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On March 24, Gelato Day is celebrated throughout Europe – Italian Cuisine

On March 24, Gelato Day is celebrated throughout Europe

The summer is synonymous with ice cream and then here is a day dedicated to this delicacy, with many initiatives and tastes to taste

Spring has arrived: the days are getting longer, the temperatures are rising … and the first is taking off ice cream of the season! A gluttony that knows how to get young and old together, especially if it is crafts, good and healthy: a product symbol of the Italian tradition, the only one to which the European Parliament has dedicated a day to celebrate it. The March 24th will indeed be the European Craft Ice Cream Day with the Italian and European squares that will host many events and initiatives Gelato Day.

Ice cream and ice cream parlors: some numbers

Ice cream is a food that knows no crisis. THE'Italyin fact it is supply chain leader: according to the SIGEP Observatory, in 2017 the ingredients and semi-finished ice cream sector generated a total turnover of 1.4 billion euros, while the approximately 39,000 ice-cream parlors present on the national territory made a turnover of 2.7 billion euros, giving work around 150 thousand employees.

The qualities of ice cream

Ice cream is not only beautiful to look at, but it is also good, with high healthy characteristics: it is in fact a balanced and well balanced food, with a low glycemic index; among the desserts, presents the lower caloric density and it is among the most genuine, especially when made with quality raw materials, worked with respect and wisdom by master ice cream makers.

The Gelato Day

But you are curious to learn more about events which will be held during the seventh edition of Gelato Day? Find out with us.

Sunday, March 24th Confartigianato Gelatieri from North to South, he will bring ice cream to Italian squares, where celebratory events will be organized in collaboration with local ice cream makers. Not only that, in Venice, within the ambit of Agrimont, and in collaboration with the Veneto Region, Longarone Fiere will hold a convention dedicated to the European world of artisan gelato, with a focus onthe importance of artisan gelato as a driving force in the development of local economies

Ice cream on the snow

For those who love skiing, instead, in Val di Zoldo (BL), the event will be held "Sweet Skiing": the Val di Zoldo – Dolomites cable cars, in collaboration with Longarone Fiere and Uniteis.eV, will offer a free daily ski pass to all skiers who present themselves with the receipt of an ice cream shop dated 2019. Furthermore, from 11 am to 1 pm, on the slopes will come offered free ice cream made with old salt and ice machines.

The taste of the year? The tiramisu!

After honoring the German tradition with the German Black Forest, or the amarena chocolate, taste of the year 2018, for this seventh edition, the Taste of the Year is dedicated to Italy and will be the Tiramisu. The official recipe is signed by Thomas Infanti, the very young (only 21 years old!) ice cream maker who won the "Gelato Tiramisu Italian Cup", which took place at the 59th International Ice Cream Show, held from 2 to 5 December in Longarone.

Made with high quality milk, sugar, skimmed milk, fresh eggs, mascarpone, coffee, cocoa and the inevitable ladyfingers, this taste can be tasted in all the ice cream parlors of Europe adhering to the "Gelato Day".

How to make ice cream at home

You don't have an ice cream maker, but you still want to prepare the homemade ice cream? Here's how. We give you directions to do the fiordilatte ice cream, which is one of the classic tastes, but these guidelines also apply with the addition of other ingredients.

Whip up 500 ml of firm cream. Mix it with a can of condensed milk (397 grams) very slowly from top to bottom, using a spatula. Add a tablespoon of rum, mixing again and fill the mold with a plumcake mold, possibly in aluminum or a freezer container for ice cream. Let it cool in the freezer for 8 hours and then serve.

The strangest ice cream tastes

But ice cream is not just for the taste of chocolate, fiordilatte or lemon. There are so many types, some really strange. For example, you have ever tasted the halva ice cream, a sesame-based dessert, typical of the eastern Mediterranean? And the sweet pea ice cream? All tastes that you can prepare at home or try during the Gelato Day, along with the Flavors of the Year from the past editions: besides Tiramisu and the German Black Forest, there will be Cioccolato d'Austria, the Belgian Poire Royale, the French Framboise Melba, the first Fantasia and Stracciatella flavors of Europe, as well as two new flavors representing Holland and Spain.

Thursday, March 21st is the Tiramisù Day – Italian Cuisine

Thursday, March 21st is the Tiramisù Day

Tiramisu, classic recipe
Pear tiramisu with vanilla mousse
Summer tiramisu
Coconut and ginger tiramisu
Fruit tiramisu
Raspberry tiramisu
Yogurt and coffee tiramisu
Yogurt and fruit tiramisu
Tiramisu coffees
Tiramisu with berries
Coconut tiramisu
"Tiramisu" with mulberries
Tiramisu not tiramisu
Soft tiramisu with white chocolate

Every year the March 21st Tiramisù Day is celebrated as an event created by the Piedmontese writers and journalists Clara and Gigi Padovani. Tiramisu fans, in 2016 they signed the book published by Giunti Tiramisu. History, curiosity, interpretations of the most loved Italian dessert thanks to which they have reopened the debate on sweet investigating its Venetian and Friulian origins. The choice of the first spring day to celebrate the delicious spoon dessert was told this way by Clara Padovani: "There is nothing better than sinking the spoon into that dessert to forget the greyness of the winteror.

Tiramisu is one of the most consumed desserts by Italians and one of the most famous Italian desserts in the world. Whether you do it at home or eat it at the end of a meal at the restaurant, tiramisu seems to have no season: it's always good, celebrating mid-August, Christmas or … nothing is celebrated. But since March 21st we celebrate him, Mr. Tiramisu, here is another good opportunity to prepare it and enjoy it, alone or in company.

And then we propose, in addition to the classic recipe, many alternative versions. All beautiful to look at and delicious, to eat with the eyes and the spoon.

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