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Christmas gifts for cooking lovers, signed La Cucina Italiana – Italian Cuisine

The most beautiful Christmas gifts for those who love cooking in all its forms. Here are the gifts signed La Cucina Italiana to put under the tree this year!

The countdown to December 25th has officially begun and, as always, the race to the Christmas Gifts it gets more and more hectic as we approach the fateful date. If you are here, however, we want to make it easier for you with our gift ideas for cooking enthusiasts and, above all, fond of La Cucina Italiana. This time the gifts have multiplied for you, there is really something for everyone: for those who love to eat, for those who love to cook, for those who have yet to learn. Are you ready to discard them?

For those who like to receive guests in style: the service of dishes

To celebrate our 90th anniversary, we presented three services with different decorations, a collection that talks about food and great history, designed by our art director Brendan Allthorpe and from our editor Angela Odone in collaboration with Geminiano Cozzi Venezia 1765

You can find it for sale in a selection of Coin stores and in some prestigious wedding boutiques. Look more in the gallery above.

For skilled cooks: the recipe book

The cookbook is a 192 page notebook where you can write down your recipes, with times, ingredients, procedures, combinations and the preferences (or intolerances) of your guests. The recipe book, made in collaboration with the historic Pineider brand and available for purchase at the store Condé Nast Frame (Piazza Cadorna 5/7, Milan) or in the Pineider showroom (Via Monte Napoleone 19), includes a special subscription offer for La Cucina Italiana.

For those who want to learn: cooking classes (and not only)

An experience to give to loved ones or to do together, to learn the secrets of cooking directly from our chefs. The variety of cooking classes a The School of Italian Cuisine (Via San Nicolao 7, Milan) can satisfy all tastes: from cooking classes to pastry ones, from classic themes to the most distant gastronomic worlds.

The gift voucher you can buy it easily online: it is an open six-month coupon that the recipient can use at will to choose the course and date he or she prefers. Buy it here.

The experience of our cooking classes also comes to your home, thanks to digital courses. Every week new video lessons are waiting for you, to become real experts in the kitchen. Find out more by clicking here.

For those who love to discover: the magazine subscription

Every month many recipes, trips, news, stories of great chefs and Italian families. The monthly The Italian Cuisine by subscription at a special price, both in printed and digital versions. Here all the information.

For those in search of recipes: the series of books by La Cucina Italiana

Available in bookshops and online, the monographic manuals created in collaboration with Antonio Vallardi Publisher they are the perfect gift for those who love to cook and always discover new techniques and ideas. Inside, photographs from our archive and detailed recipes to make delicious dishes. See them all in the gallery above.

Heinz Beck's cooking school opens – Italian Cuisine


THEthe Campus "Prince of Naples", the High Cuisine School directed by Heinz Beck, it is officially open.

The inauguration ceremony was attended, among others: Luca Mascolo, mayor of Agerola; Danilo Iervolino, president of the Pegaso Telematic University; Heinz Beck, scientific director of the Campus; Giovanni Cannata, rector of the Mercatorum University; Alessandro Bianchi, rector of the Pegaso Telematic University; Vincenzo De Luca, president of the Campania Region, in addition to the 32 students who passed the preselections.

The educational offer proposed by the Campus, the result of collaboration with the Pegaso Telematic University and the Mercatorum University, is structured in 3 Degree courses (GASTRONOMY, HOSPITALITY AND L-GASTR TERRITORIES, L15 TOURIST SCIENCES and LM56 ECONOMIC SCIENCES, 1 First Level Master in High Hospitality, 3 Professionalizing Courses in HIGH ITALIAN CUISINE; HIGH PASTRY AND SOMMELIER, 4 Amateur Courses: DOP and IGT IN THE KITCHEN; COOKING FOR WELL-BEING; FROM FLOUR TO PIZZA and ESSENCES IN THE KITCHEN.

179501The courses provided are in a blended formula (online part and part in presence) to guarantee participants an adequate theoretical knowledge combined with a practical experience of excellence. Internships are planned in the realities of excellence in Italian catering and the most exclusive high-rise hotels. The network of alliances includes agreements with top-level partners, including: Gambero Rosso, the Italian Chambers of Commerce abroad, the network of restaurants that have received the “Ospitalità Italiana” trademark, the Ministry's Telematic Merchandise Exchange for Agricultural Policies, Unioncamere.

Following this, the "Prince of Naples Campus" hosted a journey of taste: 20 chefs, 5 pizza chefs, 4 patissier chefs, 10 wineries, 3 distilleries and several dairy and cured meat producers. The organization of the festival, dedicated to quality companies and restaurants, has collaborated Sergio Sbarra, gourmet expert. The same route of taste was opened to the entire Agerolese community from 7pm onwards and until 11pm.

Campus "Prince of Naples" marries the renewed requirements of environmental protection, in fact all the dishes will be served in disposable biodegradable dishes; and is sensitive to the needs of users with food intolerances, for this reason a collaboration with Schar was activated that presented the new dough for gluten-free pizza. While the inaugural cake was made by pastry chef Ciro Maiorano.

November 2019

Small and big cooking stories – Italian Cuisine

Small and big cooking stories

Magazzini Oz, a laboratory of ideas and a forge to realize the dreams of children with disabilities

We are excited to hear about it Luca Marin, the chef and president of Magazzini Oz. We get excited because it succeeds in making you perfectly in tune with your world and with the world that revolves around it every day, in the company of so many boys less fortunate than others. Boys with a life of difficulty and discomfort behind them, sometimes even psychic, but who, if re-entered in a healthy and serene working environment, can have great opportunities for their own future and that of their families. Because we are not always talking about families, which are the mainstay of these young people in search of the future, who have been their lifelong support.

Warehouse Project Oz

To describe this beautiful project, Magazzini Oz, in collaboration with Cuki (a company that has always been very attentive to social issues), has created Small and big cooking stories: micro shorts filmed in the kitchen of Magazzini Oz.
These are stories of young people who aspire to become cooks, to achieve their work dream, their independence and the possibility of expressing their abilities at best or, at the very least, to develop them in the best way and start a career and independent life, for dream of a future of their own.

Because of the way it was shot, the shorts are intended for sharing on social channels. Micro films that tell the newspaper inside the kitchen of Magazzini Oz and the opportunity to provide greater security to children with disabilities, the trust that has been lacking for so long. In short, a way to think about designing their future work and life, a big step that many will be able to make thanks to the vision in this sense of Cuki that since the opening of Magazzini Oz (in 2014) has always supported (also economically) every project.

What Luca Marin asks companies that want to support them is continuity, because support is useful only if it is prolonged over time. This is the only way to follow the path and evolution of children until they are fully integrated into society.
The opportunity for these youngsters does not come only with the experience in the kitchen, but in the room: they are in fact prepared for serving at the tables, in the cafeteria, to manage sales in the shop, to the daily relationship with customers.

Luca Marin explains that the companies selected for the store must respect certain criteria, such as sustainability and a beautiful vision of the social, as if to maintain a common thread, a bond, very often unconscious, but that gives pleasant emotions even to those who buy the products and take them home, or have to make a gift for a special occasion, knowing that you have done good twice.

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