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"Mesa Prize", how to enter the competition – Italian Cuisine

The promising young people of Sardinia are gathered by Cantine Mesa to cultivate the food and wine value of the island and return it to the territory

The second edition of the competition dedicated to young Sardinian chefs and restaurateurs determined to develop their skills and commitment in the sector. The prize? A high-level Master's degree at the Niko Romito Academy offered by Cantina Mesa to increase the wealth of skills that can be returned to the territory.
The winery founded by Gavino Sanna in Sulcis Iglesiente it focuses on the young promises of the region to promote the development of the territory and the excellent realities that inhabit it. The founder of the company will lead the jury flanked by Giovanni Fancello, journalist, gastronome and writer; Ivan Paone, deputy director of the Sardinian Union; Anais Cancino, expert sommelier and known to the general public as @Wineteller; Albero Piras, sommelier of The Place of Aimo and Nadia, a ** Michelin restaurant in Milan.

How to participate

Young chefs and restaurateurs can participate in the call for the "Mesa Award" 2020 aged between 20 and 35, active in Sardinia. As for the first edition, applications must be sent in digital format, by completing the online form at the link http://bit.ly/premio-mesa-2020, available from 7 September until 19 October, the deadline for the call.

How to win

The three best candidates selected from the nominations will be called upon to challenge each other in the creation of a dish representative of their idea of ​​regional cuisine. The winner will be those who stand out for their originality, pleasantness, territorial representativeness and
harmony in pairing with one of Cantina Mesa's wines.

rude children cannot enter the pizzeria – Italian Cuisine

rude children cannot enter the pizzeria

The sign was displayed in front of the entrance of the Bagà pizzeria in Villa di Tirano by Gabriele Berbenni, the 25-year-old owner, who wants to "protect customers looking for a quiet place"

Prohibition of entry for children, if rowdy, rude, screaming and too lively. The owner of the Bagà pizzeria in Villa di Tirano, in the province of Sondrio. "The children left unattended to run around the place, who scream or stand on benches and chairs disturb the other customers," wrote Gabriele Berbenni, 25, on a sign posted on the door of the place. «Therefore, we reserve the right to take them in the kitchen washing dishes with a lot of adhesive tape on the mouth . But the playful tone soon becomes more serious: "Customers who come to our restaurant have the pleasure of spending their lunch or dinner in peace without the background of rude children screaming". Here are the suggestions for people for whom "all this is not possible": "Coming to Bagà without children, educating your children, changing pizzerias, stay at your house. Signed "The Black Man".

At the Province of SondrioBerbenni explained that he is tired of the complaints of customers of all time: "Often they have eaten the meal with us parents with children on the edge of education who scream, they run from all sides. They go up and down the stairs, they play hide and seek inside and outside the bathroom. If they end up on a waitress, who goes by with pizzas and glasses, and they get hurt, then the problems are mine. In addition, some historical customers, having finished the pizza or half of it, left because they couldn't take it anymore because of the screams of the children .
The owner of the Bagà pizzeria knows that the placard he has posted can drive away many potential customers: «Some families who have read it they headed back and they did not enter. It is obvious that I can lose turnover, but I must protect the rest of the clientele who are looking for a quiet and well-kept place. Some customers tell me they have done well and leave their children with their grandparents. Others have complained. "

A few parents entered the same, regardless of the warning, together with the confusing children. «To those who, despite the sign, came in with the children who made havoc we kindly asked to make less noise. They gave us peasants and they are gone.

Espresso Guide 2020: three new Hats enter – Italian Cuisine

Espresso Guide 2020: three new Hats enter

The elite of restaurants strengthens: with the Mandarin Oriental Silk, Villa Feltrinelli and the Madonnina del Pescatore become ten. The awards for the Lunch of the Year and the Plate of the Year to Riccardo Camanini and Massimo Bottura

"Little new, but very good", so the curator Enzo Vizzari defined the Italian situation, represented in the Guide to Restaurants and Italian Wines of Espresso which on the front has tested about 3 thousand restaurants, pizzerias and trattorias. A commentary has been dedicated to over 2200 and around 900 have received one or more Hats which are the unit of measure of skill for this guide. So there are 10 rooms with five hats, 27 with four Hats , 79 with three Hats, 213 with two Hats and 577 with a Hat.

The surprise is on the Garda

The news is the enlargement of the elite from seven to ten places. They conquered the five Hats on Mandarin Oriental silk of Milan, the Madonnina del Pescatore of Senigallia, Villa Feltrinelli of Gargnano on the western shore of Lake Garda. If in the first two cases we cannot speak of surprise (the "machine" of Antonio Guida is the most efficient under the Madonnina and the chef-patron Moreno Cedroni is one of the sacred monsters of Nuova Cucina Italiana), it was not expected that a "seasonal" restaurant – closed in the autumn and winter season – to achieve the highest recognition. Congratulations then to Stefano Baiocco, (from the Marche) (almost) naturalized on the lake, natural-class cook who brought to the structure of the Russian group Renova, his vision of international cuisine, very refined and with a wide use of vegetable, mostly collected in the well-kept gardens of the villa.

Confirmations and Golden Hats

It is no coincidence that he received on the stage of the Teatro del Maggio Musicale in Florence – venue of the event – the prize reserved for the Performance of the Year, given that last year he was stopped at three. The other five Hats are confirmed (Casadonna-Reale, Rosa Alpina-St. Hubertus, Le Calandre, Lido 84, Osteria Francescana, Piazza Duomo, Uliassi) while entering the group (unloved by those who are part of it) of the Golden Hats – the classics, without evaluation – Da Vittorio of Brusaporto (BG) e The Pergola of the Rome Cavalieri. For the record, the others are Cain in Montemerano (GR), Casa Vissani in Baschi (TR), Ciociare Hills in Acuto (FR), Dal Pescatore-Santini in Canneto sull'Oglio (MN), Don Alfonso 1890 in Sant’Agata sui Due Golfi (NA), Enoteca Pinchiorri in Florence, Lorenzo in Forte dei Marmi (LU), Miramonti The Other in Concesio (CBS), Roman in Viareggio (LU), San Domenico in Imola.

Special prizes

Long line of awards. The Lunch of the Year goes to Lido 84 dei the Camanini brothers in Gardone Riviera, still on Lake Garda; Maître of the Year is Thomas Piras of the Contraste of Milan, Cuoca of the Year is Alessandra Del Favero of Aga in San Vito di Cadore (Belluno), Young of the Year is Paolo Griffa of the Petit Royal of G.H. Royal and Golf of Courmayeur. The Innovation in Kitchen award goes to Inkiostro to Terry Giacomello of Parma and to Career Goes Tonino Mellino of Quattro Passi di Nerano (NA). The Milanese Joia of Milan with Pietro Leemann at the helm is instead the sustainable restaurant of the year, while the dish of the year is signed by theOsteria Francescana. Also noteworthy is the young pizza maker of the year Valentino Tafuri della Tre voglie in Battipaglia: opens the section that the Guide dedicates to the 100 best pizzerias in Italy, of which 32 are crowned with the three Pizzas (maximum score) with many well-known names in the sector.

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