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Vogue Italia opens its archives for free – Italian Cuisine

Vogue Italia opens its archives for free

Condé Nast Italy, after having made available to users and readers three months of free digital copies of Vogue, GQ, Wired, AD, La Cucina Italiana and Traveler, and the digital video courses of La Scuola de La Cucina Italia, also announces free access to Vogue Italia archives.

Vogue Archive, inaugurated in 2013 on the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of Vogue Italia, is a digital fashion archive. A precious container that contains the whole history of the magazine. Services, photos, articles, advertising campaigns and much more. All perfectly cataloged and easily accessible thanks to the most advanced search technologies.

From today this immense heritage is available to everyone, for free, for three months. To take advantage of it, just go to http:// archive.vogue.it/, click on Subscribe and select the Full Archive subscription method. After registering your account, entering the promotional code VARCHIVE4YOU you will have full access to the archive and Vogue Portfolio, make unlimited searches and print high resolution images.

"The Vogue Italia archive is the heart of our newspaper, our history and the compass for our future. By opening it for free to readers, Condé Nast gives them tickets for a wonderful journey through space and time. In fact, the works of the greatest photographers in the world will take them to fantastic places, to closely review the icons of at least three generations. It is a mine of freedom and beauty, which we hope will be comfort in these difficult days ” Emanuele Farneti, editor of Vogue Italia.

how to activate the free pass – Italian Cuisine

Three months of free digital copies of La Cucina Italiana: here's how to activate your free copy

For three months starting on March 12, all in Italy they will be able to download the digital copies of the Condé Nast publications for free: La Cucina Italiana, Vanity Fair, Vogue, Wired, AD and Condé Nast Traveler. A "digital solidarity" initiative put in place by the group led by Faithful Usai to be close to readers and users in this difficult moment, to entertain them and inform them during the days of isolation, and above all to give them one more reason to stay at home.

Here are all the steps to download your free copy of La Cucina Italiana.

How do you activate the Digital Kitchen for free?

You can download your app on only one device at a time, smartphone or Tablet. First, make sure you can access your inbox from your chosen device.

Download the La Cucina Italiana App on the App Store or Google Play. Once the app is open, click on FREE PASS on the far right.

Once you click on FREE PASS, you will be directed to this page, where you will have to enter your data and the code LCI4YOU.

Once you have entered all your data, click on SEND At the bottom of the page.

At this point, you will receive one email to which you will have to access, without closing the app. Click where required to activate the subscription.

After clicking, a new page will open and you will need to click on ACTIVATE FREEPASS.

Your free digital copy is available: click on DOWNLOAD and read Italian Cuisine!

Codes valid for 3 months and in any case no later than 13 June 2020.

How to cook gluten free and not lose friends – Italian Cuisine

How to cook gluten free and not lose friends

A spring recipe, gluten free, so as not to lose celiac friends. From Anna Barnett's book, 50 recipes for food intolerants, people and sad evenings

The table can be good, fun and convivial even without gluten. Having to give up bread, pizza, traditional spaghetti may seem like a tragedy – in Italy, then! – but it is not: thank goodness there are countless other ingredients, foods and recipes that make life happy and special dinners. How to cook Gluten Free and don't lose friends (EDT edizioni) is a gluten-free recipe book, but full of joy: not only more than 50 dishes from all over the world to discover new and delicious flavors, but also many suggestions for making you live – and eat – together omnivores and gluten free . London-based author Anna Barnett promises to help newcomers in the fabulous world of gluten-free, when amateurs wonder if they will survive, smile again, stop complaining, still enjoy dinners and appetizers; and for veterans to give them new recipes that don't make them feel sad, angry, embarrassed.

Ingredients for 4 people

For the stuffing
10 heaped tablespoons of cottage cheese
1⁄2 freshly grated nutmeg
a bunch of fresh parsley
two bunches of chives
200 g of peas, fresh or frozen (thawed)
salt and freshly ground black pepper

For pancakes
6 large eggs, beaten
6 cubes of spinach
a curl of butter
a handful of parsley
fresh chopped
olive or peanut oil,
for frying
salt and freshly ground black pepper


In a bowl mix the ricotta, the grated nutmeg, a nice pinch of salt and lots of black pepper. Season with salt and set aside.

In a mixer pour all the ingredients for the pancakes (apart from the oil), salt and pepper, then blend until you obtain a homogeneous liquid compound with a bright green color.

In a large pan, heat a little oil over medium heat. As soon as it is hot, pour a ladle of the green dough (about half) and cook until it is thicker but not completely cooked. At this point, spread half the ricotta on one half

pancake and add half parsley, chives and peas. Fold the pancake on the filling and cook for about 30 seconds more, to heat the ricotta.

Serve gently and keep the first pancake warm while you prepare the second one.

Season with salt and serve.

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