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Cooking school: panna cotta, how to prepare it – Italian Cuisine

Cooking school: panna cotta, how to prepare it

Panna cotta is a perfect dessert for all occasions and all seasons: find out how to prepare it with the advice of our chefs!

Panna cotta is made from four ingredients: fresh cream, sugar, vanilla and isinglass. But how to put them together in the best way? Follow all the tips of our chefs at La Scuola de La Cucina Italiana, step by step!

How to make panna cotta?

Start to soak fish glue sheets in cold water. Then in a saucepan heat over low heat cream, sugar and vanilla pod previously scraped. After a few minutes, remove from the heat and dip the drained, squeezed and rehydrated fish glue sheets, about 16-18 grams per liter. Finally, fill a mold with the mixture, keep in the fridge to firm and … how about trying to flavor it?

Flavoring in progress

You can flavor your panna cotta with what you prefer, such as spices, herbs or fruit purees. If so, proceed as follows: filter with the sieve to remove the solid parts, or make layers, but remember that it is essential to let the panna cotta cool first. And be careful that the spilled liquid does not exceed 30 degrees: it could melt the previous layer!

Old style panna cotta

Did you know that in the past the panna cotta was made to thicken with the egg whites of theegg? All the ingredients were combined and brought at 70 degrees so that the egg whites coagulate.

Do you want to learn other little tricks and secrets in the kitchen? We are waiting for you at our School of Italian Cuisine. See the course calendar here.

Texts by Giulia Ubaldi

Zero fat and more nutrients. Steam cooking, to be re-evaluated – Italian Cuisine


We had already explored steam cooking in four places, to use the right utensils, learn the basic technique, the most suitable foods and how to season them. Now let's deepen this healthy cooking technique that enhances the flavor of foods – whose sister is a bain-marie, an indirect method that does not involve contact between food and fire.

Let's start to understand because it's good. The reason is simple: compared to the other types of cooking that happens with the water paw – and in particular boiling, boiling (in which the water does not reach boiling point) and drowning (prolonged and at low temperatures) – nutrients of foods are better preserved. As we know, various precious nutrients, starting from water-soluble vitamins, are lost during cooking, dispersed in boiling water. In the steam one, food it comes into contact with water in the gaseous state and undergoes less losses than boiling.

173584In reality, not all steam cooking is the same. The steam generators exist real. Then there is the pressure cooker which can be used with the steam basket: in this case the greater is the prione (the pressure varies with the operating valve: the less air comes out, the higher the pressure inside) and therefore the cooking temperature, the more the dispersions are reduced but the loss of thermolabile vitamins increases. Steam cooking can then be achieved by using one normal casserole with a basket (there are now also folding ones, in silicone, that adapt the edge of the pot and have the double function of colander) and lid.

173587Finally, steaming is possible and excellent even in the oven. Today there are combined ovens that allow you to choose between traditional and steam cooking. Like thel new oven NEFF FullSteam which allows you to bake in the oven, with steam and in combined mode. In this case, 38 programs fully and optimally regulate the preparation of the desired dishes. From the fish that will be particularly tender to the meat that thanks to the steam can buy in juiciness, naturally vegetables and in combined mode unsuspected preparations such as those that must remain crunchy, for example gratins and buns. Not only: even for desserts steaming is possible!

Let's go back to the advantages of steam cooking: from the health point of view, this method does not produce toxic molecules. And in addition to preserving nutrients, also preserves the properties organoleptic characteristics e taste of foods. The consistency is obviously different from that obtained with other cooking methods more in contact with the flame, in any case, depending on the cooking time, the foods may be softer or more tenacious, a choice that depends on the subjective taste and on the recipes.

173590In any case, it is a fast cooking method, much more than it is in our imagination. Finally, last but not least, its characteristic is that it does not require the use of oil or other fats: perfect for those who want keep the line or in any case use raw condiments, which are certainly healthier for the same amount of calories.

Let's remember to close that the seasoning can also be done before cooking (thanks to marinating) is during: spices, aromatic herbs and essential oils can perfume water, while the basket can be lined of elements flavorings such as a layer of leek leaves rather than a blend of rosemary or thyme.

Aurora Quinto
May 2019


here are the first video cooking courses – Italian Cuisine

here are the first video cooking courses

From today The School of Italian Cuisine is also digital: here are the first video courses

Our cooking classes finally becoming digital: the first are online video courses of La Scuola de La Cucina Italiana, offered free for one month from Vodafone with his Happy Friday.

How are video cooking courses structured?

Kitchen bases is pastry bases: within these two main categories you will find training courses to acquire all the basic techniques, with different lessons lasting about 7 minutes. In each lesson, a chef from The School of Italian Cuisine will guide you between the technical to make a perfect dish of authentic Italian cuisine, mistakes most common to avoid and many curiosity.

Fresh pasta, meat, fish, shortbread, meringues, creams and much more: these are just some of the themes that you can explore in order to become true kitchen experts! Starting today I'm online the first 12 video courses, but every month will always be available new lessons.

How to watch video courses

To receive 1 month of free digital courses, you must access the dedicated Vodafone Happy Friday area of ​​the official MyVodafone app: after drawing the smile, you will receive a coupon to be used by June 2, which will give you access to a month of video courses on the portal.

At the end of the month free you can continue to take advantage of all the digital courses, with the first 12 lessons and new contents continuously updated, freely choosing to activate subscription for only € 1.99 per month. You can easily choose to pay by phone credit or a credit card. The subscription will be renewed automatically every month and you can cancel it at any time.

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