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Recipe Pepper stuffed with meat and cheese – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

Recipe Pepper stuffed with meat and cheese

Who knows how many of you remember the moment when, upon entering your grandmother’s house, you could smell the scent of stuffed peppers, usually made of meat and cheese, a great classic. It is the sweet scent of memories, and of those happy moments spent with the family, which combined with the happiness of tasting an excellent and always appreciated dish, a timeless classic.

Each region has its own stuffed pepper

Like any self-respecting traditional recipe, the stuffed pepper also lends itself to many variations and is characterized by more or less different products depending on the region. In Northern Italy, the ones we offer with meat and cheese are classic, although in Piedmont they are often prepared with seirass – a typical cheese similar to ricotta – and boiled rice. In the South, they usually contain anchovies, capers, breadcrumbs, olives and tomato sauce and are consumed both cold and hot.

Pea and ricotta cannelloni: recipe with and without cooking – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

Pea and ricotta cannelloni without cooking

I often prepare this recipe in summerwhen the desire to cook is less and less and it is too hot to turn on the oven.
I prepare the cannelloni with carasau bread, slightly moistened with water and oil.
I fill it with peas and ricotta, wrap it well and then arrange everything in a baking dish. Complete with cherry tomatoes or ox heart tomatoes cut into cubes and seasoned with oil, salt and plenty of basil or oregano.
I replace the peas with lo raw spinach when I really don’t feel like turning on the stove.

Carasau bread for making cannelloni without cooking.

Cannelloni crepes with peas and ricotta

Do you love crepes?
Then you absolutely must use them to make cannelloni.
Prepare a classic dough for savory crepes, also using wholemeal flours if you want, and then fill each crepe with the pea and ricotta filling.
Cannelloni made in this way are much more delicate and tasty, they cook first in the oven and you can fill them as you prefer.

Recipe Barese focaccia, the scent of a city – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

Recipe Barese focaccia, the scent of a city

Impossible to resist the temptation, passing through Bari, to stop at a bakery to buy – and then bite into – a piece of focaccia Barese. Tall, soft, tasty, seasoned with fresh tomatoes, it is the comfort food par excellence of the people of Bari and always appears in tourists’ lists of “things to eat in Puglia”.

However, if you don’t plan to pass through Bari and Puglia is not one of your next destinations, you shouldn’t give up: making Bari focaccia at home as tradition dictates is quite simple, with our recipe.

How is focaccia from Bari born?

The focaccia from Bari – despite its name – actually has its origins in Altamura, where it was probably born from the need to exploit the strong initial heat of the wood-fired oven, before it reached the ideal temperature for baking bread. In fact, before putting the loaves of Altamura bread in the oven, a piece of raw dough was spread out on a baking tray, left to rest for a while, then seasoned and cooked.

How is focaccia from Bari made?

In its most typical form, focaccia dough is prepared by stirring semolina regrind, potatoes boil, salt, yeast and water to obtain a rather elastic consistency, soft but not sticky. This dough is left to rise, spread out in a round pan greased with plenty of extra virgin olive oil, then it is left to rise again, seasoned and finally cooked, preferably in a wood-fired oven. Here is the traditional recipe.

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