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the finalists and advances on the final episode – Italian Cuisine

the finalists and advances on the final episode

Alessandro, Gilberto, Gloria and Valeria remained to challenge each other for the Masterchef title. Who do you cheer for?

After the gossip unleashed by the photo portraying the judge-chef Locatelli at lunch with the competitor Gilberto, MasterChef returns, which among the competitors remaining in the race, in addition to the aforementioned Gilberto, presents Alessandro, Gloria, Valeria. In short, they are the four finalists who will compete for the title of eighth Italian MasterChef. So to see how it turns out, don't miss the latest episode of the culinary talent show on the air Thursday 4 April starting at 9.15 pm on Sky Uno.

The super guest of the last episode

Any anticipation of what we will see? Meanwhile there will be a super guest: the chef Heinz Beck of the La Pergola restaurant in Rome, three Michelin stars, will test the competitors in theInvention Test.
As always, then, like the real chefs, the finalists will have to prepare a full tasting menu – entrée, appetizer, first course, second course and dessert – able to conquer the palate of the four judges Bruno Barbieri, Joe Bastianich, Antonino Cannavacciuolo and Giorgio Locatelli. Between the stoves they will have to show their growth compared to entering the Masterclass, but also to tell their stories, creating ideas bring that they talk about themselves and their past and that they preserve in them all the desire to triumph in the kitchen of MasterChef Italia.

The stories of the finalists

Is your favorite competitor among the finalists? Episode after episode we discovered their abilities, better known their personalities, they were nice or nasty. In gallery retrace their stories and motivations who brought them to MasterChef. And may the best win!

the advances of the next episode – Italian Cuisine

the advances of the next episode

The five aspiring cooks remaining in the competition will cook in the restaurant's kitchens, DiverXO, three Michelin stars

Five competitors left in the race – Alessandro, Gilberto, Gloria, Guido, Valeria – and penultimate date on the air Thursday 28 March at 9.15 pm on Sky One. In the next installment of Masterchef the aspiring cooks will have to create a new flavor starting from common ingredients and not, but all different from each other: one Mystery Box starring the fantasy which will follow a Invention Test in which participants can count on the help of sous-chef unusual and very particular.

In the kitchens of a Spanish starred restaurant

For the external test we will see judges and competitors flying across the border: in Spain, in theNH Collection Madrid Eurobuilding of Madrid, the five, will work in the kitchens of the Diverxo, the 3-star Michelin restaurant by the irreverent and avant-garde chef David Muñoz. Finally, at the end of the episode, the Pressure Test will establish who will remain in the race to become the eighth Italian MasterChef, winning 100 thousand euros in gold coins and the possibility of publishing the first book of recipes.

Daily MasterChef

The episodes of this last week of MasterChef Magazine – aired every day at 7.50 pm – they will be exclusively dedicated to amateur cooks who have reached the final stage of this edition, their stories and their emotions, as well as the most unmissable recipes of MasterChef Italia judges.

Alessandro Borghese in Cremona (for the last episode) – Italian Cuisine

Alessandro Borghese in Cremona (for the last episode)

Last seasonal appointment of the program with the chef in the province of Cremona looking for the best restaurant in the countryside

It ends in Cremona, with the episode of February 12th on air as usual on Sky Uno at 9.15 pm, the fifth season of Alessandro Borghese – 4 Restaurants. The latest exciting challenge of the program will see the restaurants of the Lombard province, famous in the world for the workshops of violin making and that boasts among its specialties meats and cheeses of excellent quality not to mention the nougat and mustard, giving a hard time on country kitchen. What will be the best? To decree it will be the restaurateurs themselves led by Borghese chef whose votes (including the bonus of 5 points awarded for a particular dish) will be able to confirm or overturn the result.

The 4 restaurants in the race

Let's discover a preview of the 4 restaurants that will participate in the Cremonese episode.

TRATTORIA IL GABBIANO – Corte De 'Cortesi with Cignone

For Andrea, owner, manager of the room and sommelier of Trattoria Il Gabbiano, fundamental is the love for this work, because only with passion can you survive almost 16 hours a day in a restaurant. His is located in the town square and was originally the old central bar, a structure with a wine room and three small rooms with tables. The menu is purely traditional with some revisited dishes: fresh pasta, poultry meat, sausages and boiled meat, cooked to order with beef, salmistrata, hen, head and cotechino, and served at the center of the table to be shared by all diners.


Milena is a castle, but also a restaurateur. Its medieval castle, in fact, is also the location of its restaurant where it offers a traditional, poor, genuine cuisine. The dishes are prepared according to ancient flavors, with long cooking and local ingredients. It goes from the lasagnette of deer made with the butter of their cows to boiled served to order that here you start cooking the day before.


Owner and manager of the restaurant, Francesca was born in Treviglio, but for ten years she moved to Soncino to venture into the restaurant business. Its restaurant has a modern style, with a dehors made suggestive by the presence of the mill. The cuisine is based on traditional recipes revisited according to the inspiration of the chef. The boiled meat differs somewhat from the classic recipe: the head, for example, is breaded and fried.


A local born in 1961 and led by Sergio who followed in his father's footsteps. From the well-kept and familiar atmosphere, with a characteristic ceiling with exposed wooden beams, the restaurant is located in the open countryside. Traditional cooking plays a fundamental part in the menu especially in winter, a season in which you can taste more local products. The boiled meat is prepared under vacuum and served in single portions with special mustard and particular sauces based, for example, ginger and avocado.

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