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Cooking pasta: the 10 most common mistakes – Italian Cuisine

Cooking pasta: the 10 most common mistakes

It is easy to say "I prepare a plate of pasta". But do you know how many mistakes can be made? We tell you 10

Pasta is the pride of our country and in the world we are famous for being the best at preparing it and knowing its secrets.
But do you know that in reality every day without knowing it we make many mistakes and what seems to be a perfect pasta actually hides many imperfections?
Well yes. Indeed even the simplest of recipes based on pasta, such as the classic pasta with sauce or garlic oil and chilli pepper, must be performed in a workmanlike manner.

Here, then, the 10 most common mistakes that are committed when preparing pasta.
How many of you recognize yourself at least in one point?

1. One quality is another

It's not absolutely true. There is pasta and pasta and if the price changes there will be a reason. A bronze-drawn pasta, for example, always makes it better and welcomes any seasoning to perfection.

2. A random format

If you want to prepare a good pasta you must combine the seasoning with the most suitable format. Long pasta, for example, is fine with fairly liquid and creamy sauces, striped pasta absorbs seasoning better, short pasta is perfect for ragù and sauces that are not very homogeneous, and spiral pasta is fine with the classic tomato sauce .

3. Little water

The rule says that in a liter of water no more than 100 g of pasta should be cooked. Cooking pasta in a little water is wrong, unless it is the recipe for one pot pasta in which the secret lies precisely in "risottare" the pasta directly in the sauce by adding a little water.

4. Rinse the pasta

Never pass the freshly drained pasta under the tap. Stopping cooking is wrong, even when you need to prepare a cold pasta salad. In this case, for example, let it cool by adding a drizzle of oil to prevent it from sticking.

5. Watch out for the cooking time

If the packet indicates 10 minutes of cooking, do not go further, drain it first and keep the cooking water. Saute it directly in the sauce and let it finish cooking while stirring adding the cooking water.

6. Salt to taste

When adding salt to the water, "just enough" is very wrong. In reality, the exact dose is 7 g per 100 g of pasta and should be thrown into the water as soon as it starts to boil, never before, which would prevent you from boiling the water quickly, nor when cooking the pasta.

7. Remove the lid

Use the lid to cover the pan while waiting for the water to boil. Then, once the pasta has been thrown, do not cover it.

8. Oil is not needed

Some add cooking olive oil to "separate" the pasta especially when it is long or egg. It is useless, really!

9. There is a pot and a pot

Do not cook the long pasta in a pan that is too low and do not fold, or even worse broken, the spaghetti to put them in a low pan. Always choose the right container for cooking.

10. Drain the pasta

As already mentioned, to allow the pasta to mix perfectly with the sauce you have to drain it al dente and sauté it with the sauce for at least one minute on the fire. Use a colander with the handle and do not drain the pasta in the sink. In this way, you will take it out of the pot without throwing away the precious cooking water.

30 recipes for NOT cooking this weekend – Italian Cuisine

Tartare, sandwiches, carpaccio, panzanelle and cold desserts. The weekend isn't always made for cooking: here are 30 recipes to be enjoyed with the stove off

The weekend finally comes! And in summer it can mean trips to the sea, afternoons in the pool between one dive and another or walks on the shores of the nearest lake. Commitments, heat and fatigue do not help you dream of the stove when you return home, but don't worry!

Salads, tartare, sweet and savory fruit salads, friselle, sandwiches and carpaccio are the dishes that will save dozens of summer lunches and dinners. If this weekend you don't feel like cooking, you can indulge yourself in the preparation of healthy and tasty recipes based on meat, fish, vegetables and fruit. A few scoops of ice cream will delight simple desserts after maybe having an espresso with an ice cube, as was done many years ago.

Tropical coconut and banana smoothie
Tropical coconut and banana smoothie.

To compose a menu without cooking, let yourself be inspired by the recipes: velvety pepper and peach, fresh mix of vegetables with cucumber juice, marinated cucumbers and oregano cream, tartare with cuttlefish and Port reduction, slipper with tuna, aubergines and arugula, salad reinforced with legumes, pineapple carpaccio with peach sauce, mix of vegetables and fruit with boiled egg, watermelon and raspberries with yogurt ice cream, friselle with rocket and mortadella, green bean salad and mozzarella with cream of corn, tuna tartare with mixed herbs, green salad with currant and goat cheese, Marinated anchovies, mixed peach tartare and mint yogurt, carcadè minestrone and fruit, scones with carne salada and melon, spiced fruit salad with courgettes and melon, carpaccio with raspberry sauce, tartar of cod and tomato tarragon, skewers at anchovies and basil, peach, lettuce and bacon salad, centrifuged mixed vegetables with panzanella, Arabic sandwich with swordfish and tuna, carpaccio and spicy peach sauce, avocado and mackerel salad, coconut ice cream and mango carpaccio, cucumber tartar mint and yogurt, mini sandwich with nails in oil and centrifuged fennel and cucumbers with stracciatella.

Below and in the gallery the 30 recipes for the weekend

In July our cooking school reopens – Italian Cuisine

In July our cooking school reopens

Starting in July, the cooking classes are resumed in our office in Milan in complete safety. The great classics and many news for the summer are on the calendar.

We are happy to announce the reopening ours cooking school from the month of July. After careful technical evaluations, aimed at ensuring the maximum safety of users and staff, the first courses will be held in our classrooms in the coming weeks. Milan.

In order to enforce the security measures provided by the authorities and still guarantee the best possible learning experience, we have equipped our spacious classrooms to contain fewer participants: each will have a single workstation, equipped with all the necessary equipment.
Furthermore, small changes have been made to the teaching plans, so that carrying out the lesson at the station still allows you to learn the techniques and personally test the individual recipes.

You can discover the next courses available by clicking directly here. In addition to great classics, such as fish main courses, fresh pasta and pizzas, focaccias and savory pies, you can find many Announcements think for summer, such as Aperitif with friends, Crustaceans and Paella & Co. There is no shortage of single-theme pastry lessons: the dates of the Torte da credenza course and the new Pasticceria mignon are online.

We have also defined a new calendar for the courses initiated and not yet finished, which we will share with the participants in the coming days, so as to evaluate availability and allow the correct conclusion of the courses.

There validity of Gift Vouchers not yet used will come prolonged until the 31/12/2020. To extend its validity, we ask you to send an email to the secretarial address scuola@gordon-ramsay-recipe.com. We will assist you in the operation.

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