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5 mistakes not to do in cooking the meat stew – Italian Cuisine

It is one of the tastiest dishes to savor on these cold December days. Prepare it well you can, provided you do not make these mistakes, from the choice of meat to cooking

The stew it is one of the most popular traditional stewed meat recipes, from north to south. And there is not one single stew but many, different (and all very good) depending on the vegetables that you want to add to the meat. Preparing this dish is not impossible, provided you do not fall into these 5 errors very common.

Calf or beef?

Meanwhile, we decide whether to prefer a stew of calf or beef. The difference between these two meats lies in tenderness and taste. The first is a young animal, with one soft meat but with little taste. A stew dthe beef will be tastier instead and, to make it soft, all you have to do is cook it at 75 ° for at least two hours. In this way the meat will soften until it becomes tender.


Vegetables? Those you prefer!

In the original version, together with the meat are added celery, carrots and onion. Usually only one onion, one celery and three carrots, which give the sauce a lot of sweetness. All well sliced, so that it can brown well in a little oil. Then you can add mushrooms, tomatoes, peppers or potatoes. Of these, choose the variety Bintjie, which has firm flesh, fine grain and delicate flavor. In addition, they also take long cooking times very well.

And then…

No stew dish ever comes to the table. To accompany it, to make it really one of the super comfort food, it takes mashed potatoes or, better yet, polenta. Which can be yellow, made with soft corn flour, with a soft and velvety texture, or taragna, for those who love the strongest flavors. The important thing is that it is very hot and served separately, so that each diner decides the amount and whether to flood it with tasty sauce or savor it alone.

In the tutorial, now discover the 5 mistakes you should not make to make a stew to perfection!

5 cooking classes to give away at Christmas – Italian Cuisine

Funny, educational and above all gluttonous Christmas gifts: discover the gift certificate for our cooking classes and 5 recommended courses

If you are looking for advice for Christmas Gifts, we have a couple of ideas that will make you and your loved ones happy. Why?

First reason: if you have little time or difficulty choosing the right gift, we offer you the possibility to select the budget and leave the choice to the lucky recipient.

Second reason: after using the gift, you will probably be invited to dinner to test the results!

Christmas gifts: the voucher for our cooking classes

No need to be expert at the stove, The School of Italian Cuisine has the perfect gift for all kitchen lovers. You can buy, directly online, open gift certificates, valid for six months: the recipient can use his voucher to book the course and the date he prefers, to experience a real experience in the kitchens of our school in Milan.

Christmas gifts: 5 recommended courses

Just select the number of lessons and generate the gift voucher to print or send via email. Here is the complete guide to buying a gift certificate.

Do you want to know which courses are really unmissable? Here are five of those most loved by our students.

1. Basic Courses

Our basic courses are the best gift for those who want to start from scratch. The course Basics of the Kitchen has a duration of 7 lessons, each of which deals with a fundamental theme of Italian cuisine: sauces, risotto is pasta, without forgetting cuts and cooking of the meat and filleting the fish. With Pastry basesinstead, you will learn one by one the basic preparations, essential to free creativity and prepare more complex desserts: shortbread, creams, meringues, mousse and much more.

2. Couples in the kitchen

The best idea for a couple's gift? A cooking class for two! Each couple will have their own station to prepare an irresistible complete menu. Here the educational plan.

3. Fresh pasta

A great classic of Italian cuisine in 3 lessons. A journey through fresh pasta in all its forms and regional variations. Tagliatelle, tortellini, cappelletti, lasagne … try to read all the recipes that will be prepared: the water is guaranteed!

4. Monothematic Course: Sushi and Sashimi

For a more original gift we can move together to the east with the course to learn how to make sushi, guided by a real one Japanese teacher. From the technique of cooking rice to cutting fish: everyone will prepare their own plate of sushi and sashimi. And if this is not enough, you can also find out about Ramen & Noodles and Dumplings.

Of course, there is no lack of single-theme courses dedicated to the best of Italian cuisine, such as Risotto, first courses of fish or Dolci al Cucchiaio.

5. Advanced courses

If your loved ones are already in the kitchen, the right gift is a coupon for advanced courses. Who already masteres the basics of cooking, will be able to face technical and more preparations complex, both in the kitchen and in pastry.

Finally, if you are thinking about Christmas gifts for the little ones, you can buy a voucher for one workshop for children (€ 40).

What are you waiting for? Christmas is approaching!

If you want to enter the Christmas spirit already, discover also the special Christmas courses.

ELNÒS Kitchen opens by Sale & Pepe: our new Cooking School! – Italian Cuisine

Workshops, workshops and food-themed events await you in the brand new ELNÒS Kitchen School by Sale & Pepe: for the whole of December courses and events are free!


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The Sale & Pepe Cooking School doubles and, after the first location in the heart of Milan in Piazza Diaz opened in 2015, arrives inside the shopping center ELNÒS Shopping in Roncadelle (BS). It is here that Saturday, December 1 will open ELNÒS Kitchen by Sale & Pepe, a design space of over 300 square meters, extremely functional and innovative, equipped with one professional kitchen with 12 stations signed Ikea e 4 monitors that will allow all the enrolled students to participate actively in the lessons and follow the teacher chefs step by step.

To anticipate the opening there will be Friday, November 30th the'inauguration open to the public: from 2 to 6 pm, three greedy ones showcooking the ELNÒS Kitchen by Sale & Pepe will animate the school's chefs. Eleonora de Marchi will cook at the stove, who will cook scamorza nuggets, Giovanna Favarato, who will show the preparation of the sandwiches with milk and a centerpiece with fruit and finally Doriana Pancani, with a showcooking entirely dedicated to savory pies.

168339 "src =" "width =" 210The inauguration will be a small preview of what will happen daily by ELNÒS Kitchen by Sale & Pepe, one functional space, active 7 days a week with an articulated calendar of events for the different times of the day, divided into individual modules for adults, multi-lesson courses, courses for couples and on the weekend a double appointment for cooking classes for children and courses in 4 hands, for fun moments parent-child at the stove. The choice of courses in which to try is wide and ranges from classical preparations of Italian cuisine – like fresh pasta or risotto – to the modules of confectionery for lovers of the sweet universe, up to the courses dedicated to vegan and gluten-free menus. Do not miss the Christmas appointments in which we will study the party menus or sweets to put under the tree and for the whole month of December, on the occasion of the opening, the courses will be free!

The opening of ELNÒS Kitchen by Sale & Pepe in Brescia is part of a wider diversification strategy implemented by Sale & Pepe which, after the launch of the project at the International Franchising Show in Milan last year, aims to develop the presence of the Salt & Pepper School of Cooking in Italy. ELNÒS Kitchen by Sale & Pepe will be led by Eva Golia, resident chef of the School of Milan, and by a pool of chefs carefully selected by the magazine that will bring in all the courses the values ​​and excellence of the brand.

For all information and the schedule of courses and showcooking visit the ELNÒS Kitchen website or write to the email

Claudia Minnella
November 2018



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