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Berry cheesecake recipe – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

«Cheeseacke» ai frutti di bosco

A berry cheesecake, but raw food. «I dream of a healthy world, where the awareness that food can contribute to human well-being is increasingly widespread, says the author of the recipe, the pastry chef Vito Cortese, Apulian by origin, Florentine by adoption. His research began when he was young, when he solved a health problem by changing his diet. Attention was focused on pastry shop raw foodist when he realized that, unlike cooking, the world of desserts offered very few alternatives to the classic combination of eggs, flour and sugar. In his restaurant, in Florence, he only serves “raw food” desserts.

What is raw food?

The raw foodas the word itself says, is a diet that involves the consumption of food exclusively raw or treated at a maximum temperature of 42° C. At the base of the raw food diet, the belief that cooking alters the nutritional principles of foods such as vitamins and mineral salts, and that cooked and industrially processed foods contain toxins harmful to the body. Raw foods, as nature gives them to us, preferably sourced biologicalhowever, they can be cut, sliced, centrifuged, blended, marinated, dried, dehydrated.

To find out more about the world of raw food and Raw Food, here is our selection of recipes to prepare at home without cooking anything.

Recipe Recipe: prawns in spiced salt – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

Recipe Recipe: prawns in spiced salt

Stir-fried, boiled, grilled? The correct recipe for prawns tasty, juicy and which retain all the taste of the sea, we have it. It’s this one, the one with prawns in spiced salt. A preparation as simple as it is delicious, always good, perfect when the prawns are in season and at their best.

What is the prawn season?

Prawns are rather common crustaceans that are usually fished with trawl nets all year round in our seas. The best period to enjoy them, however, is from October to April, when prawn fishing tends to be concentrated.

How to understand if the prawns are fresh?

The perfect success of the recipe for prawns in spiced salt, needless to say, depends on the quality of the prawns. But how to understand if the prawns are fresh? First of all, you need to check the smell with your sense of smell: all fish, in general, must smell of the sea, and never have an unpleasant odor. The meat must then be compact, not soft, the head must be well attached to the body as well as the antennas. The eyes of the prawns must then be shiny, as well as the shell.

“Free” cakes: 10 recipes without lactose, gluten or eggs – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

“Free” cakes: 10 recipes without lactose, gluten or eggs

Any problems with gluten, dairy or eggs? Then this is the right article for you. Because thanks to these cakes “without” you can enjoy a delicious slice of dessert and not give up the taste. In addition to not losing the joy of sharing because the ones we offer are all sweet, good for everyone.
Inside the gallery you will find different types: some without any of the 3 ingredients, others simply only without eggs, gluten or lactose.

Pay attention to the ingredient

Especially for gluten, pay attention to the ingredients: in fact, there are baking powders on the market that contain gluten. Special attention should also be paid to cocoa and icing sugar. Some components of eggs are also often used in these ingredients. Finally, also pay attention to the wording “May contain traces”: in the case of allergic subjects, the possibility of contamination must also be taken into consideration.

What are gluten-free flours?

Are you looking for a gluten free solution? Be careful with the flour: the classic 00 for cakes, made of soft wheat, contains gluten. But there are now various naturally gluten-free flours on the market, and they are:

  • oatmeal
  • Rice flour
  • corn flour
  • Millet flour
  • Quinoa flour
  • buckwheat flour
  • Dried fruit flour
  • Legume flour
  • amaranth flour
  • sorghum flour

How to replace eggs in desserts

Eggs in desserts have the function of acting as a binder and giving structure. Some desserts do not require the use of eggs in the recipe, but if you still want to try making a recipe that includes eggs with a substitution, here are the 4 alternatives available to you:

  • There banana: half a banana is enough to replace an egg. The substitution is a winner because the banana also has a binding function and also helps to keep the dough moist;
  • There potato starch or cornstarch: they also have a high binding power. The proportion, for substitution, is two tablespoons of starch or cornstarch for each egg provided from the recipe.
  • Milk: 50 ml of milk they are enough to replace an egg;
  • The yogurt: one egg can finally be replaced with half a jar of yogurt.

How to replace butter and milk in desserts?

If you have an intolerance problem with dairy products, butter, milk and derivatives – such as cream – will be forgotten by you. Luckily there are many on the market today plant-based alternativesas the margarinethe so-called vegetable “milks”. and also the vegetable cream. And then, let’s not forget the good old guy olive oilperfect for replacing butter.

10 “without” cakes, good for everyone

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