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The different idea to recycle the panettone: sweet and savory toast – Italian Cuisine

How to recycle the panettone: sweet and savory toast

With the panettone you can prepare excellent ones sweet toast … and also savory. Did you know?
Let's find out some together recipe.

How to toast the panettone

There are various ways to toast the panettone.
The most classic is the oven. Cut the panettone into slices and place it inside a baking pan. Heat in grill mode for a few minutes to obtain a crunchy texture outside and soft in the heart.
The same can be done in one no stick pan with a knob of butter. You can also make the recipe more greedy by first wetting the slices in a mixture of beaten eggs and milk. In this way you will get the famous French Toast Serve hot with jam, fresh fruit, ice cream or cream.
Finally you can heat the slices of panettone on a plate or on a grill and if you want you can also stuff them in the middle just like you do with a toast.

Toast of sweet panettone

The sweet panettone toast is very easy to make because you can indulge yourself with all kinds of stuffing.
It's very good with the jam or with the cream of hazelnuts or pistachios.
Delicate with the vanilla cream and greedy with the chocolate cream.
For a more unusual and fruity taste you can try the accompaniment with the Lemon Curd or with the apple butter.
As already mentioned, you can bake it in the oven or on the plate and even wet it with eggs and milk and cook it with a knob of butter in the pan to make it richer and more flavorful like the classic French toast.

How to recycle the panettone: sweet and savory toast

Toast of salty panettone

Think about how sweet bread with raisins and walnuts get married well with them sliced, especially if very tasty. Imagine it with it speck, for example. Here, then why not try with panettone?
Cut the slices giving the square shape of the pancarré and then fill them with a sliced ​​and sliced ​​cheese that melts as fontina. Add the toast and heat it in the pan or on the grill.
You can also use a classic toaster, but be careful because the panettone is very delicate and being rich in butter it burns quickly.

Ideas to recycle the panettone

If bread is not thrown away, let alone panettone. Toasts are a great idea of recycling, but you can also cut the panettone into cubes to make croutons to dip in milk for breakfast or in a pumpkin soup for a super comfort dinner.
Or, when it is too dry, soften it with a little 'milk, squeeze it well and then prepare a pudding or a cake similar to the village cake by adding an egg, cocoa and some shortbread or chopped amaretto.

Panettone with 100% oil exists – Italian Cuisine

This panettone has no butter, only oil. In fact you can not call it that way (but it's good)

About a decade ago the disciplinary of the panettone has established that this product is worthy of being called such only and exclusively in compliance with some clauses, such as the presence of at least 16% butter or candied fruit, sultanas and 20% peel. But these rules do not protect the qualitative aspect or the origin of raw materials: this is shown by the oil panettone, or rather, the 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil, which, despite being an excellent panettone, can not boast of this name.

Panettone with oil, ops Dolce 100% Olio

The idea of ​​the oil panettone, which no one had ever done before, was born in 2001 from a fortuitous meeting between Filippi brothers Filippi Pastry and Franco, the owner of a small shop in the center of Thiene, Oil and Olive, now closed . The success of this panettone was immediate, until the disciplinary of 2007, when, given the lack of butter, they could no longer call it that, but "100% Sweet Oil". The oil used for years has been that of the Frantoi Cutrera, a Sicilian oil on average intense and not at all bland, which is well suited to their needs. Today they are no longer the only ones to produce it, but if you find around "panettone all'olio" you should know that inside there is also a percentage, albeit minimal, of butter. Moreover, not less, this is the ideal panettone for all intolerant to milk and dairy products, even in the last one chocolate version, but miraccomando: do not call it panettone.

The Filippi Pastry

The Pasticceria Filippi was founded in 1972 as a small sweets warehouse with the grandmother Lucia Gasparini and sons. Over the years the various descendants are divided and so, for family reasons, Maria and Giuliano Filippi, master of elementary, find themselves with a laboratory to be managed, without any experience in the field. His sons Andrea and Lorenzo, who at the time were still in middle school, chose to help their parents from an early age: "while our peers played, we made yeast, even three, four times a week!"After selling loaves with one euro per year for years, comes the big turning point: deposit the Filippi brand and focus entirely on leavened products, especially on panettone, on the other hand in the land of Pandoro par excellence. To distinguish them once again over time is also the recent decision to become a B-Corporation company, a brand that guarantees particular respect for environmental impact, waste and personnel; for example, all the flakes of the panettone are in grosgrain, a material recycled from plastic, which costs almost double.

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What to drink with panettone: 40 bottles to avoid mistakes on the finish – Italian Cuisine

Bubbles (strictly sweet), raisins, spirits … all the bottles to be uncorked at the end of a meal, with panettone and other Christmas sweets – including tea

The scent of Christmas is a sweet scent: of candied and chocolate, dates and dried fruit, ginger and honey. All perfumes that can be found in a glass.
The culmination of the party for many comes at the end of the meal: dessert, panettone or pandoro, without forgetting the many specialties of the Italian regional tradition, is loved and awaited by young and old. Ruining the grand final but it can be too easy: just choose a wrong bottle. How to be sure to match the right wine with panettone?
Obviously, in the first place it is always a matter of taste. However, some principles can be kept in mind. First of all, one must dispel a myth: that of dry sparkling wine with dessert. it is in fact a choice to avoid, to give preference to sweet wines. These can be sparkling, naturally, perfect to keep the festive atmosphere intact. But you can also offer still, sweet wines, and even dare to approach the panettone with grappa, liqueurs and spirits. The connoisseurs, then, can guide the choice by evaluating the type of dessert, in particular the presence or not of candied fruit, fillings or chocolate. For everyone else, very simply, sweetness will call sweetness: that of wine as that of gifts and good wishes.
We must also remember that, in addition to wine, you can choose other drinks: from grappa to the vermouth, up to the most tantalizing cocktail and a relaxing one fragrant tea.

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Villa Sandi Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore DOCG Rive of San Pietro di Barbozza Dry

In the hills from Valdobbiadene to Conegliano, the "riva" is a steep terrain: traditionally the most prized vineyard. Shores of San Pietro di Barbozza is produced with grapes from a high hill vineyard with an extraordinarily sunny position, happy for its position and microclimate. Proposed in the dry version, pleasantly soft and mellow, it is the perfect companion of dried desserts, leavened and fruit pies Price: euro 12

11 Primitive Rows Of Natural Sweet Manduria D.0.C.G. San Marzano cellars

From dried grapes from very old rows, an intense ruby ​​red wine with garnet hues; the scent is persistent and complex, with notes reminiscent of cherry jam, dried figs and spices. Enveloping and honeyed, it can be sipped alone or combined with baked desserts and cheeses. Price: 15 euros

Villa Montepaldi Vin Santo Del Chianti Classic DOC Dean

Persuasive and enveloping, perfumed of dried fruit and spices, it comes from Trebbiano and Malvasia grapes left to wither. Price: 20 euros

Diplomatic Suite Case Pack

The special edition of Rum Diplomático for Christmas 2018 holds a bottle of Diplomático Reserva Exclusiva inside a metallic case with gold trim. A unique and balanced rum, with hints of caramel, orange, maple syrup and licorice. Price: € 50.00

Fattoria Le Pupille Solalto
Made in small quantities (about 15,000 bottles in 0.375 l format) and only in the best vintages, Solalto comes from selected rows of Fattoria Le Pupille, when autumn brings with it the so-called "noble rot" that starts dehydrating the grapes of Semillon, Traminer and Sauvignon Blanc thus concentrating aromas and sugars. The result is a dessert wine with notes of candied fruit, ripe figs and dates, which maintains the fresh acidity of its grapes. Price: 15 euros

Orsogna Winery Malverno
From Montepulciano and Merlot grapes, the company's flagship product is born: ruby ​​red in color with violet touches, slightly spicy, scents of ripe red fruit and black cherry jam. On the palate it is soft and intense with a slightly almond finish, of great structure. Perfect with a homemade panettone with chocolate. Prices starting from 24 euros

Poli Grappa of the Museum 25 years

Produced in a limited edition to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the opening of the Grappa Museum in Bassano, it derives from a special selection of the 25 best lots kept in the underground cellars of the Poli Distilleries. Distinctive traits include the aroma of dark chocolate, raisins and toasted hazelnuts and the generous and harmonious taste. Price: 54 euros

Speri Recioto della Valpolicella DOCG La Roggia
Garnet red in color, the nose offers enveloping hints of raisin, violet and jam. On the palate it is warm and velvety, intense and full. Price: € 39.50

Count Vistarino Oltrepò Pavese Blood of Giuda DOC Costiolo

The most typical dessert wine from the Oltrepò Pavese. Cuvée of Croatina and Uva Rara grown on the "costolo", ie the top of a hill, is a delicately sweet wine in which the sun-ripened sugars are tamed by the natural acidity and the typical floral scent. Price: 7-9 euros

Quaquarini Oltrepò Pavese Sangue di Giuda DOC

Lively, sweet, with an intense and intriguing aroma and taste, it goes perfectly with all traditional desserts and fresh and dried fruit. Price: euro 7

Podere Luigi Einaudi Moscato D'Asti DOCG

Sweet, straw-yellow and sweet, pleasantly aromatic, it is the convivial wine par excellence, perfect to combine with desserts, like panettone and pandoro.Price: 10 €

Shy Punch

A cocktail played on floral scents and citrus notes is the proposal signed by Andrea Paci, tender bar and manager of Lo Scalo di Como: the "Shy Punch" is prepared with gin with green tea infusion, lavender syrup from Lake Como, lime juice, orange and bitter mandarin, bitter to the tonic, essence of black pepper. Also to be tried is the creation of Ivan Patruno, bar manager of the Bulk cocktail bar at the Hotel Viu in Milan, based on tonic water, orange peel and ginger.

Di Majo Norante Royal Muscat of Molise DOC Apianae

The pale golden yellow color, with light amber reflections, anticipates the freshness and intensity of the perfume, characterized by hints of orange blossom and orange blossom honey. Ample and rich, preserves the taste of Muscat.Price: € 17.50

Capetta Asti DOCG

From the company of Santo Stefano Belbo, the sweet sparkling wine par excellence. The pleasant fine and persistent perlage and the delicate and aromatic taste make it perfect at the end of the meal, with fresh fruit and desserts, but also for the classic toast.Price: 5,50 Euro

Collalto Violette Rosé Extra Dry Sparkling Wine

From Manzoni Moscato grapes a sparkling wine that enchants with its color that refers to the pink peony. The thick foam, the bright and thin bubbles, the scent of rose, linden flowers and berries: everything speaks of joy. In the mouth it is harmonious and refreshing, and the versatility in the combinations is its distinctive trait. Price: 7 euros

Valdo Cuvée Viviana Valdobbiadene Superiore of Cartizze DOCG Dry

It was born in the DOCG Cru and is produced with the Charmat method: amiable and elegant, it has a velvety, spicy and fruity scent that conquers even before its sweetness.

Ferrari Demi-Sec Trentodoc

A fresh scent of ripe apple and flowers anticipates a clean, harmonious and round taste. Indicative price: 14.90 euros

Water of Aron Idromiele 2015

An ancient recipe of the Ferrara family of Furci Siculo, in the province of Messina, and the passion of the beekeeper Rosario Ferrara are the first ingredients of this preparation, together with the honey of millefiori: this is fermented in water. It follows an aging of at least 2 years in barriques to obtain a golden hydromiel, intensely scented with orange blossom and lemon, delicate on the palate.

Donnafugata Ben Ryè

Complex and enveloping, the taste is harmonically sweet, soft and fresh. The nose offers intense notes of apricot and peach, sweet sensations of dried figs and honey, aromatic herbs, mineral notes. Indicative price: 50 euros

Villa Matilde Eleusi Falanghina Roccamonfina PGI Passito

Made from pure Falanghina grapes, it is an amber colored wine, embellished with golden reflections. Very perfumed and velvety, it is perfect not only with panettone, but also with almond paste desserts, with blue cheeses and with foie gras. Indicative price: 28 euros

Vermuth Fred Jerbis

A Friulian vermuth that is making people talk about themselves. Federico Cremasco, a barman and enthusiast of Polcenigo, in the province of Pordenone, has created Fred Jerbis, the brand of gin, vermouth and bitter made with Carnia herbs and ingredients made in Italy. In a few years they have become a phenomenon for enthusiasts. With their three bottles blend a perfect Negroni, to serve the panettone after a meal, perfect a vermouth, with ice and orange zest.

Travaglino Golden Moscato sparkling

This fragrant nectar of sage and peach is born in the Oltrepò, obtained exclusively from white muscat grapes. With a gradation of 5.5 °, it is a companion to all confectionery.

Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi DOC Passito "Tordiruta"

The Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi DOC Passito "Tordiruta" is produced from grapes harvested at late ripening by selecting the best bunches. The harvest is manual and the grapes with noble molds are left to dry on racks for 3 months. The fermentation takes place in barrique and lasts about a month; it follows the refinement in barriques for 12 months and the aging in bottle for a year.

Oddero Moscato d'Asti DOCG Cascina Fiori

Young, fresh, light, but above all fragrant, of mandarin and sage, of peach and of flowers: it is the ideal companion for all the sweets of the Christmas tradition. Indicative price: 11.20 euros

Prime Gold Grapes

The candied citrus fruits of the panettone blend perfectly with the fruity and floral notes of this original distillate, which comes from precious white grapes from the hills, picked when ripe and processed according to an exclusive method.

Na'jm Malvasia delle Lipari PDO Passito di Salina Cantine Colosi

The name in Arabic means "sweet with grace, and so is its taste, structured and balanced. The nose gives intense notes of fresh fruit, apricot and fig, followed by floral sensations of jasmine.

Feudo Luparello Moscato Passito di Noto DOC

The honeyed scent and warm taste are a hymn to his homeland.

Lungarotti Torgiano Vin Santo DOC

The amber white color lights up in the glass with golden reflections. Intense aroma, sweet and refined taste.

Marzemino passito M from Cantina San Michele Monte Netto

Red, sweet and fragrant: ideal to taste alone, it is enhanced in combination with panettone. Indicative price: 27 euros

Damman Fréres Noël tea in Prague

The sensory characteristics of this type of black tea make it the perfect match with a traditional dessert like panettone. Raisins and candied fruit blend perfectly with the floral notes of Noël à Prague, while the typical aromas of this special tea envelop the sense of smell and taste with sweet notes such as caramel, dried plum, essence of vodka and chocolate. At a first sip, it strikes the scent of clementine, perfect together with citrus candies of traditional panettone.

Silvio Nardi Vin Santo Sant'Antimo DOC Eye of Partridge

From the hills of Montalcino a velvety wine, with an amber color and an intense aroma, with notes of apricot and hazelnut. Indicative price: 32 euros

Amaro Nonino Quintessentia®

Prepared according to an ancient recipe, it stands out for its elegant herbal scent, enhanced by the use of ÙE® Grape Distillate aged in barriques. Indicative price: 22 euros

Venturini Baldini Graniers Malvasia Hills of Scandiano and Canossa DOP

With its pleasant scent of jasmine and sage it is the perfect match for a traditional, simple panettone, without creams or icings. Bright yellow in color, in the mouth it is harmonious and moderately dry, also suitable to approach cheeses or to be served as an aperitif. Indicative price: 8.80 euros

Terminum Gewurztraminer late harvest

Deep golden yellow, it gives off an intense aroma of apricot, peach, honey and orange peel. In the mouth it gives intense sensations, with aromas of caramel, ripe fruit and spices, maintaining a perfect balance between freshness and sweetness.

Maculan Torcolato

From the hills of Breganzesi, a nectar with a brilliant golden color and an inebriating aroma of honey, flowers and vanilla. The taste is sweet, full and balanced: perfect with pastry and cheese, as well as with panettone.

Tenuta Fertuna Vermouth Etrusco Nero

The scent, warm and enveloping, balsamic and resin, is that of herbs and spices used to flavor ruby ​​red wine: wormwood, laurel, mace, vanilla, ginger, coriander, juniper, rosebuds, just to name a few. A mix that is found on the palate and that makes this vermouth suitable to marry not only with panettone, but also with chocolate or cheese.

Cleto Chiarli "Centenario" Lambrusco Grasparossa of Castelvetro DOC Amabile

Soft and fragrant, it contains all the aromas of the starting grape. Pleasant and engaging, it goes well with all the typical dishes of Emilia and is, of course, a perfect dessert wine, an excellent companion of the traditional panettone.

Kaltern Quintessenz Passito

Obtained from yellow Muscat, this amber nectar smells of honey and exotic fruit. Indicative price: 35 euros

Grappa Nonino Grape Harvest Reserve Aged 18 months in Barriques

The artisanal distillation discontinuous in exclusive steam stills, the aging of 18 months in barriques of Limousin and ex-Sherry make this product unique. Perfect for pairing with panettone and chocolate.

Peyrot Liqueur de Poire Williams Cognac

Very perfumed, also excellent as an aperitif if served with crushed ice. The liqueur is obtained from the "assemblage" of Cognac 1er Cru Grande Champagne, natural aroma of pears Williams, sugar syrup and distilled water. 14 kilos of pears are needed to produce a 70 cl Liqueur Poire au Cognac.

Limoncello Villa Massa

Produced exclusively using the Sorrento Oval lemon, without the addition of aromas or preservatives and based on an ancient family recipe dating back to 1890. The scent is unmistakable.

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