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The best recipes for cooking quails – Italian Cuisine

In the pan, in the oven, in the woodcutter, stuffed: four ideas to cook the quails with their delicate meat and rich in proteins

The quails they are often associated with haute cuisine, as a refined dish for special occasions. To be honest, cooking quails is quick and easy, thanks to the tenderness of their meat. There quail meatIt is also perfect because it is delicate, rich in protein and easily digested.

How to cook quail

Usually, given the small size, the quail is whole kitchen. It can be done in many ways, for example grilled or stewed with the addition of aromas and spices. It must, however, be well plucked (otherwise it should be passed near the flame of a stove) and have the light pink leather. Depending on the time you have available, the occasion and your personal tastes, you can range between different recipes. Because the meat of the quail is very thin, must be cooked so carefully to avoid it being too dry.

How to cook quail

Quail in the pan and in the oven

This dish, besides being light is fast to prepare, will make you look great, cooked in a pan or baked.


10 quails eviscerated
150 g of pancetta cut into thin slices
1 clove of garlic
3 carrots
1 celery
rosemary to taste
sage to taste
Salt and Pepper To Taste.
4 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil
1 glass of white wine (or 1/2 glass of red wine)


1) wash the quails under the boiling water and clean them from any residual feathers;
2) pass them in a mixture of sage, rosemary and a pinch of salt;
3) wrap each quail in two slices of bacon and tie it with string.

For the quails in the pan

4) fry the garlic in hot oil and blend with a little white wine, letting it evaporate over high heat;
5) add celery and carrots previously cut into cubes;
6) continue cooking over a low flame for 45 minutes.

For baked quails

7) placed in a pan anointed with oil the quails passed in the chopped aromas and add the diced celery and carrots, a clove garlic and a pinch of salt;
8) bake at 180 degrees for 25 minutes and half cooked with white wine. If the bacon dries too much, cover the meat with a sheet of foil.

Serve the quails with roast potatoes, mashed potatoes or vegetables to taste.

Quails to the woodsman

If you are looking for a dish from homemade flavors, the quails to the woodsman are the winning solution. An idea for a Sunday lunch? Absolutely yes!


10 quails eviscerated
100 g of thick sliced ​​pancetta
100 g of tomatoes or preserves (depending on the season)
50 g of dried mushrooms (or fresh or frozen)
1 onion
some sage leaves
1 glass of white wine (or 1/2 of red wine)
q.s. of salt and pepper
4 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil


1) prepare the quails and chop the mushrooms, after having soaked them in water for half a day;
2) sauté the onion, sage and bacon in a pan with hot oil;
3) as soon as the sauté is ready, add the quails making them brown on both sides and then blend with the white wine;
4) add to the preparation the mushrooms and stir;
5) add the freshly chopped fresh tomatoes, if fresh or preserved in season;
6) set salt and pepper and finish cooking.

Serve the hot dish, combining mashed or polenta. For a more delicate taste, accompany it with mushrooms. Add on top of the sauce … to lick your mustache!

Stuffed quail

The Stuffed quail they are a real delicacy, which will make any lunch a royal one!


10 quails eviscerated
100g of cooked ham
90 g of sausage
80 g of lard (if you do not like it, opt for the bacon)
2 eggs
60 g of butter
some sage leaves
1 sprig of rosemary, 1 tablespoon of thyme leaves, 2 bay leaves
4 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil
1 glass of white wine (or 1/2 of red wine)
q.s. of salt and black pepper


1) wash the quails and place them in a bowl, adding oil and pepper; let it rest for 2 hours;
2) prepare the stuffing with minced lard, minced sausage, aromatic herbs and chopped hard-boiled eggs;
3) stuff the quails, closing the hole with the kitchen string and then fry them in the pan with some butter;
4) season with salt and pepper and blend with white wine, letting it evaporate;
5) continue cooking for half an hour.

Serve the stuffed quails with a side dish to the occasion: asparagus sautéed in butter or fried artichokes. Always choose seasonal vegetables!

The playlist for cooking the biscuits and lemon cream cake – Italian Cuisine

The kitchen is a symphony of smells, colors and flavors. So, while we are on the stove, it is nice to listen to the music that we like and that matches with our recipe. Here is the soundtrack that will keep us company while we prepare the cake with biscuits and lemon cream

When you decide to make a dessert, it's always a wonderful day. That's why we chose Blasco to open the playlist that will be our soundtrack during the preparation of this solar Cookies cake and lemon cream. Okay, peering out of the window there is only the grayness of winter and the rain that falls as if there was no tomorrow. But the yellow of the lemons that we are cutting and the orange of the eggs that we mix with the sugar and the flour awaken our most beautiful memories: the glow of the summer and the warmth of the sun that descends from an increasingly blue sky. We can also hear the sound of the sea, a few steps away from us. And over there, on the horizon, maybe we also see a strange yellow submarine peeping out from the blue surface.

So, while we mix our compound on the stove for ten minutes, it will not be difficult to even imagine the warmth of the tropical countries; fantasize a trip to Mexico, among clouds, beaches and Aztec pyramids; or dream of our bright Italian south dancing the taranta. And then, handling the biscuits to be rolled out and crumbled, we unleash ourselves in small, quick little steps in the narrow confines of a few tiles in our kitchen. But for us, it's like dancing on the world!

What if it was a love triangle? Why not? Adam, Eve and the Cookies cake and lemons cream to act as a convict, as a trait d'union. After all, eros and throat are almost one thing, right? This is also told by the visionary Dante, who in his Inferno puts lustful and greedy ones next to each other (II and III circle). But do not worry: there is only winter out there, not hell, and some sins we can even give it to us, come on! For today, the motto is: free everyone!

Well, the cake is in front of us, in all its splendor. You just have to wait for it to cool. We look at you pleased and satisfied. And it does not matter if it did not come out perfect: for us it's beautiful, like every buckskin it's nice to mom soja. And then we raise our arms as a sign of victory and at the top of our lungs: "We are the champions, we are the champions …".

Listen to Spotify our playlist for cooking the Winter Cake!

Cooking school: fennels – Italian Cuisine

Raw and cooked or sweet and salty, fennels are excellent in all seasons, because in all seasons they sow and gather. Detoxifying, digestive and diuretic, rich in vitamin C and minerals such as iron, potassium and magnesium: how do you not love this vegetable?

There are endless purifying and detoxifying recipes based on vegetables such as fennel. If you sign up for one of our courses at the school you will learn them one by one!

How to choose the best fennel

To taste sweet and crunchy fennel, remember to choose freshly picked young vegetables, with the outer surface with few ribs and the color of a brilliant white. At the time of purchase also take care that the needle-like leaves are bright green, the shutters firm and well closed, without bruises, stains or dry parts. Once you are home with your fennel, here's how to clean them in the best way.

How to clean fennels

Proceed in this way to clean them: you must eliminate the base, the green stems and the thin barbins of the green tails with a clean cut, helping you with a knife. Then remove the outer sheath and thicker and wash them well under the jet of water to remove earth debris.

If you eat it raw like salad or carpaccio, it's better to be really fresh. Otherwise there is a trick to give it back life: dip it half an hour in very cold water, then if the recipe requires it, cut it very thin into slices or slices. In all other cases it is better to have a first partial steaming in boiling water with a drop of lemon so that it does not blacken. And then?

How to combine fennel with other foods

The sweet taste and the taste of fennel can enhance a fatty meat, as well as trivialize the most delicate fish: therefore it is not so simple to combine it in the best way. Plus fennels they change a lot from one time to another and from one region to another because the anitol is the aromatic molecule that runs through the tissues from the sweet to the wild, continually diversifying these vegetables. With the same recipes you can then have dishes with very different flavors, from the classic velvety to infusions and sorbets. But do not worry, because every time and every taste of fennel will reveal its why.

Text by Giulia Ubaldi