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The recipe for low environmental impact pancakes – Italian Cuisine

The recipe for low environmental impact pancakes

Protein pancakes, with lentils, spinach and some cheese. They are prepared in a few minutes with what is in the pantry, without weighing on the environment, family economy and health

The food of the future has nothing to do with pills and synthetic meat made in the laboratory. Among the foods that will help save the planet are nuts, lentils, spelled, spinach, chard, beans, sesame seeds and courgette flowers; all already easily available in Italy. Not only that, ingredients that are the basis of grandmothers' recipes and that today return to our tables to do good for our health and that of the planet, in contemporary versions such as these savory pancakes.

This recipe is one of the Recipes of Good Food created to combine health and the environment, created by Knorr and with the nutritional consultancy of the CREA Alimentary and Nutrition Research Center. The goal is to let younger generations experience a new way of eating, and is part of a broader program that involves the whole family with the aim of having a direct experience with the new food of the future. Launched in 2019 based on research The Future 50 Foods Report, created in collaboration with WWF UK. Research has shown that today only 3 ingredients (rice, corn and wheat) provide almost 60% of the caloric needs in the world, only 12 crops and 5 animal species represent 75% of what we eat, so it is very urgent to go to identify all other foods capable of preserving the environment. Legumes, cereals, nuts are foods that allow us to increase the amount of vegetable protein in the diet and this is an extremely important element to keep in mind because the more plant foods we eat, the more we are protected with a proven effect also on increasing longevity.

Pancakes with low environmental impact: the recipe

Ingredients for 4 people
120 g of lentils
200 ml of milk
120 g of frozen spinach
70 g of flour
2 eggs
15 g of capers
2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil
1 teaspoon of lemon juice
100 g of fresh spinach
50 g of rocket
250ml Vegetable Liquid Broth 100% Natural Knorr ingredients with 0.3% salt
250 ml of water
75 g of primosale


In a saucepan, pour the Knorr 100% Natural Ingredients Liquid Vegetable Broth and the water, bring to the boil, add the rinsed lentils and cook for about 20 minutes. Put the thawed spinach with milk in a bowl and blend with a dip.
In another bowl, combine the eggs and flour, start kneading by slowly adding the spinach and milk mix, mixing with a whisk until the dough is soft and smooth. For the sauce, mix oil, basil, parsley and chopped capers.
Add the lemon juice and blend everything. In a non-stick frying pan, cook the pancakes one at a time until you have 4.
Inside each pancakes sprinkle a bit of lentils, add the fresh spinach and rocket, primosale and walnuts. Season with the sauce.

Ferrarelle and the dream of an impact world -1 – Italian Cuisine

The new Ferrarelle bottle in recycled plastic and the limited edition that invites the little ones to actively participate in recycling

The new 50 cl bottle Ferrarelle in recycled plastic arrives in supermarkets with a launch dedicated to the consumers of tomorrow. To give voice to the operation with which the brand expands its offer with a bottle made with 50% R-PET (PET recycled directly by the Company in the maximum percentage level permitted by law) presented a new label created in collaboration with the famous duo Me Contro Te.

But to complete the range of limited edition labels, also the three designed by children through participation in the competition launched in September “Let's draw an impact world-1” which invited the little ones to represent a sustainable world through a drawing.

An “impact world – 1 is a world where we all strive to remove more plastic than we use through proper recycling and we convince others to do the same.

To reach the dreamed level of sustainability, Ferrarelle has created the Presenzano plant which is entirely dedicated to recycling where it takes care of 20,000 tons of plastic every year, more than it uses to produce bottles with recycled plastic. For more information on R-PET, to stay updated on the activities of the Ferrarelle plant in
Presenzano and on the quantities of PET that the company is recycling, read here.

Gordon Supports “Real Man” Campaign “Gordon…

Gordon Supports “Real Man” Campaign

“Gordon Ramsay, Capital FM’s Dave Berry and Diversity’s Ashley Banjo are the latest ‘real men’ joining our ‘Real Man’ campaign. We are launching new images in the September edition of Cosmopolitan magazine, out TODAY!!! The campaign is in its third year and the Cosmopolitan article focuses on the impact of emotional and psychological abuse.” More here

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