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Horoscope in the kitchen: the signs of Earth – Italian Cuisine

Horoscope in the kitchen: the signs of Earth

We asked the astrologer to indicate the ideal recipes for the zodiac signs following the 4 elements: Earth, Fire, Air and Water. Let's start with Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn on Earth

In astrology, i 12 zodiac signs they are also divided according to the element they belong to. There are four elements that classical Western astrology considers: Fire, Earth, Air and Water. Each element has characteristics that are common to all three signs that belong to it even if, obviously, then each sign develops and interprets these characteristics based on the planets that describe it. It can be said, in a generic but correct way, that we get along better with the signs that belong to our own element because obviously we find ourselves sharing important basic values. Let's start with the first of the 4 elements la Land, for a horoscope in the kitchen made up of ideal recipes for each zodiac sign.

Earth: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

The element Land it is an element of great solidity, traditionalism, a sense of security and the need for practicality. The earth signs are concrete, effective, physical even in the expression of feelings. The taste and pleasure of the table is therefore very strong here: even for some of these zodiac signs having a full refrigerator and an always rich table are synonymous with safety and love and feelings are also demonstrated through the preparation of lunches and dinners. The signs of Earth, that is Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn, they experience food as a succulent pleasure and know more than anyone else to savor the taste to the full.

Let's see how each zodiac sign of Earth declines these characteristics:


Il Toro is the true king of the set table, indeed I would say a shopping manager at the supermarket. This is the zodiac sign that par excellence use food to show affection so much so that, on a symbolic level, the Bull is linked to the image of the mother that it nourishes in her most intense gesture of love. For Taurus, therefore, food is not only necessary for the body but also for the heart. Her sense of security and her need for reassurance are satisfied with a steaming plate of pasta. For this reason, the favorite food of the Bull is tasty but simple, homemade, like an eggplant parmesan, a plate of tagliatelle with meat sauce, a Milanese risotto with ossobuco or anything that evokes the affection of a maternal delicacy. Of course, let's not forget that an Earth sign loves intense flavors so even memories are more appreciated if well seasoned.


Although Virgo has the reputation of being a rigid and cold zodiac sign, we must never forget that it is an Earth sign and therefore food, understood as a primary good, is also for her. expression of love and care for those who love. Virgo pays a lot of attention to food so much that she maniacally inquires about its origin and is also careful to follow nutritionally correct diets. For the Virgo, food must be of quality but also measured, in a perfect proportion. His favorite dishes are the complete ones that also know how to combine taste and balance well such as one Crotonese fish soup with seafood and spaghetti up to a more sought after bulgur with cherry tomato pesto and mozzarella braid.


Capricorn loves complete lunches, those ranging from appetizers to desserts and especially those in which he chooses everything. This Earth sign also likes to command at the table: his favorite place is at the head of the table or, at most, at the head of the kitchen. Capricorn is the king of strong flavors, indeed very strong. Here you don't want to hear about plain salads. For a Capricorn, food is often a form of gratification and for this reason they do not mind expenses or cooking times or difficulties in finding raw materials. Obviously, always for the same reason, drinks accompanying food are also very important: Capricorn is one of the major collectors of fine wines and spirits. There is no more intense pleasure than a bitter chocolate while sipping a vintage Barolo. For him, I chose important dishes such asstuffed goose or the great cacciucco of the Livorno tradition.

The future that awaits us begins with respect for the Earth – Italian Cuisine

The round tables of “La Cucina Italiana” on sustainability, biodiversity and new forms of consumption are back on 26 September with four online events. For a better planet

How will we grow, harvest, taste in the future? How can we start from the (good) table to support the planet and its biodiversity? Or even our health?

They come back, from September 26, the appointments of “La Cucina Italiana” on the digital platform ilfuturocheciaspetta.gordon-ramsay-recipe.com.

The initiative is part of the journey through which our newspaper nominates the kitchen of the home as a World Heritage Site. The theme, more than ever, is the sustainability and respect for biodiversity (of which Italy is the richest in Europe). We discuss it, in 4 round tables, moderated by our editorial staff, with great experts in the sector: chefs, managers of the food and wine world and exponents of the cultural world. Are you curious? Connect and follow us on this delightful adventure.

In the meantime, a brief preview for you on our guests and on the topics we will address.

Between villages and villages

Angela Odone, of the editorial staff of “La Cucina Italiana” will talk about it with Davide Rampello (curator, manager, university professor and artistic director of Fidenza Village, part of The Bicester Village Shopping Collection) and with Massimo Spigaroli (chef and patron of the Antica Corte Pallavicina in Polesine Parmense, one Michelin star).

At the center of the discussion is a trend and a desire: that of more humane habits after the pandemic. Small villages are the realities that have proven to be more solid and supportive, guardian of sustainability and biodiversity and ideal center for a new (ancient) form of economy and culture.

The pleasure of doing together

A title that tastes like team building for a chat about the wonderful and highly titled Parma, the subject of this meeting moderated by food and wine critics and signature of the Fiammetta Fadda newspaper: the title of "Italian Capital of Culture" joins those of Parma Capital of the Food Valley and, since 2015, in Parma, the First Unesco Creative Italian City for gastronomy. They will be with us Christian House, councilor for trade, tourism and the Unesco project of the Municipality of Parma e Anna Maria Meo, general director of the Regio Teatro di Parma. From masterpieces of art to trattorias passing through a world-famous culinary academy, the step is short, you will see.

Resilient agriculture and farmers

What does it mean to produce organic food today? What is precision agriculture? Why is nutriceutics the new frontier of our health? And, again, what is an eco-resort and how can a garden save the environment as well as surround our table. Sara Tieni from the editorial staff of our magazine will ask these and many other questions to Massimo Monti, CEO of Alce Nero, for 40 years in the organic and Mario Faro, CEO of Radicepura and Piante Faro, a horticultural company, leader in Europe in the sector of Mediterranean plants, as well as creator of the Radicepura Garden Festival.

Sacred as wine

Danilo Poggio, our wine editor, finally explores the theme of “The sacredness of wine. From food to conviviality ". With him two guests with very different professional backgrounds: Giovanna Frosini, professor of history of the Italian language and Academic of the Crusca, e Beniamino Garofalo, CEO of Santa Margherita Gruppo Vinicolo who will tell us about great insights such as the one from which their great Pinot Grigio was born. But we will also talk about how consumers are changing, increasingly ethical and aware. Because it is from awareness, first of all, and from love and gratitude for what surrounds us that great works for the future are born.

10 tips for a friendly shopping on Earth according to Greenpeace – Italian Cuisine

10 tips for a friendly shopping on Earth according to Greenpeace

Buy organic fruits and vegetables, reduce meat consumption, choose bulk products: even when we fill the trolley we can make choices in favor of the environment. that's how

Today talk about food it also means talking about climate changes is environmental sustainability. This link can be demonstrated through a simple example: one is likely slice of meat purchased at the supermarket comes from a intensive breeding where the animals are fed with soy-based feed cultivated on the other side of the world on land that was for this reason deforested.

Still talking about intensive farming, not everyone knows that they are the second cause of training for fine powders in Italy, more than light transport and industry, and that the livestock sector contributes to the production of climate-changing gases as the entire transport sector.

An expense that respects the environment

The choices regarding how we do the expense and what we put on the plate, how we store food and how much we waste it, can make the difference for the future of the Earth. Just think of the struggle started for fight plastic starting from the products we put in the cart, including the food ones. For this greenpeace thought to draw up a Ecomenu, a list of ten concrete tips that we can put into practice to make a spending friend of the climate and the planet, but also to send a message to the agri-food system in favor of small producers and small businesses.

The Greenpeace Ecomenu and the Harvard dish

Fruit and vegetables, meat, fish, eggs, dairy products: Greenpeace offers tips on the main foods we eat and warns of "fashionable" foods, but unsustainable, come on products below cost, from ultra-processed foods, without forgetting the emergence of the"Plastic pollution when it comes to shopping bags and product packaging.

In addition to a friendly expense on the planet, Greenpeace finally recalls the rules for healthy eating contained in healthy eating plate created by the nutrition experts of the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. The guide to creating balanced and healthy dishes explains to use healthy oils like that of olive and to avoid trans fats, to include in the diet numerous and different vegetables Besides fruit of all colors, to drink water, tea and coffee with little or no sugar, to limit dairy products, cheeses and fruit juices and to avoid sugary drinks, to prefer different varieties of whole grains to refined ones, to include oil seeds, to reduce consumption instead of Red meat and to avoid that of processed red meats like cold cuts.

Browse the gallery to read all 10 Ecomenu tips!

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