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Laura Pausini does 45. What do you prefer in the kitchen? – Italian Cuisine

Laura Pausini does 45. What do you prefer in the kitchen?

Forty-five years and don't hear them. Laura Pausini celebrates her birthday today, May 16th. And it has never been so good. Between the prize won at the Latin Grammy in November 2018 and the tour with her friend Biagio Antonacci that will lead her to perform in eleven Italian stadiums starting on May 26th, the Faenza singer does not stop for a moment, conceding herself, however, the pleasures of the table. Despite the Romagna tradition, his favorite cuisine is another: that Japanese. In fact, in more than one interview, Laura said she was deeply tied to sushi and the flavors of the East, rice, fish, soy sauce and spaghetti dipped in hot broth.

The diet of the stars

To have benefited, by its own admission, from its physical form following the pregnancy was the Medical Dietetic Society, the so-called S.D.M., one of the most popular diets by Hollywood stars. With the food regime studied by Professor Blackburn of Harvard University, Laura lost 20 pounds: the journey lasted a year and forced Pausini to renounce various foods to which she was particularly fond. The diet is rather rigid and is divided into three phases: weight loss, transition and maintenance. Key points are the elimination of carbohydrates, slowly replaced by vegetables and proteins, and the supplements that are added to the recipes. The progress was immediately evident and led the singer to feel, as she herself said, at peace with her body.

Of Laura, after all, we don't know as much as we would believe. From the dedication of the song Because it never comes back to his friends Laura and Simona, who disappeared in a car accident, at 9 he considers his unlucky number; from the songs of Whitney Houston and Michael Bolton who loves singing in the shower a Forrest Gump which is his favorite movie; from the Smart that uses to move inside the center of Milan to the impulsiveness that considers its greatest defect. An artist full of surprises and that, if we wanted to take the throat, we would know how to conquer.

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