue cooking the polenta for 50 '.

If it is cooked in the right place, the polenta will come off the sides of the pot, leaving a golden crust on the bottom. Then turn it on a cutting board, then let it rest for a few minutes. Meanwhile, grate about 100 gr. of grana padano and put to melt the butter, but do not bring it to the hazelnut color. Cut the polenta into slices and make a layer on the bottom of a bowl.

Sprinkle with a little cheese and butter, then polenta, butter and cheese until the ingredients are full. Serve the tureen with polenta still steaming.

Polenta and fish – Italian Cuisine – Italian Cuisine

From cod to Vicenza to sea sauce, from herring to capitone: here is how to enhance two seemingly distant ingredients, yet perfectly complementary

Outside the Veneto, thepairing between polenta and fish it may seem strange, or at least not immediate. But it is not so and there are many recipes that combine these two dishes, not only in Valpadana but also in central Italy. The last example comes from Anzio (Rome), where Saturday 27 and Sunday 28 February will take place Polenta festival with the scent of the sea. According to the organizers, "the particular combination aims to introduce a recipe of poor gastronomy cooked to perfection by the chef Aristodemus Of The Cat with genuine ingredients ". In inland areas, especially in Veneto and in the North-East, the favorite combination is between polenta and "long-life" fish: cod and stockfish, first of all, but also theherring in salt. In the areas of the sea, however, prevailing is the combination with the various sauces prepared in general with soup fish, perhaps in the form of fish sauce. Here then 10 combinations between polenta and fish.

Bacalà alla vicentina

The floured stockfish cooked in oil and milk with onion and anchovy, according to the Confraternita del bacalà alla vicentina of Sandrigo (Vicenza), must be served strictly with polenta.

Venetian-style codfish

Here, too, it is actually the stockfish, which is boiled, chopped and seasoned with oil, milk, garlic and parsley and then mixed until it has a creamy consistency. To be served with liquid polenta or in croutons.

Capuchin cod

This time we are in Friuli and this is true cod, floured and cooked in a pan with onion, bay leaf, sardines, pine nuts, raisins, lemon peel, cinnamon and cocoa. And always next to polenta.

Polenta with tomato sauce and cod

The polenta can also be prepared with a simple sauce of tomatoes and cod, made even more Mediterranean by chilli.

Polenta and renga

It is the typical dish of Lent in the Treviso area. It is prepared simply by grilling herring in salt and then putting them in oil with garlic and bay leaf. And with this preparation polenta is seasoned.

Polenta and sepe

Typical Trieste dish where cuttlefish, cooked in a pan with tomato sauce and onions, are used to season polenta.

Polenta with fish sauce

Here you go to fresh fish: the most common sauce is a tomato sauce based on cuttlefish, shrimp, monkfish, clams and mussels. But there is also the white version.

Octopus fricassee with polenta

Boil the octopus and use it to season squares of polenta, together with artichokes: an idea to try.

Capitone and onion stew with polenta

The capitone in slices is floured and cooked in a pan with raisins and Tropea onions. And with the final addition of corn flour.

Fish soup with polenta

A discovery of the Marche and Abruzzo cuisine: combine the classic brodetti dell'Adriatico with the polenta of the hinterland.

Recipe Crostoni of polenta gratin with Taleggio cheese – Italian Cuisine

  • 250 g yellow polenta flour
  • 250 g mature taleggio
  • 80 g onion
  • 50 g strained pancetta
  • thyme
  • salt

To prepare the polenta croutons au gratin with taleggio cheese, prepare the polenta (one day for the other): pour the flour in a liter of salted boiling water, diluting any lumps then, stirring often, let it cook for about 50 '. Pour the polenta on a sheet of baking paper and roll it into a large salami that will let it cool. To serve, prepare a chopped onion, thyme, bacon and fry in a pan, over very low heat. Slice the polenta salami into 16 one-centimeter thick washers, place them on a plate, garnish with a teaspoon of sauté, diced taleggio cheese and pass them in a gratin oven. Serve the hot croutons.