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Bubbles of the World 2024: news and winners – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

La Cucina Italiana

The 19th edition of the congress ended with a breath of fresh air (and several toasts). Gourmet Identities. The last day was an opportunity to present the third edition of the app Bubbles of the world dedicated to the best international sparkling wine production of 740 labels – 115 more than in 2023 – from 39 countries around the world. Not only that: the awards 2024which they saw winning champagne with Benoît GouezChef de Cave Moët & Chandon, awarded for innovation, and Cédric Moussé of the Maison Moussé Fils for the sustainable vision.

Bubbles of the world 2024: the prizes and the winners


Benoît Gouez – Chef de Cave Moët & Chandon


Cédric Moussé – Champagne Moussé Fils – Cuisles FRANCE


Nero Buono – Cantina Marco Carpineti
Classic Method Sparkling Wine Kius Pas Dosé 2013

Trentapioli Asprinio d’Aversa Doc, Cantina Salvatore Martusciello


Cantina Gabrile Magno – Classic Method Pas Dosé 2019


Tenuta I Fauri – Di Camillo family


Lambrusco Grasparossa di Castelvetro SuDiGiri by Pezzuoli from the Maranello vineyards

Anthologie de Marjosse, Cuvée Blansky Blanc de Blancs 2019, Chateau Marjosse de Pierre Lurton


Hosam Eldin Abou Eleyoun

Adua Villa

Ciro Fontanesi

Andrea Amadei


They Avellan

Bubbles of the world, the third edition

Bubbles of the world is the project signed by Paolo Marchi And Cinzia Benzi, Founder and curator of Identità Golose and Donna del vino respectively, entirely dedicated to best international sparkling wine production. Not just a simple guide, it’s a free app, unpublished And transversal available in Italian and English, dedicated to wine lovers but also to all those who love to travel to discover the treasures of food and wine culture with curiosity and international perspective. The language is simple, professional but never too rigid, exhaustive in just 1300 characters with a glossary to consult and a terminological summary, placed in alphabetical order.

The new edition matters 740 cellars (115 more than 2023) in 39 countries from all over the world, an authentic anthology of the best world production which tells 53% of theItaly, while 47% includes European wineries with the rest of the world. Without a doubt the Francewith the wine regions of Champagne, Alsace, Burgundy, Loire And Jurarepresents 30% of this 47%, the remaining cellars are in Spain, Great Britain, Germany, Austria, Albania, Romania, Greece, Portugal, Slovenia, Swiss, Israel, Türkiye, India, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Canada, United States, Australia, New Zeland. New this year: Belgium, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Malta, Lebanon, Indonesia, Mexico And Vietnam. The prevalence is classic methoda trend on the not dosed and a small growth of Pet Nat created with the so-called ancestral method.

What do MasterChef winners do? The stories of the best – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

What do MasterChef winners do?  The stories of the best

What the winners of MasterChef? Everyone found their own way and – spoiler! – it’s always about cooking. The Sky television program that has cleared culinary talent, making the passion for cooking and recipes a real obsession, has launched several champions who have never strayed from the world of food and catering.

What the winners of MasterChef

Each in their own way: after the victory of the talent show, which earned him a prize of 100 thousand euros and the publication of a recipe book, he was among the winners of MasterChef there are those who are influencers, those who consult for companies, those who have become television personalities hosting programs dedicated to food and wine. And then, yes, there are also those who have opened their own restaurants. Here are the stories of those who reached first place on the podium, but also of those who, despite not succeeding, made a dream come true.

Barawards 2023: from Aurora Mazzucchelli to Martina Bonci, the winners – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

Dry Martini at the Majestic Palace (Sorrento – NA) – Hotel Bar of the Year Award

Daniele Gentili (The Organics by Red Bull) – Spirits&co Brand Ambassador of the Year Award

Fifty Italian Spirit (Pagani – SA) – Amaro Montenegro Bar Team of the Year Award

Folklore LaboratoryGreen Local of the Year Award

Forno Brisa (Bologna)Bloom Specialty Coffee Bar Café of the Year Award

Daniele Ricci (Mame Coffee – Zurich) – Barista of the Year Award

Simone Amenini (Artisanal company) – Coffee&more Brand Ambassador of the Year Award

Fabrizio Galla (Pasticceria Fabrizio Galla – Milan) – Pastry Chef/Ice Cream Maker of the Year Award

Martesana (Milan) – Ice Cream Bar Pastry Shop of the Year Award

Aurora Mazzucchelli (Mazzucchelli House – Sasso Marconi) – Chef of the Year Award

Footprint (Rome) – Easycassa Revelation Restaurant of the Year Award

Seafood sandwiches (Vieste – FG) – Agritech by Vandemoortele Sandwich Shop of the Year Award

Pellico 3, Park Hyatt MilanZini Hotel Restaurant of the Year Award

Bulgari Hotel RomeHotel Revelation of the Year Award

Barawards Innovation of the Year Awards

Vermouth di Torino in the Strucchi style (Makes) – Innovation of the Year Award for Alcohol 0-21% vol.

Alpestre Gin Alpino (OnestiGroup) – Innovation of the Year Award for Spirits – Spirits

Amaro Pratum Organic Distillery Bonaventura MaschioInnovation of the Year Award for Spirits – Liqueurs

La Reserva de ¡Tierra! Cuba LavazzaInnovation of the Year Award for Soft Drinks and Hot Drinks

Squeezita Gelatin Fixing Spray (Italian Food Factory) – Food Innovation of the Year Award

Ecospirits (Velier) – Innovation of the Year Award Solutions and Service Tools

Peter (Pietro Grinders) – Equipment and Technology Innovation of the Year Award

Dtr IoT Bar (Dtr Italy) – Special Green Mention

Barawards 2023: Bar of the Year.

The Cocktail World Awards

Looking at the professionals, in the Olympus of the Barawards 2023 we find more than one woman. Starting with Rum Diplomático Bartender of the Year Awardwon by Martina Bonci, bar manager, as well as the soul of the Giardino 25 project, Gucci’s café and cocktail bar in Florence. A title already held last year by another professional from the Medici city, Edoardo Sandriwho returned to the stage at the Barawards awards ceremony to collect the Sanpellegrino Cocktail Bar of the Year Drinks Award assigned toAtrium Bar of the Four Seasons in Florence, where he is bar manager. Not only awards to the Medici city, but also to the province and in particular to three realities that are rewriting the history of mixing in Campania and beyond: the true temple of hospitality, the Dry Martini at the Majestic Palace in Sorrento wins Hotel Bar of the Year Award. They had already smelled the podium, but 2023 is the year in which the Amaro Montenegro Bar Team of the Year Award goes to Pagani’s Fifty Italian Spirit, in the province of Salerno. And again the Green Local of the Year Award to the Pomigliano d’Arco Folklore Workshop, in the province of Naples, another emerging reality in the Neapolitan hinterland that is gaining recognition. And remaining on the topic of “Neapolitan pride”, how could we not name the winner of the Sgrappa Award Italian Bartender Abroad of the Year, Giulia Cuccurullobar manager ofArtesian Bar in London, where he brought his smile and the perfection of Italian style behind the counter. Milan to drink could not be missing from the list of best of the best of the Barawards 2023. To represent the Milanese mix we find the project that bears the signature of Mario Farullawith his Dirty Milan, Barceló Bar Revelation of the Year Award. As well as another promise for the future, which starts from Puglia but gives its best in Milan, behind the counter of the Rita’s Tiki Room: And Alessandro D’Alessiowinner of Campari Academy Bartender under 30 of the Year Award. And if in Milan we glimpse the future, in Rome we find two solid certainties, with two senators of mixing who climb to the top step of the podium in the categories they represent: on the one hand the bar manager of The Punta Expendio de AgaveRoman by birth, but with his heart in Mexico, Cristian Liar winner of Vermouth Strucchi Bar Manager of the Year Award; on the other Daniele Gentiliface of the line The Organics by Red Bull, Spirits&co Brand Ambassador of the Year Award.

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