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Penne carbonara with mushrooms without bacon – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

Penne carbonara with mushrooms without bacon

Delicious, even without bacon: the penne carbonara with mushrooms they are a succulent variant of the classic bacon and egg, with a rich and different taste. Mushrooms are the great protagonists of this recipe, like eggs and pecorino, for a dish that can easily constitute the main course of a Sunday lunch or in any case of an important occasion.

How to make mushroom penne carbonara

The exquisite ones penne carbonara with mushrooms, without bacon, they are prepared first of all by soaking the mushrooms in hot water for 5 minutes, cutting them into small pieces and filtering the water, which is added a little at a time to the same mushrooms left to brown in a pan with oil and garlic. In another bowl, combine beaten eggs, grated pecorino, salt and pepper and the seasoning is then poured together with the mushrooms onto the penne boiled in the pan. Here are all the details of the recipe.

Carbonara recipe with tuna and bottarga – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

Carbonara recipe with tuna and bottarga

We allowed ourselves some variations on the carbonara theme together with the Roman chef Ruben Bondì, who, among the various recipes, created a seafood one for us. There double tuna carbonara It resembles the traditional Roman pasta dish in appearance, but in reality, instead of bacon, the chef used fresh tuna cut into chunks and browned in a pan.

Eggs and pecorino of the original recipe are maintained, while the extra touch is given by the bottarga, tuna and mullet, to complete the dish together with ground pepper. A perfect recipe for pescatarians who don’t want to give up the idea of ​​carbonara.

But who is the author of the recipe? Ruben Bondì began his career as a chef in prestigious restaurants around the world and as a personal chef. He has racked up 1.5 million followers on Instagram and 2.4 million on TikTok, all in just one year of activity. He was recently awarded best influencer at the Inda Awards. He is the author of the book: Cook with Ruben and has recently started its first TV format: Cooking on the balcony with Ruben. In 2023 he entered the Forbes under 30s ranking.

Spaghetti carbonara | Yummy Recipes – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

Spaghetti carbonara |  Yummy Recipes

Nobody touches it bacon and egg. Especially to the Romans. The most imitated dish ever, the most copied, the most wrong and above all the most discussed. And if you allow us the irony, carbonara generates arguments between friends and family worthy of being remembered in the family annals.

In short, rivers of words just to remember a famous Italian song. Then no. We do not allow ourselves to touch the carbonara in this recipe, with all due respect to those who argue between the use of bacon and bacon. (the English make it with bacon but don’t tell the Romans!).

Much the original recipe does not exist, and in any case no one knows if it exists. Each chef gives himself his own very personal touch on carbonara. Before starting any discussion on the web, therefore, don’t be offended if we propose our version. Oh please don’t use cream.

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