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Ferrero, the most loved brand by Italians – Italian Cuisine

Ferrero, the most loved brand by Italians

The Alba group returns to the top of the "Best Corporate Brand 2019". The most popular product, on the other hand, is Coca Cola (but Nutella is also in the ranking)

Fresh from the triumph of the Nutella Biscuits launch, the Ferrero group has another success: it returns to being the "Company brand" most loved by the Italians, the «Best Corporate Brand 2019. After the "braking" of last year, when it was positioned second, after Ferrari, the Alba company returned to first place (which it had held since 2015) of the ranking, in its fifth edition.

The ranking corporate
Ferrari has dropped one position in the ranking corporate, followed by others car giants: BMW and Volkswagen (third and fourth place), Pirelli (sixth) and Toyota (tenth). Barilla and L’Oreal, Eni and Lidl are also in the top ten.

But how are "company brands" chosen? The selection is based on a series of economic data, from market share to advertising investments. The criteria are analyzed by the market research institute Gfk, which draws up a list of brands that will be evaluated by consumers. The «them numerical values and theirs emotional values, investments and sentiments, through a rigorous survey that combines market performance with consumer opinions, this year expressed in full 6500 interviews.

The ranking product

"Queen" of the ranking product (which evaluates market shares, purchasing loyalty and price positioning) Is, instead, the Coke, which had earned the top spot already in 2015, the year of the research debut. Also in this ranking is Ferrero (with Nutella), along with Dash, Mulino Bianco, Findus, Algida, Rio Mare, Samsung and Nike.

The ranking growth

In the ranking growth, which rewards the dynamism in terms of growth of product brands, both in terms of commercial success and emotional perception by consumers, at the top (taking the place that last year it was up to Galbusera) yes Jbl position, historic hi brand -fi. In second place, the Umbrian farm Farchioni, to the third Heineken. The top ten also includes Baileys, Muller, Yamamay, Activia, Dove, Sant’Anna and Pepsi.

An Austrian cheese brand celebrates the masterpieces of art – Italian Cuisine

An Austrian cheese brand celebrates the masterpieces of art

The Salzburg Milch brand of dairy products transforms cheese sandwiches into famous works of art. that's how

In the enchanting setting of Salzburg, an Austrian city surrounded by the Eastern Alps, the many dairy products from the Salzburg Milch. This leading company in the sector, with a branch also in Italy, is the third largest dairy in Austria and has the record of having reached 190 million euros in turnover in 2016. The company stands out for its wide offer, 100% natural and non-GMO, which also includes a biological and UHT line of milk, yogurt and cheese, but also for the quality of the milk used. This is in fact characterized by the pure and rich taste and by the origin of local family farms where high levels of animal welfare are guaranteed and certified.
In a recent advertising campaign the Salzburg Milch decided to focus on creativity and pay homage to the art world with a series of small edible reproductions of great masterpieces.

Cheese is an art

Thanks to the work of the creative agency Traktor of Vienna, the dairy products of the brand Salzburg Milch have become the main ingredients of appetizing gourmet toast. The original concept of the campaign consisted of turning each slice of bread into a canvas on which to recreate a famous painting. Between layers of butter and fresh cheese, pieces of cheese, carved fruit and vegetables and colorful decorations of various kinds, here thanks to the Salzburg Milch come to life some of the more famous and recognizable pictorial works of art history, including The scream by Edvard Munch, The birth of Venus of Botticelli, the Girl with a pearl earring by Johannes Vermeer and theSelf-portrait with blindfolded ear of the Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh.

Austria and the great passion for cheese

Cheese is the most popular and consumed dairy product in Austria. According to an Ama study (Agrarmarkt Austria), 36% of Austrians show a preference for cheese. Of the 400 varieties of cheese produced in Austria, the one preferred by consumers is the Gouda, followed by fresh cheeses. For both types, sales reached € 107 million in 2016.

Photo: salzburgmilch-cheese-is-art-print-409362-adeevee.jpg
Photo: salzburgmilch-cheese-is-art-print-409363-adeevee.jpg
Photo: salzburgmilch-cheese-is-art-print-409364-adeevee.jpg
Photo: salzburgmilch-cheese-is-art-print-409365-adeevee.jpg

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