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Tiramisù Global Marathon: the winners – Italian Cuisine

Great day internationally to celebrate our most loved spoon dessert in the world, which also helps the planet

Eight hours of live online, today 28 November from 11.00 to 19.00 (Italian time). They connected from all corners of the globe to take part in the Tiramisu Global Marathon 2022, the second "virtual" gathering of lovers of the most popular spoon dessert in the world: who as a simple spectator and who to bring their greetings, who to "share" a very personal recipe of the famous dessert and who to participate in the contest through the channels social media of the Tiramisù World Cup.

Hundreds took part in the second edition of the Tiramisù Global Marathon, the virtual appointment of the tastiest challenge of the year, organized by the TWC with the collaboration of Tiramisu Academy. We too did not miss the appeal with a contribution from our Director, Maddalena Fossati.

On this occasion, tiramisu was the virtual protagonist and kitchens from all over the world came together through the photo contest held on the TWC Instagram channel, inspired by the theme of sustainability and defense of our environment entitled "A Tiramisu for our planet ". Through watering photos, the contest was won by:

Alessandra Vendemiati of Venice, in first place with its “GreenMISÙ” (green sugars and dark chocolate);

Hellen Green (Elena Pepori) from Milan, in second place, with the “Love Planet” (tempered chocolate and cream);

Annalisa Pensabene of Belluno, in third place, with “A Rose for the Planet” (pistachios).

The three thus have full access to the selections of the Tiramisu World Cup 2022, next autumn in Treviso e they have also symbolically become shareholders of di Time for the Planet, the non-profit company that creates and finances companies that fight against climate change worldwide.

The "challenge" was also open to the little ones (up to 16 years of age) who in their category were equally able to try their hand at preparing Tiramisu. For the very young chefs, thanks to the renewed collaboration with Edizioni PIEMME and the Foundation Geronimo Stilton, the opportunity to read for free on the Tiramisù World Cup website the book “The cupcake contest” by Geronimo Stilton.

"We have had connections with international guests, from Brazil, Russia, Romania and France – commented the organizer, Francesco Redi -. The appointment has grown considerably compared to last year, thanks also to the great collaboration with the "Trevisani nel Mondo" who contacted our emigrants abroad, who do not fail to become standard-bearers of the very Italian dessert ".

Tiramisù World Champion Cup 2021: the winners – Italian Cuisine

Tiramisù World Champion Cup 2021: the winners

Here is who won the international tiramisu contest for the fifth edition just held in Treviso

The fifth edition of the Tiramisu World Cup 2021 has just ended: Stefano Serafini won for the Classic Recipe, while Elena Bonali for the Creative Recipe. In the city symbol of the most loved Italian spoon dessert in the world, great celebrations after a three-day event that took place to the sound of mascarpone, coffee and cocoa. Approximately 9,000 ladyfingers, 130 kg of mascarpone, 3,700 eggs, 250 kg of cocoa, about 220 kg of sugar and 10 kg of coffee were used: impressive. All without wasting anything, absolute prohibition to leave anything behind: in fact, the organization has seen fit to provide containers to take home any leftovers. Excellent thought, which also binds well to this year's charity partner, the non-profit organization Time For The Planet.

The best original tiramisu in the world 2021

For the Original Recipe category, it is essential that the tiramisu is prepared following the official recipe codified by the Tiramisu Academy with 6 ingredients: eggs, sugar, mascarpone, ladyfingers, coffee, cocoa. Stefano Serafini, lively 62 year old from Venice jeweler profession, presented his heart-shaped Tiramisu with a romantic message. It is not surprising that at his election as Champion he thanked his companion Elena with so much love! To follow in second place Elena Orfei with a clean floral presentation and in third place Nicola Ottaviani very traditional.

The best creative tiramisu in the world 2021

For the creative recipe category, we start from the original basic recipe and it is possible to add up to 3 ingredients and replace the biscuit. Wins from Belgium Elena Bonali with the Prosciutto and Melon tiramisu: incredible, but true. Originally from Milan, swimming teacher in Belgium in Braschaat (Antwerp), she beat the competition with her original and balanced idea. In second place comes Erika Luis of Udine with a tiramisu with yuzu and hazelnut paste, on the third Barbara Marcon of Asolo with a tiramisu with pistachio cream, raspberries and gold dust. The latter was very much liked by Massimo Linguanotto, son of the inventor of tiramesù in Treviso, the legendary Roberto Loli Linguarotto: "I'm looking for innovation and this idea of ​​the blueberry that lowers fat seems interesting to me".

How do you choose the best tiramisu in the world?

For the Selections popular judges were involved selected according to an online test that required the passing of 15 questions on the competition rules, recipe and history of Tiramisu. In the Semifinals and Final the jury is made up of professionals and experts in the sector – for the first time La Cucina Italiana also made its contribution as a jury in the Final for the Original Recipe and I can personally state that all 9 tiramisu I tasted were made very good. The competition criteria for decreeing the "best Tiramisu in the world" are:

– technical execution: evaluates the organization of the table, cleaning, management of ingredients, executive capacity;

– aesthetic presentation: evaluates the appearance, the arrangement of the plate, the decorations and the final aesthetic appeal;

– gustatory intensity: evaluates the strength and permanence in the mouth of the tasting;

– dish balance: evaluates the balance between the ingredients used;

– flavor and harmony: evaluates the pleasantness, intensity and harmony of flavors (right dosage of ingredients);

– harmony of taste and perception of lightness: evaluates the harmony of Tiramisu considering the balance between the pleasantness of the flavor and the perception of lightness.

Congratulations to the organization, to all competitors and to the city of Treviso!

Winners of the Who's Who Awards 2020 – Italian Cuisine

They just took place in live streaming, i Who's Who Awards, an initiative sponsored by the municipality of Milan, National Chamber of Italian Fashion is Camera Buyer Italy – The Best Shops. The prestigious award ceremony recognized those who, in the last twenty years, have made an important contribution to the enhancement of Made in Italy.

Designed by Cristiana Schieppati, the twentieth edition, which took place in digital version from the Ballroom of the Gallery of Modern Art in Milan, was an opportunity to send a message of hope and desire to return to normal. The award ceremony can be watched here.

"A special edition. Everyone, jury and winners, were united in wanting to give a message of hope, a desire to return to normalcy, a desire to rejoice. And this is the main reason why I have not given up organizing the Who's Who Awards, albeit with great difficulty and perplexity. The result went beyond expectations, thanks to Sergio Salerni who accompanied me in this new digital experience, but above all it is the result of teamwork between great professionals. My thanks go to Gian Luca, Mario, Antonella, Marta, Michele, Francesca, Emanuele, Silvia, Antonio, Cristina and Nicoletta who followed me with confidence on this journey, giving their image and their precious time with generosity. My heart is yours – these are the thanks of Cristiana Schieppati.

Cristiana Schieppati
Cristiana Schieppati

Here are the winners of the WHO IS AWARDS:

Remo Ruffini – President of Moncler (Entrepreneur – Lifetime Achievement Award)

Maria Grazia Chiuri, Dior Artistic Director (Lifetime Achievement Award)

Gilda Bojardi – Interior (Design – Lifetime Achievement Award)

Vittorio Radice – Vice President Rinascente (Retail – Lifetime Achievement Award)

Elisabetta Sgarbi Editore La Nave di Teseo and Director e gli Extraliscio (Lifetime Achievement Award) Bianca Balti (Model – Lifetime Achievement Award)

Claudio Marenzi – President of Herno (Ecology and Sustainability – Career Award) Daniela Villa – L’Erbolario (Beauty – Career Award)

Carla Vanni (Journalism – Lifetime Achievement Award)

Stefano Guindani (Photography – Lifetime Achievement Award)

Maria Grazia Mattei – Meet Digital Culture Center (Culture – Lifetime Achievement Award) Maty Fall – model (Next Generation Award)

The Elio Fiorucci Award, a prestigious award assigned to those who have been able to create new forms of communication outside the traditional schemes, is assigned to Toiletpaper Magazine founded by Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari with the artistic direction of Micol Talso. The award was presented by a special guest, Piero Piazzi, President of Women Management.

The Barbara Vitti Awards voted through the Chi è Chi News newsletter (13,000 subscribers) were also assigned to Andrea Caravita, Communication Director & Pr Philosophy of Lorenzo Serafini, awarded for fashion communication, and to Flora Coluccia, Lancôme Italia Communication Manager, as the best communication in the world of beauty . To deliver the awards Emma Averna, daughter of Barbara Vitti.

Condé Nast Italy, media partner of the event, gave live coverage of the award ceremony through the social channels of Vogue Italia, Vanity Fair, GQ, paying homage to the winners of a digital subscription to Vogue Italia.

Audi Italy, automotive partner of this project, accompanied the jury in the delivery of the prizes with Audi e-tron, the brand's first zero-emission model.

Amazon Alexa marked the new digital era of this edition.

(photo credit Stefano Trovati / SGP) Photo Claudio Marenzi Carlo Scarpato / SGP, photo Remo Ruffini Marco Erba / SGP

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