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Decorated Christmas cookies – Italian Cuisine – Italian Cuisine

Here's how to make cakes as good as beautiful decorating them with icing or melted chocolate. They will be perfect on the tree or for a snack during the holidays

One of the most loved hobbies during the period of Christmas is that of prepare the cookies, to eat then a snack with tea or a steaming cup of hot chocolate, or to offer to friends who pass from home to wish us well. In addition to being good, i decorated Christmas cookies they are also beautiful to see and they will make you look great even with Santa Claus (as long as they do not disappear before his arrival).

Decorated Christmas cookies: the simplest solution

The easiest way to decorate cookies is with the melted chocolate, maybe playing with the different colors of the white, milk and dark chocolate, or with the icing. Prepare i cinnamon and ginger cookies to recall the Christmas even with the spicy scent and let them cool. Then dissolve yours chocolate favorite and dip the biscuits for half. Alternatively you can draw doodles using one toothpicks like brush or by dropping some chocolate on the biscuits and decorating them with small splashes. If you are particularly greedy, complete with grains of dried fruit – like nuts, hazelnuts or almonds – which at this time of year is always at home. For the icinginstead, mix 100 g of powdered sugar with a egg white or with one or two tablespoons of water. You can completely cover the cookies and then decorate them with some sugary or use the icing to draw on your Christmas cookies. With a drop of food coloringmoreover, you will be able to create a real painter's palette.

The reindeer of Santa Claus

Even these decorated Christmas cookies are, in reality, very simple. Make some round biscuits and let them cool. With a toothpick dipped in melted chocolate designed horns and eyes of the reindeer. At the center of the biscuit "stick" with another bit of melted chocolate typical red nose, what else will be but a classic one chocolate candy covered with colored sugar, those that are easily found on the market.

The snowman cookie

The gingerbread man is always a marvel, but why not change and prepare one instead very sweet snowman? Overlap slightly two or three cookies round of different sizes to create the snowman's head and body. Cook the biscuits and, once cooled, cover them with some white sugar paste, on which you will draw nose, scarf and mouth with the icing.

Christmas cookies: 10 easy recipes – Italian Cuisine

At Christmas you can not miss the biscuits, for special breakfasts, snacks or to give little presents to friends. The important thing is that they are simple and quick to do

Very little is missing, kitchens in turmoil, Christmas menus to be defined, shopping lists long more than the letters for Santa Claus written by our children, small packets and gifts with ribbons. What is missing? THE Christmas cookies!
Have not you done them yet? You can not get to the day of Christmas without having prepared some cookie in shapes of stars, reindeer and snowflakes.
But time is a tyrant, so it takes simple recipes, with no possibility of error: here comes our editorial staff, who has tried these cookies and tried again to ensure their success!

10 easy cookies to make before Christmas

Here are 10 recipes to create cookies with different shapes and different tastes. To prepare for the arrival of Christmas, cooking these cookies will help you. Give space to your creativity and fantasy to prepare fabulous desserts

The basics of Christmas cookies

There are two basic recipes for preparing Christmas cookies. These can then be enriched with spices and decorations, according to your taste and your imagination.

How to make shortcrust pastry
How to make sablè pasta

And how to decorate cookies? The real ice

The royal ice is wonderful for decorating Christmas cookies. It is a mixture based on powdered sugar and egg whites and thanks to the help of a sac à poche with a thin tip you can draw and write creating beautiful decorations.
At this link you will find the TUTORIAL FOR THE REAL ICE

10 easy recipes

And another 10 cookies recipes

Santa Claus Cookies – Cookie Biscuits Recipe – Italian Cuisine

Work with butter and sugar cream in a bowl. Add egg and vanilla and mix, then add flour, yeast and salt and work until you get a smooth dough.

Wrap the dough pastry with the plastic wrap and let it rest in the fridge for at least 30 minutes.

Pick up the pastry and roll it out in a 3-4 mm sheet on the floured work surface or covered with parchment paper, then cut the biscuits with a round shape with a diameter of about 8 cm.

Place the biscuits on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper and bake at 180 ° C in a preheated oven for 10-12 minutes or until the edges are golden. Once baked, let it cool.

Now prepare the frosting by working the mascarpone well with the icing sugar until you get a cream.

Roll out the sugar paste into a thin sheet, then make circles with the same form used to create the biscuits. Then cut each circle of sugar paste in half.

Cover the biscuits with a thin layer of half mascarpone frosting: use it to attach the sugar paste caps.
Then create with the frosting mascarpone, which you have put in a sac a poche with a small star spout, the decorations of the hat and the tufts of beard

Complete the decoration by adding 2 drops of chocolate to make the eyes (always use a little 'frosting to attach) and a ball of sugar paste for the nose.
Your Santa Claus cookies are ready: serve them and amaze your children!

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