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Cooking school: grapefruit, how to use it in the kitchen – Italian Cuisine

Cooking school: grapefruit, how to use it in the kitchen

Compared to other fruits, alas, grapefruit suffers from an inferiority complex. Accused of having a very bitter, strong and sour taste, in which the dessert does not dominate at all, it has a much more limited use in the kitchen. Yet, the high content of vitamin C makes it an excellent ingredient, very healthy and beneficial for our body. Let's see how we can use it so that its apparent defect becomes a pleasure for the palate!

Grapefruit as an appetizer

For imaginative and "digestive" appetizers try cutting the grapefruit in half and sprinkling it with gin: a real delight to conquer your guests with a different dish than usual. Alternatively, you can also create very chic and stage cups: divide the grapefruits in half, obtain the pulp without breaking the skin and use them as a container for your aperitif. Inside you can decide to put anything, from a nice shrimp salad and cocktail sauce to a simple chicken stew.

Grapefruit as a "seasoning"

Proceed as follows: remove the peel from your grapefruit and cut it with a very thin sliced ​​blade knife. Once the slices are ready, add them to any type of salad, such as the simple one of parmesan and rocket: you will feel how wonderful this touch of exotic to the usual courses! It also goes well with second courses, better if cold, such as raw ham, bresaola or smoked swordfish.

Grapefruit in the pastry shop

In the dessert sector, grapefruit is used both in refined citrus mousses and for the production of jams, cakes and sorbets, excellent both mid-meal and at the end. In fact, unlike lemon, grapefruit does not close the stomach and therefore it also prepares well for the next course. Seeing is believing!

At the School of La Cucina Italiana you never stop learning and experimenting: why don't you also enroll in one of our courses?

Texts by Giulia Ubaldi

New: cooking classes for kids – Italian Cuisine

New: cooking classes for kids

Curious to find out the latest news from the La Scuola de La Cucina Italiana calendar? Here are the cooking classes for kids!

TO The Italian Cuisine School cooking classes for kids are coming! New three-hour lessons, designed for kids between the ages of 13 and 17 years old: as for all the other courses, the participants are involved on a practical level and taste what is prepared.

The chefs are ready to share the passion for the kitchen and whatever advice is necessary, the kids just have to come to school! Before entering the classroom, all the material to participate is provided: an apron, a pantry with recipes and a copy of the magazine La Cucina Italiana. Four the issues that have been added; let's discover them together!

Street food

An educational plan entirely dedicated to street food has been designed for a tasty dinner or a snack in the company: bread and panelle, Greek gyros with yogurt sauce, Cheeseburger is olives all'ascolana. We already have your mouth watering!

Bread and pizza

How can you discover all the secrets for the dough? By attending a course entirely dedicated to bread and pizza! Age is certainly not a problem when you have to taste it panzarotti, flat bread with stracchino, Pizza in baking tin is Sandwiches Milk.

First courses – Junior

First courses have always played a fundamental role in Italian cuisine. For a dinner with friends or to amaze the family, our chefs have thought of four different recipes: the classic ones tagliatelle with ragu, gnocchi tomato and mozzarella, spaghetti with clams is crepes Ham and cheese.

Meat and fish – Junior

Bolognese Cutlet, meatballs with sauce, Cod-fish Croquettes is Catalan squid salad: these are the recipes for a lesson entirely dedicated to meat and fish. An absolutely unmissable appointment!

Discover the complete calendar by clicking here! For any doubt or information, contact the La Scuola Secretariat directly.

Cooking to relax: here's how – Italian Cuisine

Cooking to relax: here's how

The slow and repetitive gestures, the choice of ingredients, the scents that are released during cooking and the wait to see your creation finished are actions that help to find well-being and serenity

It will have happened to you at least once in your life to hear yourself say "when I cook I relax". This is not a saying, but an action that for many really increases the state of well-being and helps to find tranquility. As explained by a study published in the Journal of Positive Psychology, carrying out a creative activity makes you happier and more peaceful even in the days following the action. And cooking is undoubtedly a creative act! Of course this is true if the time dedicated to cooking is adequate for what you want to do, if it is a moment free from other tasks or commitments. Only in this way will the motto be valid relax cooking!

The gestures, the scents, the wait

Cooking can be part of a conscious process called grounding, "grounding", an operation by which you become aware of the present moment. The sequence of gestures, the use of hands that work in harmony with your mind, help you focus on the here and now, giving you a state of relaxation. The essence that every food gives off, the aromas of spices, the aromatic herbs that you use in each recipe, or simply the aromas that develop with cooking, bring good humor and well-being. From here you can well understand how the saying "relax by cooking" is true. Waiting for the moment when your preparation is ready teaches the art of patience and waiting and gives a sense of satisfaction for the awareness of having done something by itself from start to finish.

Cooking teaches you to trust yourself

Maybe you have never thought about it, but start preparing a dessert, for example, or a dough for a savory pie, starting from the measurement and balancing of every single ingredient, from cleaning the vegetables to be used up to the choice of fillings or of the filling, for get to the final result, ready to be tasted, it gives a boost of self-confidence, one confiance in your abilities, which will also be useful in more demanding situations. In addition to giving you the real pleasure of tasting the fruit of your work, alone or in company (with friends even better, but here the topics available would be many and such as to have to open another chapter!).

In the tutorial we summarize the basic gestures to relax while cooking

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