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A special wedding: multi-ethnic and plastic free – Italian Cuisine

A special wedding: multi-ethnic and plastic free

Francesco and Chiara got married on Saturday. A special wedding with a catering managed by Gustamundo. On the table the specialties of eight countries on three continents prepared by refugees and a particular attention to ecology

For their marriage, organized in three months, Francesco and Chiara wanted a special catering, made up of refugee men and women. And so, on Saturday, on the tables set in the heart of Rome for their wedding reception, the specialties of ben were served eight different countries from around the world: Syria, Ethiopia, Iraq, Somalia, Turkey, Palestine, Pakistan and Morocco.

A menu from three continents

The wedding menu, built together with two chefs Ilyas and Moustafà, it was a journey through three continents, discovering flavors like those of the babaganoush (Syria), of the kubba (Iraq), of the mushakhan (Palestine) and, finally, of the baklava (Morocco). The service in the hall was entrusted to the coordination of Behara, of Roma origin and resident at Casa di Leda, a protected facility that hosts women as an alternative to detention, along with their minor children.

A special marriage, which is part of the proposals of Gustamundo, a project oriented towardsprofessional integration of refugees in the field of catering and carried out in collaboration with various reception centers and facilities that host migrants in Rome. For counter social exclusion through work.

The spouses

Francesco is a university professor of Philosophy, Chiara is a creative and works like art director: they met in 2012 in Cologne, Germany, where Francesco lived for several months for «Abroad, far from their comfort zone, he says, «we open ourselves to each other and we become more aware of the difficulties related to emigration. Especially for those who leave everything, not to train themselves or improve their work position, but to save their lives .

Chiara and Francesco explain that it was also their Christian faith to encourage them to entrust catering to Gustamundo. "The important thing is to know how to give up a perfect marriage in style and put one's creativity at stake to make something truly original. The sense of that day was, for me and Francesco, doing something beautiful not only for us and for our guests, but also for the other and the community of which we are a part , says Chiara. The newlyweds also wanted to launch another important message: the environment must be respected and protected. That's why theirs was a plastic free marriage and because participations and menus were printed on recycled paper.

A gluten free children's menu! – Italian Cuisine

A gluten free children's menu!

When a child is gluten intolerant the daily management of his meals becomes complex. If the child is already in school age, it is necessary to request an ad hoc menu, while always paying close attention every time one goes out for lunch or dinner, to all that is offered, to the parties of the companions as to the restaurant. Today, fortunately, the offer of gluten-free foods and products is wide and very varied and this helps organize meals more easily, even for the little ones. To get a scientific opinion on such a particular area as gluten intolerance, we asked advice from a nutritionist who gave us some useful ideas for the organization of a gluten free winter menu suitable for children.

The winter menu for children gluten intolerant

Because of the nutritional deficiencies to which children are often subjected with this type of intolerance, foods must be appropriately combined, so as to provide those nutrients that they tend to lack, particularly calcium and iron. Not only that, according to the expert it is important to introduce into their diet also foods that favor their absorption. The nutritionist has developed for us a gluten-free menu suitable for children.

We start with a breakfast of low-fat milk and gluten-free biscuits. Lunch instead includes lentils, or beans or even peas, with buckwheat paste, to combine with a seasonal fruit. For dinner we bring to the table some salmon with cooked vegetables, such as chard, gluten-free bread, or rice, and fruit. And if your child is not only gluten intolerant, but also lactose, as unfortunately often happens in these cases? It will be enough to repeat the same scheme, replacing however the semi-skimmed milk with delactosate milk or yogurt and still vegetable yogurt.

Let's not forget the snack!

When leaving school, the first thing children ask is: "what's the snack today, mum?" The snack time is very important to break up the afternoon and fill up with energy. When we decide to stay and play outside after school or it is sport day, it can be very useful to organize in advance with one comfortable snack to put in the bag, greedy and at the same time balanced. Such as UnDueTris Citterio's Gluten Free Snack, which contains 125 ml of peach smoothie – equivalent to a fruit – salami sticks, which correspond to proteins, main nutrients for the growth of the organism, and corn flour bread sticks. In fact, carbohydrates are very important because they are a source of energy. And that's it!

The Food Identity Card: digital and free – Italian Cuisine


More and more Italians love to eat outside the home and the recent Fipe data (Italian Federation of Public Operators) confirm this trend. The digital world comes to support the food style of every person with the Food Identity Card which indicates all preferences for taste, habits and health. The purpose of this document is to simplify life for those with special needs and do not want to give up the restaurant. Thus, vegetarians, vegans, raw foodists, celiacs and intolerants, but also those who have only specific preferences, for example, do not eat raw fish, will have life easier.

What is the Food Identity Card
178525This is the first one digital and free document which encompasses the eating style of the user who compiles it: intolerances, allergies but also simple preferences or non-preferences with respect to products, raw materials or ingredients that are not desired or can be eaten when going to a restaurant. By registering on the website www.cartaidentitalimentare.com and once you have filled in the required fields, you will get a personal digital document, which will reach the user via email in PDF format. Simply print it and take it with you, so you can show it when you decide to eat away from home, or share it with your trusted restaurateur. A sort of reminder of what we can or cannot eat once we arrive on the spot.

Support, Simplify, Share
The project has great ambitions, born with the aim of simplifying the life of all the people who are looking for satisfaction at the table outside the home, without any nasty surprises, when they find themselves choosing foods to eat. Celiacs, lactose intolerant, ethnic food lovers, vegans, raw foodists, with the Food Identity Card participate in "a true free digital revolution"Explains the entrepreneur from Vicenza Pietro Ruffoni creator of the project and CEO of HealthyFood, a young Italian company specializing in the food and catering sector. "If it is true that more and more Italians are eating away from home, more than 7 million, and that the attention of consumers towards healthy food is growing – adds Ruffoni – it is equally true that it is increasingly difficult to reconcile the food needs of everyone, when going out for dinner ”. "Transparency and sharing are the key words of our project – explains Pietro Ruffoni – which aims to ensure that all those who have particular needs, due to intolerances or allergies but also to individual choices, feel less alone and more supported in expressing their need to be faithful to their food style even when eating out home. We want to respond to a growing need with a service that is only the first step towards creating a large digital network of people who want to be respected when they eat outside their food needs".

How to create the Food Identity Card?
178528Just answer a few questions about your tastes and your food needs. The result is a profile, complete with all the information on your food style (tastes, regimens, allergies and intolerances) to be displayed with two taps and always keep on hand, just like you do with a document. To fill in the digital document, go to the website http://www.cartaidentitalimentare.com/subscription/user, create an account by registering with your email and choose the password. The fields to be filled are "Food Style" (ie "Foods you don't like", "Allergies diagnosed", "Foods that weigh you down / digest with difficulty", "Diagnosis of a doctor", etc.), simply scroll the menu which opens next to each item and the answer that concerns us appears.
All personal data shared on the platform is protected and cannot be disclosed to third parties. Food Identity Card wants to give life to the creation of a network of foodlover that share the values ​​of transparency and satisfaction even when it comes to food tastes and needs.
By downloading theMyCIA mobile app you can find restaurants that meet all the needs indicated in the document.

A way to raise awareness among restaurateurs, inviting them to greater attention and transparency towards consumers, who increasingly have different needs due to health or taste issues, and still too often find themselves in great difficulty when they eat away from home.

Mariacristina Coppeto
October 2019


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