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TEN, in Sicily, solidarity is a woman – Italian Cuisine

TEN, in Sicily, solidarity is a woman

In Sicily, TEN is back, the charity evening dedicated to women's complicity. Promoted by Giuseppe Costa, the second edition has just ended with a fundraiser that exceeded expectations

A charity evening dedicated to female complicity. The second edition of TEN, an annual event promoted by Giuseppe Costa, chef patron of the restaurant 1 Michelin star The Bavaglino of Terrasini, which this year saw the involvement of 9 starred chefs from all over Italy.

Among the tickets purchased and donations from the partners, 47 thousand euros were collected entirely donated to the association Friends Onlus who cares for people with ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease and their families. The causes that lead to the onset of these diseases are unknown and at the moment there is no cure that allows healing.

TEN wants to be a moment of collective meeting in order to promote and introduce this part of the Sicilian coast, a few kilometers from Palermo, through the typical products of the territory, in particular the blue fish. For the second consecutive year it was the Sea Club of Terrasini that hosted the event: set in a small bay on the Gulf of Castellammare, where one of the most beautiful sunsets in Sicily is contemplated, guests were able to taste the dishes prepared for the occasion by the chefs, each characterized by contaminations of the different regions of origin.

Next to the host, Giuseppe Costa, there were the stars: Martina Caruso of the Signum of Salina, Maria Cicorella del Pashà of Conversano, Iside De Cesare of the restaurant La Parolina in Trevinano, Giuliana Germiniasi of the Capriccio of Manerba del Garda, Rosanna Marziale of the restaurant The columns in Caserta, Maria Probst of La rossa rossa of Cerbaia, Antonella Ricci of the restaurant Al fornello – from Ricci to Ceglie Messapica, Patrizia Di Benedetto of the Bye Bye Blues restaurant in Palermo and the pastry chef Edvige Simoncelli of Idylio by Apreda in Rome.

«Thanks to the public intervened, commented Giuseppe Costa, «and the enthusiastic participation of our supporters, with their economic donations and free supplies of services, the party was unforgettable. I owe a special thanks to the chefs who came from all over Italy who immediately accepted this project with great enthusiasm. The joy and beauty of the entire team's work was felt by all the participants and this year we also managed to raise more funds than the first edition. A spur that fills us with joy and propels us already to 2020 for the next edition of TEN ”.

The Michelin Chef Woman 2019 award by Veuve Cliquot to Martina Caruso – Italian Cuisine

The Michelin Chef Woman 2019 award by Veuve Cliquot to Martina Caruso

The chef of the restaurant Primo Restaurant, Lecce: "I could not describe my concept of femininity in the kitchen in a better way than through the gaze and empathy between women and in this case with Silvia, the maitre of my restaurant. A woman's look is first of all strength, not intended as a difference between man and woman, but understood as peculiarities.I speak of mine and in my there are no screams, broken dishes, or situations of chaos.In my, sometimes, a look reproaches more than words cry out loud and sometimes consoles and directs more than a sweet word: it is empathy, it is understanding, communicating with a glance, it is simply esteem and confidence elevated to the nth degree, because where my eyes do not reach come his, those of another woman, and where I can not be there, for example in the dining room with our clients, there is his look, and there are his words, which make me present, even without Being there is femininity in the kitchen goal, a journey made of many obstacles, trials, challenges. And finally having overcome, or at least trying to overcome, the gender distinction ".

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