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Thai prawn stir-fry

  • Serves: 4

  • Prep time: 10 mins

  • Cooking time: 20 mins

  • Total time: 30 mins

  • Skill level: Easy peasy

  • Costs: Mid-price

Large, juicy Tiger prawns, tender pieces of chicken breast and fresh flavours of ginger and lemon grass combine to make a deliciously quick and easy meal that is packed full of flavour. Ideal for a special Saturday night treat or special occasion, you can use fresh or dried egg noodles – both are equally good. A very versatile recipe to which you can add any ingredients you like. It only takes 20 mins to cook and is a speedy mid-week choice that’s light and delicious. Top with fresh coriander and serve immediately for the best taste.

Cooking school: sea bass, how to recognize it – Italian Cuisine

The sea bass is an excellent fish ideal for your kitchen preparations. Here are our tips for choosing it

Yes okay, go for the sea bass, but how to choose it? In fact, even before cleaning and cooking it, there is the most important step, namely recognize the best at the time of purchase, so as not to have any nasty surprises once it is too late, perhaps even in the presence of guests.

Sea bass and sea bass?

Whether it is a sea fish living along our coasts, in the Mediterranean and the eastern Atlantic, is a sure thing. That has a medium-large body, slender and covered with scales, also. And it is well established that it is recognizable by the grayish back, silver sides and white belly, with dimensions generally between 20 and 50 cm.
But why someone calls it sea bass and other sea bass, if it is the same fish? There are two versions: the first claims that it is one sex-related issue, or bass when laying eggs, sea bass when it fertilizes them as a male. The second, on the other hand, brings the two names back to one geographic difference, for which sea bass derives from the Veneto and from the Lombard bransin, that is branchino as fish with the gills in sight, while it basses from the very acute and sharp preopercular spine, just like an edge.

Six little secrets for choosing the best sea bass or sea bass

First of all it is good to remember that this fish has one very fine meat, white and lean, with a unique and delicate flavor well recognizable among many. For this reason it is often consumed also by those who do not love fish too much, as it is able to withstand its light and graceful taste, both grilled and baked or even pan-seared.
On the market we find it both fresh and frozen, obviously in this second case it will be more difficult to evaluate them following features:

One. The sea bass must have a delicate, pleasant, non-ammoniacal smell.

Two. The appearance must be bright.

Three. The body must be rigid and firm.

Four. The scales must be perfectly adherent.

Five. The gills must be pink-red, of no other color.

Six. The eye must be alive and protruding with the black pupil, not at all not reddened.

To learn with our chefs also how to clean and cook this and many other fish, sign up for our courses: you will be followed carefully and gradually in each step, so that you can then make only the best at home!

Texts by Giulia Ubaldi

10 recipes and some tips for cooking asparagus – Italian Cuisine

You can cook them in boiling water and serve for example with eggs and salmon or you can also eat them raw in salads. A seasonal vegetable with many properties, including antidepressants

It's time to asparagus. Here are some tips to choose, clean and cook them.

The term asparagus or asparagus comes from the Greek aspharagos and from the Persian asparagus Cimadolmo, or sprout and indica both the entire plant and the shoots of the plant.
THE'Asparagus officinalis it belongs to the Liliaceae family and has a long history.
It's a plant always green from the needle-shaped leaves widespread in central and southern Europe since ancient times.

It is a dioecious species, that is, there are both female and male specimens. The fruits produced by the female plants are small red berries containing black seeds. The plant is equipped with rhizomes growing under the ground forming a lattice and from them the shoots or the edible part of the plant depart. If not collected, stems with variable lengths from 1 to 1.5 m depart from the shoots and must be collected when they have not reached a consistency that is too hard.
There different varieties of asparagus. White, purple or green ones are commercially available, although the most consumed are the green ones, typical of early spring.

Properties of asparagus

These vegetables really are low in calories. They bring about 25 calories per 100 grams and contain a lot of fiber, vitamin C, vitamin B and mineral salts, including calcium, phosphorus and potassium. Eating 100 grams of asparagus takes about 75% of the daily amount needed folic acid, very important substance for the multiplication of the cells of the body and for the synthesis of new proteins. Asparagus, especially the wild ones, are rich in energy substances and have always been considered powerful aphrodisiacs.

Why eat asparagus?

I'm excellent diuretics and fight water retention and cellulite.
They have function antidepressant, probably due to their detoxifying and diuretic action, and they are good for mood.
Do not eat too many if you suffer from kidney problems, cystitis and kidney stones, because they contain uric acid that can increase the infection already in place.

How to choose asparagus?

Fresh ones they are hard, do not bend, but break. They should not appear woody and dull and dark brown or too light in color. Especially check the asparagus that are in the center of the bunch that generally deteriorate first.

How do you cook asparagus?

Asparagus is very versatile in the kitchen. They are excellent raw and added to the salad, but also simply sautéed in the pan or in the oven or steamed.
That steam is a very valid cooking from a nutritional point of view.
To prepare them, first of all remove the part of the most external and woody stem with a potato peeler break the asparagus at the breaking point. Simply fold it in the middle and it will break by itself. We must not cut it with a knife.
To cook them in boiling water collect them in a bunch and tie them with a kitchen string, then place them in a tall pot full of boiling water, letting the tips stay out of the water and cook only with the heat of steam. In 10 minutes they are ready to be used in other recipes or simply dressed with oil, lemon salt.

Asparagus with egg

The most famous recipe with asparagus comes from northern Italy and is very easy and very tasty.
Cook the aspargi in boiling water.
Place them whole on a plate and place one on top of it Freshly cooked fried egg in butter or a poached egg. Complete with plenty of grated Parmesan and ground pepper. For a gourmet version you can add truffle flakes.