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How to make apricot jam (without sugar) – Italian Cuisine

How to make apricot jam (without sugar)

One of the most versatile preserves, apricot jam is perfect for filling your cakes, to accompany cheeses or simply spread on a slice of bread and butter. Because every occasion is good to taste an apricot jam made by you!

Apricot jam it is one of the best and most versatile preserves among all those that can be prepared. It is often thought that the preparation of preserves is a long and laborious job: actually, the satisfaction which they procure is far greater respect to fatigue necessary to do them. And then the taste of being able to enjoy even in the winter months the sweetness of these fruits is unmatched. In reality, the greatest attention goes to the procedures for the sterilization of jars which you will need for preserving. The rest, from the choice of the raw material, which must be of excellent quality, to the actual processing, is fun. The recipe we propose is of an apricot jam without added sugari, in which the apples will give the right consistency to the mixture and the right degree of sweetness, without the cloying very often given by the granulated sugar. For the proportions, calculate 1 apple for every 500 g of fruit.

The choice of apricots

Apricots they are a delicious fruit that ripens just in these months. For a perfect jam, then choose ready apricots and not unripe, which would give a sour taste to the preserves, intact, without any dent on the skin. Their consistency must be firm and in cleaning them check that they have not been attacked by pests.

Sterilization of jars

It is always a very important moment: tasting hand-made preserves must be a "safe" pleasure, without health risks. So first take your jars and put them in a pan full of water. Check that they are completely submerged, bring to a boil and let them be sterilized for 1 hour. Then remove them from the water and fill them with freshly made jam, leaving 1 cm empty from the edge. Close each jar with a stopper you will have purchased new, put each jar back in the same pot of water e boil for about 30 minutes, wrapping each can in a cloth, to prevent it from breaking. After the 30 minutes check that the vacuum has formed: if, pressing on the cap, you will feel the classic "Click-clack", you will have achieved the desired effect, otherwise continue with the boiling.

Apricot jam recipe (without added sugar)

Ingredients: 2 kg of ripe apricots, 4 apples, the juice of a lemon, two vanilla sticks

Method: wash the apricots, dry them, peanut them and cut them into small pieces. Take the apples, wash them, peel them and cut them into small pieces. Put all the fruit in a large saucepan, add the lemon juice, the vanilla sticks and cook over a low heat for an hour, until apricots and apples have crumbled and become a homogeneous compound. Remove the vanilla sticks and pour the still-boiling jam in sterilized jars, close with the cap and put each container back on the fire in a pot full of water to form the vacuum. Let it cool and then place each jar in the pantry. Wait at least a month before consuming the jam. Once the jar is opened, the jam is kept in the fridge for a week.

How to make icicles without sugar – Italian Cuisine

How to make icicles without sugar

Can you make an ice lolly with only one ingredient, but above all, without sugar?

Are you looking for a light snack, with few calories, refreshing on sultry days, with fruit or yogurt and above all without sugar? The answer is: make popsicles! Colorful, fun and perfect for the summer. Preparing them is child's play. Just decide what to put in between fruit, yogurt, milk or vegetables, blend everything and freeze.
But today we do not want to offer you the classic recipe with sugar syrup that we have already given you some time ago, but the light and sugar free version for those who do not want to give up the sweet, but without exaggerating with calories.

Icicles: our recipes

Popsicles are really easy to make at home, you can prepare them in the flavors you want and then have natural products without dyes and, as in this case, no added sugars.
If you really don't want to give up sweetness and prefer to add a sweetener to your basic compound, use fructose, which is fruit sugar, or even stevia which is a natural sugar, but which has a slight aftertaste of licorice.

What it takes to make an ice lolly

To prepare the popsicles, you simply need plastic cups and wooden ice cream scoops. If you don't find the pallets, use plastic spoons.
If you want to make popsicles as beautiful as those on the market and with regular shapes, buy a popsicle holder consisting of trays with built-in sticks. They are found in kitchen supply stores and in many supermarkets.
Always remember to take your popsicles out of the freezer a few minutes before serving them and warm the molds with your hands.

Extracts, smoothies and centrifuges

We talked about sugar-free popsicles because we will only use juice and fruit pulp to prepare them.
You can use a centrifuge to extract the filtered juice of fresh fruit and get very light popsicles. With the extractor, instead, you will get a denser juice and therefore a more full-bodied popsicle. Finally, blending the fruit in a classic blender, the consistency will be even denser and the flavor more intense.
If you want to give body and cream to your popsicles, remember to always use a part of pureed banana or Greek yogurt.

Banana popsicle

This looks more like an ice cream than a popsicle because it has a soft texture. It is prepared simply by blending the flesh of a banana with a little lemon juice. Pour the mixture into the molds and leave to cool in the freezer for about three hours. If you like it, add a pinch of cinnamon.

Cherry popsicle with yogurt

This is a complete snack for children because it contains proteins and many vitamins. Simply blend the yogurt with the pitted cherries and then pour the mixture into the molds.
You can replace the cherries with fresh berries or strawberries and you can sweeten with a little honey or agave.

Melon and watermelon popsicle

All the taste of summer on a stick. These are the most refreshing popsicles of this season and are prepared by blending the pulp of these two fruits. If you choose to use watermelon, watch out for the seeds that must all be eliminated. You can flavor these popsicles with fresh mint or basil leaves.

Not just fruit

You can make delicious popsicles even without fruit, but with the tea you prefer, perhaps enriched with spices, fresh aromatic herbs or flowers. Have you ever used, for example, lavender or rose petals in the kitchen? They are excellent paired with tea.
A perfect ice lolly after meals, on the other hand, could be prepared with coffee and and with a goccino of fresh whole milk. An excellent digestive that refreshes after a binge and worthily replaces a super caloric and sugared sweet.

Snacks read less than 100 calories

In summary … here are some ideas for a fresh and light snack with less than 100 calories!

You can blend the fruit you prefer, insert it in the popsicle mold or in paper cups and put everything in the freezer for a few hours.

You can also always freeze the skimmed yogurt you prefer in the special molds.

You can also blend yogurt and fruit together. You will make popsicles that look like ice cream. Do you have a centrifuge or an extractor? Use the juice to prepare delicious fruit or vegetable popsicles.

To obtain a naturally sweet ice lolly, always add a banana or a mango shake to the mixture.

A popsicle to eat after meals? Put coffee in the molds and if you prefer, stretch it with milk.

Don't have time to prepare smoothies or centrifuges? Buy sugar-free organic juices and freeze them in popsicle molds.

Bread, butter and sugar – Italian Cuisine – Italian Cuisine

The recipe for a genuine, ancient, healthy, super tasty snack (or breakfast)! And full of memories

Once upon a time bread, butter and sugar. And there is still! As still resists the eternal delicious tender with bread and Nutella (or other delicious chocolate creams on the market today) and bread, butter and jam.

Bread, butter and sugar and the grandmother

Bread, butter and sugar is the snack that our grandmother presented us at 4 pm, perhaps supplementing it with a nice glass of milk. Or at breakfast. Naturally, slack bread, or without salt, the most suitable for a sweet filling. Also known as Tuscan bread, sciapo bread is widespread in central Italy, particularly, in addition to the aforementioned Tuscany, in the Marche region. If you live in areas where salt-free bread is hard to find, they can be a valid alternative rusks: the disadvantage is that the rusk deprives us of the crumb, the soft part of our slice of bread, where the butter sinks and absorbs the sugar better. Another alternative may be the cassette bread.

Bread, butter and sugar: the recipe

Difficulty: very easy
Preparation time: 2/3 minutes approx


2 slices of sciapo bread
butter q.b.
granulated sugar q.b.


First we take out the butter from the fridge, so that, at room temperature, it softens to be easier to spread on the bread. We take a loaf of sciapo bread and cut it in half vertically, so as to have the widest part available from which to cut two nice large slices. With a butter curl we do, in fact, some curls of butter, which will be deposited on the slice of bread and spread with the help of a knife, or other suitable kitchen tool, until it is completely covered. At this point, with a teaspoon, pour the sugar over the butter and with the same knife spread it gently over the whole slice. Now we can overlap the two slices in a single sandwich, or, if we prefer, keep them separate and eat them one at a time.

The recipe for a genuine, ancient, healthy, super tasty snack (or breakfast)! And full of memories

Vegan alternative

Let's start with bread, which by itself should be vegan by default, since the ingredients are flour (of any kind), water, yeast and, not always, salt. However, as we know, other ingredients are often added, such as lard, which are not vegans (or even vegetarians). So first make sure you are using a bread that contains nothing that conflicts with a veg diet. We replace the butter with the vegetable margarine, which among other things being softer spreads itself more easily and uniformly. And finally the sugar: here too we must be careful. Prefer it beet sugar to that of cane: the first is certainly vegan, the second may not be vegan because products of animal origin are used in the refining process.

Other alternatives

Of course nobody forbids us to use wholemeal bread, if you prefer it, perhaps combined with wholemeal cane sugar. Or we can toast the bread (especially if it is a loaf of bread) and then spread the butter and sugar.

Rusk with butter and sugar.

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