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Steam cooking – Italian Cuisine

From the oriental tradition a healthy cooking method that respects the nutrients of food, suitable for vegetables but not only

It may be due to the vegan or vegetarian trends that are constantly increasing, but steam cooking is back in fashion, thanks, not least, to the increasingly widespread health theories. Steam cooking in fact, it fully preserves the organoleptic and nutritional characteristics of each food, because cooking takes place by convection (heat expands through heat) and each food absorbs moisture but does not release anything and keeps all its flavors unaltered. This type of cooking is also suitable for those who must follow a low-calorie diet, because no seasoning needs to be added.

What is needed

The necessary equipment consists of bamboo baskets, which fit on top of each other and rest on a pot full of water. If you are short on time, you can also use the steel basket to be placed inside the pressure cooker: make sure that the water does not wet the food and that it does not evaporate before the food is completely cooked. There are also on the market steam ovens, which allow you to cook large quantities of food at the same time, keeping the steam temperature constant.

This cooking method is a fairly quick process: times vary according to the type of food, its texture and how it was cut. Generally, however, it takes no more than 15 minutes to cook the vegetables.

Meat and fish can be laid on a bed of algae or aromatic herbs, because they acquire more flavor and because the meats keep more softness. When you have finished cooking your food, do not throw away the water: you can reuse it to cook other products, enriching their flavor.

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all offers for cooking lovers – Italian Cuisine

We have selected for you the best gifts to give and give to you at Christmas with the super Black Friday offers. Ready to go shopping?

If you are passionate about cooking or you have aspiring chefs among your family and friends, this is the right time to choose the best Christmas gift for everyone, taking advantage of the super offers that Amazon has reserved us for the Black Friday.
We have chosen for you all the accessories that we are sure you have been dreaming of buying for a long time. Happy shopping!

Let's start withKenwood KVL4100S mixer. With 3 hooks and customizable with 25 accessories, it is a professional household appliance with a power of 1200W for an excellent mixing and kneading action. The stainless steel bowl has a capacity of 6.7 l and is equipped with a splash guard.
The K whisk is suitable for dry ingredients, the dough hook facilitates the processing of bread, pizza and focaccia and the whisk mounts soft and foamy compounds. Over 25 optional accessories can be purchased separately, to prepare different recipes with a single machine.
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We then move on to a professional coffee machine, perfect for you if you love to enjoy an excellent coffee at home in the morning, as good as at the bar.
De'Longhi Perfect Magnifica is an automatic coffee machine for espresso and cappuccino and can be used with coffee beans or powder. You can choose between a short or long coffee, and between a strong or light aroma, and with the frother you can manually mix steam and milk to create the perfect foam density. The coffee grinder grinds the beans at the moment to obtain a very intense coffee, just like at the bar and you can choose between 13 grinding levels. You can find it on offer on Amazon at € 229.50. Take advantage of it because it is an unmissable opportunity!

We know that you are all very health conscious and love healthy and light cooking, which is why we are sure that an air fryer is at the top of your wish list. This is called Princess and has 10 pre-set programs, as well as a chicken turner and a basket included, and is all made of stainless steel. 11 liters of capacity and 1800 watts of power for cooking French fries or a complete meal at once, without using fat. It has a rotating basket included for super crunchy preparations and an internal space that can hold a 23 cm diameter pizza or a 1 kg chicken. With 10 cooking programs it is not just an air fryer, but much more.
On Amazon on offer for Black Friday at € 106.55.

Another appliance that you will like very much and that will make your friends happy is certainly Philips HR1921 / 20 centrifuge for fruit and vegetable juices.
Prepare a lot of juice in a very short time and while maintaining the properties of the fresh ingredients. It cleans in a minute thanks to the Quick Clean Plus technology and the FIberBoost function allows you to choose the type of juice you want: light and refreshing or more full-bodied with 50% more fiber. If you are a lover of healthy and energizing drinks you cannot miss this offer.
Find Philips HR1921 / 20 on Amazon for € 124.58 with 34% savings.

The pressure cooker is a real salvation in the kitchen because it allows you to prepare many dishes in a short time that would require long cooking. Legumes for example or meat.
Lagostina Irradial Control Lagoeasy'Up is a 5 L pressure cooker in 18/10 stainless steel. It has a patented opening system that is easy to open with one hand and in a single movement, it is equipped with 6 safety systems and a control valve to control the vertical steam outflow. The bottom is in triple layer of high thickness Irradial Plus, also suitable for induction. And then it's made in Italy. More to add?
Yes, that on Amazon you can find it on offer at € 40.98.

If you love making pasta at home with your grandmother's recipe, you can't not have THE pasta machine: Marked Atlasmotor, with chromed steel engine.
It allows you to obtain 3 pasta shapes: lasagna, fettuccine (6 mm) and tagliolini (1.5 mm) and the motor is easy to engage and stable in use.
It is built with anodized aluminum alloy rollers so as not to release any type of heavy metal on the dough and the thickness is adjustable in 10 positions, from 4.8 mm up to 0.6 mm.
You will become kings and queens of the pastry, so take advantage of the offer on Amazon immediately for € 73.76. Unmissable!

If you love cooking, but you are not yet very equipped, perhaps what you need is a set of pots.
Tognana Mythos is the 9-piece aluminum battery that is good for everything and everyone. It is suitable for all types of hobs, including induction, and has forged aluminum pans with a thick bottom. The inner lining has 4 layers and is reinforced with floatech technology. Non-stick and scratch-resistant, it guarantees perfect heat distribution and cooking uniformity. The handles are in soft touch bakelite, anti-slip and anti-scald. The lids are universal in tempered glass and have a stainless steel edge and a vent for the escape of steam.
The price is super: € 72.53. Find the offer on Amazon.

To conclude, we offer you a steamer, which costs little and is a great help in the kitchen. In our opinion it is a beautiful Christmas gift that will make you look great, also suitable for those who do not cook because it is practical and easy to use and clean.
There Russell Hobbs steamer it is made of stainless steel and has a capacity of 9 liters. It steams several things at the same time so you can fill it with all the vegetables you want to organize your weekly meal prep. The trays are made of high quality BPA-free plastic, for fast and homogeneous cooking.
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Neapolitan ragout, slow cooking for strong flavors – Italian Cuisine

Neapolitan ragout, slow cooking for strong flavors

As one of the most beautiful love stories, even that of Neapolitan ragù it starts right in the kitchen, more precisely on a Sunday morning, very early. We are in Italy, in a Neapolitan cuisine, between the scent of food and every delicacy! Yes, that's how it starts, by finely slicing the onion and dipping it into a saucepan with a drizzle of oil until it wilts. Then add the various cuts of meat, the red wine to blend, the tomato sauce and cook very slowly. Yes, for this type of sauce you need intangible ingredients: the weather and the patience.

A Neapolitan tradition
The Neapolitan ragù it is the forerunner for all other dual-use sauces or ragu. Yes, as you well know, once ready, the Neapolitan ragù sauce is used to season a good dish of pasta (better if Neapolitan ziti or broken mezzani) and the meat is served as a main course. Soft chops, sausages and steak cooked in the sauce for 3 hours or more over low heat … the goodness? Its delicacy has also won over two song writers Neapolitan, Eduardo De Filippo who sings its preparation in Saturday, Sunday and Monday And Giuseppe Marotta in the famous The gold of Naples.

The secret is to let the meat sauce "pippiare"
A Campania term that wants to emphasize the dessert sound (don't call it noise!) of the boiling sauce. A slow cooking, to be checked from time to time to make sure that the sauce is not too dry, to turn gently and taste to make sure that it is not lacking in salt, that it is perfect. Yes, because the Neapolitan ragù, like all those that have a double use, have a great one responsibility: they must be tasty to the right point to season the pasta and the meat must be cooked to perfection, soft and juicy.

The preparation of the ragù Neapolitan
A sauce rich in nuances, tradition and passion. Here are the doses for 6 people: 100 g of raw ham fillets, 50 g of salted bacon strips, 1.5 kg of rump or leg of pork, 50 g of lard, 400 g of onions, 2 cloves of garlic, 50 g of bacon, 1 dl of oil, 2,5 dl of dry red wine, 400 g of tomato paste (or 200 g of concentrate and 100 of tomato sauce).

Get ready to lard: take 100 g of raw ham and 50 of salted bacon strips to which you will have to add ground pepper and chopped parsley. Now lard 1.5 kg of meat with raw ham and bacon and tie it to keep it in shape.

Saute: finely chop 50 g of lard, 400 g of onions, 2 cloves of garlic, 50 g of bacon, put the mince in a saucepan with 1 dl of oil and fry over low heat. As soon as it starts to sizzle add the meat, close the lid and brown it on all sides, turning it from time to time.

A secret: browning the meat on all sides allows you to seal all the pores so that it does not lose all its liquids during cooking and that it can remain soft and juicy.

When the onions are golden brown, open the lid and add little by little 2.5 dl of dry red wine. Leave uncovered until the wine evaporates (this will take about 2 hours) and the meat will continue to cook in its own fat. Carry on slightly raising the fire.

At this point, add 2 tablespoons of double tomato concentrate, do it fry and keep stirring until it becomes very dark. Be careful not to let it burn! Subsequently, repeat the operation until you have added all the tomato paste. Cook gently for about 3 hours, taking care to mix and turn the meat to let it flavor.

In the end, add the tomato sauce, a pinch of salt and a ladle of water and cook uncovered for about an hour then, gently remove the meat and leave it aside. Continue by covering the pot and let peppiare for an hour and a half until the sauce has thickened.

Now taste, season with salt and put the meat back in the saucepan, bring back to a boil and start cooking the pasta!

What if the sauce is too much? It doesn't happen, but if it happens … Pour the still very hot sauce of the Neapolitan ragù in a glass jar, close it hermetically and let it cool upside down, as if it were a preserve.

October 2021
Giulia Ferrari

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