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After Prague, the great Italian winery arrives in Paris – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

With Signorvino, they arrive in Paris excellences of Italian food and wine: even abroad, the Italian brand will maintain its appreciated formula which combines a cellar that can count on over 2,000 references and a gastronomic proposal that starts from territorial excellence, to create a menu that pays homage to the quality and flavors of the Italian tradition.

Themed events, tastings and meetings with producers are also planned in the venues of Prague and Paris as part of the “Journey into Taste” project: the complete program of Signorvino events is available on the Signorvino website.

Talento, Stefano Bollani and Food For Soul: great Berlucchi party – Italian Cuisine

Talento, Stefano Bollani and Food For Soul: great Berlucchi party

Friday 22 October is a great day for the newly awarded winery Cantina dell’Anno 2022: here's how to participate

Friday 22 October is another important date to mark on the calendar for the Guido Berlucchi, a recently proclaimed pioneer company of Franciacorta Gambero Rosso winery of the year 2022. A day of celebrations for the 60th anniversary of the birth of the first bottle of Franciacorta, wanted and created by Franco Ziliani in 1961, founding father of an entire wine area, with ben two extraordinary events. The first of a visionary cultural nature: in the historic headquarters of Palazzo Lana in Borgonato (BS), the 3rd Edition of Academia Berlucchi 2021 with the theme "Talent, nourishment for the Future". The second, an extraordinary one benefit concert by Stefano Bollani at the Teatro Grande in Brescia open to the public, which will contribute to the support of the ONLUS "Food for Soul”By Lara Gilmore and Massimo Bottura. Congratulations!

Academia Berlucchi 2021

The 3rd edition of Academia Berlucchi on October 22 will have as its theme the "Talent, nourishment for the future"Which will participate – in an open reflection on the Future, New Generations and Sustainable Development – leading names including the architect and urban planner Stefano Boeri, the botanist, essayist and popularizer Prof. Stefano Mancuso, the theologian and philosopher Prof. Vito Mancuso, Irina Mella Burlacu, founder and owner of Vita International, Lara Gilmore, founder, together with her husband Massimo Bottura, of the ONLUS Food for Soul e Barbara Nappini, new president of Slow Food Italy. To lead the guests into dialogue with each other will be John Antwerp, Deputy Director and author of RAI 1, always sensitive to socio-environmental issues e Caroline Corbetta, curator of contemporary art and founder of @ilcrepaccio, collective of art and founding members of the Board of Academia Berlucchi.

Stefano Bollani in concert

To underline Guido Berlucchi's indissoluble relationship with his territory, the day of 22 October will close with an extraordinary benefit concert by the multifaceted artist Sefano Bollani at the Teatro Grande in Brescia – open to public. The evening will contribute to the support of the ONLUS Food for Soul, a cultural project created to give light and voice to the unexpressed potential of people, places and food. The most talented and eclectic Italian composer will entertain the audience with his cultured improvisations and his acrobatic monologues in music. As stated in the official presentation, Plan only is "a tribute to the art of improvisation. When Stefano Bollani takes the stage for his one man show, anything can happen. There is no lineup, no room program to cling to to follow the succession of songs. The viewer is drawn into a different adventure every evening, a breathtaking journey through musical horizons that are only apparently distant. One can thus pass from his compositions to Carosone, from jazz to Brazilian rhythms, with sudden forays into pop or the Italian repertoire of the 1940s. In this real flow of musical consciousness, laughter and emotion mix ".

Tickets for the concert on 22 October (with admission from 8.00 pm, for the necessary health checks) can be purchased on the www.vivaticket.com platform and at the Teatro Grande Box Office (tel. 030 2979333; ticket office@teatrogrande.it. Hours: Tue-Fri 13.30-19.00, Sat 15.30-19.00).


– PLATEA and STAGES I-II-III order € 55.00

– THE GALLERY and IV-tier STAGES € 30.00

– II GALLERY € 20.00

Varvara, the brothers who sign the meat of the great restaurants – Italian Cuisine

From three Michelin stars to trendy trattorias, the meat comes from a small shop in Altamura. The name Varvara appears in the most prestigious menus: we went to visit them, where everything comes from

Varvara. A name that is increasingly found written on the menus of the most important restaurants. It is not a cattle breed, a place or a farming method, but the surname of a family of butchers that gives Altamura has conquered Italy. From 1852 the Varvara, originally from Gravina, began their historic adventure in the world of butchery, making friends with the farmers of the surrounding farms and selling their prized meats with a cart in the markets of the area. Today with a van, the "meat brothers" sons of Antonio (Michele, Vincenzo and Alessandro) Varvara reach the most renowned restaurants in Italy: from the three Michelin stars Piazza Duomo in Alba to Enrico Bartolini at Mudec, up to trattorias such as Trippa they use their meat.

Since 1950 in Altamura

It was the year 1950: the great-grandfather decided to move to Altamura, for the love of Nicoletta and with her he will open the first shop. Michele's words make us relive bygone times when in that butcher's shop his father Antonio, still a boy, stood up on a stool to reach the counter and learn the trade. The shop has always been their home, he grew up there, he was suckled by his mother behind the butcher's counter, together with his brothers, on the same stool as his father. For five generations the Varvara have handed down the knowledge, they still continue to make every step of the production starting from the selection of the garments, to get to the section of the various cuts and the respective sale. «We do everything, Michele says, «the countryside is the locomotive, it is our land that will make the difference. For them, both the philosophy of animal husbandry and care and the importance and specificity of their land, Altamura, Puglia and nearby Basilicata, where their livestock is raised, remain fundamental.

The old cow doesn't just make good broth

He tells us about the old cow, that once the period in which it can give milk is over, it is reared and left to graze for another 2 years, grazing happily, completing its life cycle and giving particularly valuable meats, because "the breed is not important, it is important is the care and life we ​​give to these cows, whether they are podolic, friesian, spotted or alpine brown… . The Lucanian dolomitic lamb from the Basilicata farms where they are served live grazing, moving and feeding on local herbs. All these details give the meat unrepeatable flavors.

The mad cow and the change of pace

Unfortunately, things do not always go as they should go and in the 90s the mad cow, the opening of supermarkets and the first shopping centers complicate things, putting their butcher's shop in crisis. Michele graduated in engineering, moved to Trentino, but thought of the effort and sacrifices that his people make in the shop. Thus began to take shape the idea of ​​bringing their products to tables all over Italy, collaborating with great chefs. He returns home and his parents take him for mad, but it is thanks to his madness and his entrepreneurial ideas that the Varvara will begin their escalation.

Chefs discover Varvara

The turning point takes place thanks to Possible lunch 2016 event organized in Borgo Egnazia in which many famous chefs participated. Among these Domingo Schingaro, of the starred restaurant Due Camini, landlord who had already had the opportunity to try their meat. There is also Enrico Crippa who recognizes the value of their products and begins serving them in Piazza Duomo in Alba, three Michelin stars. "At the beginning it was not easy, chef Crippa was very fussy, but it is also thanks to him that we have learned and improved, and made our products perfect for haute cuisine". Becoming a supplier of renowned restaurants has sparked a real word of mouth effect: "The phone started ringing and orders increased." Today the best chefs in Italy want their meat. The secret? The first is the sacrifice, the difficulty and the constant commitment to always be at the height, maintaining their centuries-old tradition (Michele has not been on vacation for 5 years). The second is the importance of those with bent backs who continue to work by raising livestock in an ethical and sustainable manner.

Today what can be found in the shop

In the Altamura shop hanging on the walls there are orders and destinations: Loreto, Milan, Rome, Alba, Luxembourg… a departure every day. But the counter is empty. The meat is in the cell, no product is kept on display. Here it is not bought with the eyes, the meat is not kept "beautiful to look at", but selected to be good to eat. On request, it is freshly prepared, even if 10% of the total is sold in the shop. Beef, lamb, sausage, but also wonderful chickens, strictly sold whole at € 12 per kg; but of first quality. In the window, on the other hand, the very small production of cured meats and sausages that can only be found in the shop.

Altamura: bread, lentils and dinosaurs

For those wishing to take a tour of their town, they can also enjoy two other typical products of Altamura: PDO bread and PGI lentils. Furthermore, once you have done your shopping, you can visit the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta. For archeology lovers there is a museum dedicated to homo neanderthalensis, found in the area, and you can go and see the footprints of dinosaurs in the Cava Pontrelli. Moving a little, there is Matera.

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By Marco K. Bovio and Margo Schachter

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