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Panettone World Cup: here are the Italian finalists – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

While for the Chocolate Panettone category the 5 Italian finalists were classified as follows:
1st place – Armando Pascarella, Armando Pascarella Pastry Shop, San Felice a Cancello (CE)
2nd place – Alessandro Slama, Dar Slama, Ischia (NA)
3rd place – Andrea Marzo, La Dolce Sicilia, Rivoli (TO)
4th place – Michele Somma, Pasticceria La Delizia, Santa Maria la Carità (NA)
5th place – Pasquale Iannelli, Casa Mastroianni, Lamezia Terme (CZ).

The top three finalists for the Chocolate Panettone category.

With this important selection, the shortlist of candidates from all over the world who will compete in the world final is made up. After the selections in Italy, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland and France, Brazil and the United States, the anticipation is growing for those in Peru, Japan and Australia which will take place between February and May.

The evaluation criteria

The work of the international jury in recent days has been intense and demanding thanks to the very high quality of the product. The evaluation took into consideration:

  • the external appearance (shape, volume and color)
  • the appearance when cut (alveolation, fruit distribution and softness)
  • sensory appreciation such as scent, flavor and aroma.

The Judges

Here are the judges who took turns in the two days of selections:

Traditional Panettone Jury: Tuesday 23 January

Mirko Zenatti, President Ambassadeur du pain Italia
Gianbattista Montanari, Maestro and consultant Corman Italy
Damiano Rizzo, Apei master pastry chef
Francesca Morandin, Consultant and Food Technologist Italy
Emanuele Valsecchi, Apei master pastry chef
Fabrizio Galla, best cake at the 2007 Pastry World Cup in Lyon
Matteo Cunsolo, President Richemont Club Italia
Daniel Künhe, Bakery Manager Richemont School Lucerne Switzerland

Chocolate Panettone Jury: Wednesday 24 January

Mirko Zenatti, President Ambassadeur du pain Italia
Gianbattista Montanari, Maestro and consultant Corman Italy
Gastone Pegoraro, Master Pastry Chef Director of Gustar Pistoia
Francesca Morandin, Consultant and Food Technologist Italy
Julien Alvarez, Executive pastry chef Laduree, Pastry World Champion
Juan Carlos Lopez, Director of the El Dulce Hecho Arte Peru pastry school
Daniel Künhe Bakery Manager Richemont School Lucerne Switzerland
Salvatore Tortora, 2021 World Champion of the Panettone World Cup.

What is the Panettone World Cup?

The Panettone World Cup is the international competition that involves pastry chefs from all continents in the creation of the original recipe for artisanal Milanese panettone. The recipe for artisanal Milanese panettone involves the use of wheat flour, sugar, butter, egg yolks, salt, orange paste, orange zest, lemon zest, honey, vanilla, malt-malt extract-malt flour, grapes sultana, candied orange cubes and candied citron cubes.

Born from the idea of ​​maestro Giuseppe Piffaretti, for years the competition has been promoting the culture of Italian desserts around the world and organizing masterclasses and training courses in various countries, enjoying increasing success. Indeed, among the project’s missions is the valorization and knowledge of the leavened dessert par excellence as well as the deseasonalization of the product, as already happens in some countries such as Brazil and Peru where panettone is consumed all year round.

The competition regulations provide for the creation of panettone with the original artisan recipe by all competitors, including foreigners. The domed dessert is increasingly known and appreciated abroad where it is often customized with local raw materials, in fact there are many versions: from the one with dates, to the papaya up to the savory one. In 2024 the Competition reaches its fourth edition, after the finals of 2009, 2021, 2022 and thanks to constant commitment, the knowledge of panettone and its processing has managed to cross the boundaries of origin and seasonality to establish itself on the world confectionery scene.

Save the panettone: the anti-waste initiative – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

Come back “Save the Panettone”: the idea of ​​Too Good To Go so that we don’t waste all the panettone, but also many other typical Christmas desserts and savory delicacies, left in supermarkets, and not only, which are still delicious. An initiative that works very well: last year there were “saved” over 3,800 “Surprise Bags”that is, the boxes that this year too we will be able to purchase in just a few clicks, bringing home lots of sweetness at very low prices.

How Save the Panettone works

It works like this: on app by Too Good to Go you search for “Save the Panettone” or simply “panettone”, and choose your favorite shop among the over 600 that have joined the initiative, including Carrefour Italia. At that point, as always done using the anti-waste app, yes book the Surprise bag and go to collect it. We tried, and with 3.99 euros we have just booked a bag in a nearby supermarket containing gourmet panettone, chocolates, pandoro. With 20.99 euros (instead of 63) we instead booked a “Suprise Bag” in a delicatessen with 36 sandwiches with whom we organized a last minute aperitif together.

The price, in fact, is tempting, especially considering the general increase in prices this year, with specialties such as pandoro and panettone increased by 9% and 10% respectively (source: Osservatorio Nazionale Federconsumatori). Not to mention that it’s nice to prolong the Christmas atmosphere with a small gesture that is good for the planet, and which teaches us to waste less.

The Too Good to Go initiative

«Through the return of the Save The Panettone campaign, we want this year too encourage more careful consumption and the adoption of good practices to combat food waste as much as possible, in a period of the year when this is particularly felt”, he comments Mirco Cerisola, Country Director Italy of Too Good To Go. «The initiative aims to help shopkeepers and consumers to recover all those food products related to Christmas, New Year and Epiphany that risk being thrown away, even if still in perfect condition.

Anti-waste recipes with panettone and pandoro

Another idea for enjoying Christmas delicacies out of time? Using them in the kitchen, for new recipes, a great passion. A recent survey carried out by Too Good To Go and YouGov revealed that, among the solutions adopted by Italians to avoid throwing away leftover food after the holidays, the use of anti-waste recipes is a widespread practice (43% ). For this reason we have proposed 15 recipes for recycling sweet and savory panettone, and many other new and very easy recipes (including panettone toasts). Other ideas? Here are two proposed by Too Good To Go:

The recipe for panettone cassatine

Panettone recipe decorated like a chocolate forest – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

Panettone recipe decorated like a chocolate forest

If you are looking for an original way to bring food to the table panettone, take inspiration from this idea that will leave all your guests speechless. In this recipe we have decorated the most classic of Christmas desserts with a chocolate forest which makes this leavened product even more delicious, but above all truly original.

The decoration is made with dark chocolate And with milkleaf-shaped molds, cocoa butter spray, gold food coloring and icing sugar. For the tempering the chocolate you can read this in-depth analysis and look at the video of the chefs of La Scuola de la Cucina Italiana.

Also discover the Panettone sweets and bon bons and these other ideas for decorate the pandoro.

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