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"Stranger Things": what he eats (va) no to Hawkins (in the 1980s) – Italian Cuisine

The successful Netflix TV series has reached its third season with all its 1980s repertoire. Even the food does not escape time, so here are our dear characters grappling with snacks and dishes of that decade. But we also discover that some dishes are still current and we like them today as they liked then

Watch the third season of Stranger Things it's like traveling in time, bringing the hands back and living the the eighties as if they never passed. We remember the flakes in her hair, denim overalls, walkie-talkies of a bright yellow and, above all, the food that the protagonists consume at the diner or buy at the machines for just pennies.

The young protagonists and their favorite foods

Like Coca-Cola in a can. The same one that Eleven, in the months of his training, tries to crumple with the power of thought to reduce it to a pulp. Or the Smarties that Mike offers to the sweetheart as a sign of peace: after all, you know, choosing the color of the chocolate-filled ball is pure love and woe to those who allow themselves to say the opposite. Eating helps kids to think and, above all, to devise new ways to face the threat of the Demogorgone first and the Mind Flayer after: monsters so scary as to make Pennywise look like a Krusty from the province.

Throughout the entire series we come across, in fact, many different dishes, consumed, most of the cases, by Mike, Lucas and Dustin between a board game and a strategy to fight the enemy. Like the pizza with sausage and salami lying there on the now-cold table, or the greasy and appetizing fries, which Eleven devours once escaped from the laboratory that held it captive along with a hamburger. To be emblematic of Stranger Things it is, however, the Eggo waffle: simple frozen waffles that enjoy a new popularity thanks to the character played by Millie Bobby Brown, particularly greedy for this sweet, better if accompanied by maple syrup or a small piece of butter.
For the rest, the series also gives us the classics of the American tradition: the scrambled eggs that Jonathan prepares for breakfast to his mother Joyce; the donuts covered with icing that the policemen devour at the station; the peanuts and small pretzels available at the bar where Detective Hopper enjoys a beer. Foods so common that they could be from the eighties like today.

Stranger Things @Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/p/BmsuYnHBauH/).
Stranger Things @Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/p/BmsuYnHBauH/).

What you eat with your family

The intimacy of the home, on the other hand, generates more traditional and refined dishes. Like chicken, potato croquettes and mixed vegetables prepared for dinner by Nancy's mother; the meatloaf, the green beans and the mashed potatoes served by Karen to Mike and Dustin, and the stew that is brought to Joyce in the days following the disappearance of little Will, the most classic of diversions to get rid of the leftovers from the night before.
At Hawkins' school canteen, things are much worse, fueling the legends that the Americans themselves have helped to create about what is served beyond the counters. In a scene of the first season we find, in fact, the students who bite into a meatloaf accompanied by an apple juice and mixed vegetables. A decidedly less inviting alternative to the lunches prepared with love by Karen.
We conclude with the classic peanut butter and jam sandwich served by Joyce for snack – another must of US culture – and with sausage and egg pancakes that the Wheelers consume for breakfast to start the day off on the right foot. Because it will also be the eighties, but certain dishes remain immune to the test of time.

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