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The post-workout meal to lose weight and recover energy – Italian Cuisine

Here's what to eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks to fight tiredness, build muscle and fight cramps and other muscle disorders and post workout menus to inspire you

The post workout meal plays a key role in obtaining excellent results from physical activity. Providing the body with the right fuel for energy recovery after doing physical activity helps fight fatigue and stimulate muscle building and therefore lean mass. In addition, it helps integrate any deficiencies and prevents the most frequent ailments such as cramps and muscle pain. «Foods such as cereals, green leafy vegetables, eggs, fish, sources of B complex vitamins, for example, favor the production of energy essential to combat physical tiredness that can occur after training. They are involved in the metabolism of fats, carbohydrates and proteins ", explains the nutritionist Nicoletta Bocchino, which suggests what to eat in the post-workout meal to best optimize your workout results.

If you play sports early in the morning

For a balanced and healthy post-workout breakfast you can treat yourself to a share of carbohydrates such as bread or orange juice or a banana together with the complete proteins of yogurt and the "good" fats of dried fruit (almonds, walnuts, pistachios, hazelnuts, etc.) . "They will help you fight fatigue after training and make sure that proteins are better available for your muscles. They also supply essential amino acids such as tryptophan and tyrosine that facilitate the brain's release of dopamine, adrenaline and norepinephrine, neurotransmitters that reduce the feeling of fatigue that occurs following physical exertion ", explains the nutritionist.

If you go to the gym at lunchtime

Yes to a quick post-workout lunch based on complete proteins and calcium, allies of muscle and bone health. The winning combination? Cottage cheese, lettuce and rye sandwich. «Ricotta is rich in essential essential amino acids for the development and maintenance of muscle mass. Lettuce, on the other hand, is a good source of valuable antioxidants that fight free radicals produced during intense physical activity, responsible for oxidative stress. It also provides vitamin C, essential in the production of collagen, a protein from which bones, tendons and cartilages are made, essential for the functioning and flexibility of the joints and to counteract the pain that can arise after exercising due to excessive effort. , Explains the expert. "The complex carbohydrates of rye bread provide the body with long-lasting energy."

If you train in the afternoon

Yes to a snack after training based on simple sugars. A few examples? A seasonal fruit and a small square of cheese or a yogurt. "They allow you to recover energy quickly." Then adds the nutritionist: "Kiwis and bananas for example ensure a great variety of minerals that help counteract post-workout fatigue. In fact, they bring high quantities of magnesium and potassium which allow the minerals lost through sweating to be replenished and to counteract muscle cramps that may occur after training. Dairy products, on the other hand, are good sources of high biological value proteins, allies for muscle health .

The post workout meal to lose weight and recover energy

If you do training in the evening

If you go to the gym after work and have dinner late, be careful not to overdo it with calories and quantities before going to sleep. The risk? Having difficulty falling asleep and resting badly with effects on the line and on health. "Sleeping a few hours a night, for example, promotes greater production of the hunger hormone called ghrelin. Physical activity practiced in the hours preceding sleep in itself has an activating effect on the brain. In fact, it promotes the release of adrenaline, a hormone that stimulates wakefulness , explains nutritionist Nicoletta Bocchino. In order not to take risks, yes to a light evening meal based on easily digestible proteins combined with a plate of seasonal vegetables and some cereals. A typical menu? Bresaola, rocket and whole wheat bread or basmati brown rice. «Bresaola provides proteins that give satiety without weighing it down. Arugula is rich instead of B vitamins and tryptophan, involved in the production of hormones that regulate the sleep-wake rhythm such as serotonin. Whole wheat bread and rice ensure fiber that prolongs satiety and complex carbohydrates that promote relaxation ".

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Dinner canceling, the diet that made Fiorello lose weight – Italian Cuisine

Dinner canceling, the diet that made Fiorello lose weight

The basic principle is the cancellation of the dinner: you have to feed in a balanced way until 17, then you fast

He has lost the extra pounds and feels in great shape: Fiorello ensures that the merit of the dry physique he sports on RaiPlay is of a special diet, which not only contributes to losing weight, but would also have purifying and anti-aging powers. Is called dinner canceling, and it is not exactly new: the German developed it years ago Dieter Gbbe, author of wellness and fitness books. And, according to the many fans of this diet, in addition to making you lose weight, it also serves to keep the cardiovascular system healthy.

How it works and what the benefits are

The basic principle is, as the name itself says, the cancellation of the dinner: you have to feed in a balanced way until 17, then you fast. Or, if desired, instead of the evening meal you can drink water or you can eat an apple or other fruit (but not more than 100 grams). The main advantage of the dinner canceling is that it is not necessary to limit the amount of food ingested during breakfast or lunch: you can eat what you want, of course within reasonable limits and being careful to structure balanced meals, with proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Fasting about 18 hours allows you to optimize the disposal of fats without negative health effects.

If these few rules apply, the diet works. It is considered, by many researchers, to be one of the best methods to lose weight: it helps to get rid of at least a kilo a week, depending on the characteristics of your organism. But it would also have other advantages: the rejuvenation of the skin, the acceleration of the metabolism and the improvement of the function of many organs. In addition, it would help lower the level of harmful cholesterol.

Like all the methods to lose weight, also the dinner canceling acts fast enough: keep good hydrationtherefore it is really fundamental. In any case, before starting to follow a diet, it is always a good rule to consult your doctor or nutritionist: food regimes are never suitable for everyone, without distinction, and must be personalized. DIY is never a wise choice.

The 5 foods to avoid in order not to gain weight easily – Italian Cuisine

Does the diet work poorly and are extra pounds your problem? Find out which foods are best avoided in order not to risk gaining weight

Do you easily gain weight and do the extra pounds struggle to leave? You probably make some mistakes. It often depends on some bad habits that you have at the table such as excessive consumption of simple sugars. "They give the body easily available energy and stimulate excessive insulin production. This hormone promotes a faster accumulation of fats and facilitates the sudden hunger attacks often responsible for extra pounds, "says the nutritionist Giulia Vincenzo , which here suggests a series of tailor-made tips for those who tend to gain weight easily.

The foods that help

«Fiber-rich foods such as vegetables, legumes and whole grains are excellent allies of the line. Satiate and slow down the absorption of sugars and fats. Even those that contain proteins (lean meat, fish, eggs etc.) and essential fatty acids (dried fruit, extra virgin olive oil etc.) can help to combat sudden hunger and extra pounds. In addition to giving satiety, they promote the proper functioning of the metabolism and help burn carbohydrates, proteins and fats better, "says the expert.

Food is not

«If you tend to gain weight easily, stay away from the simple sugars contained in snacks, biscuits, sweets, carbonated and sugary drinks and junk food in general. Also, limit the quantities of those contained in fruit. They are quickly absorbed by the body and promote excess production of insulin, the hormone that regulates hunger ", explains nutritionist Giulia Vincenzo.

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Do you get fat easily? The 5 best foods to stay away from
Do you get fat easily? The 5 best foods to stay away from.

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