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Tiramisù World Champion Cup 2021: the winners – Italian Cuisine

Tiramisù World Champion Cup 2021: the winners

Here is who won the international tiramisu contest for the fifth edition just held in Treviso

The fifth edition of the Tiramisu World Cup 2021 has just ended: Stefano Serafini won for the Classic Recipe, while Elena Bonali for the Creative Recipe. In the city symbol of the most loved Italian spoon dessert in the world, great celebrations after a three-day event that took place to the sound of mascarpone, coffee and cocoa. Approximately 9,000 ladyfingers, 130 kg of mascarpone, 3,700 eggs, 250 kg of cocoa, about 220 kg of sugar and 10 kg of coffee were used: impressive. All without wasting anything, absolute prohibition to leave anything behind: in fact, the organization has seen fit to provide containers to take home any leftovers. Excellent thought, which also binds well to this year's charity partner, the non-profit organization Time For The Planet.

The best original tiramisu in the world 2021

For the Original Recipe category, it is essential that the tiramisu is prepared following the official recipe codified by the Tiramisu Academy with 6 ingredients: eggs, sugar, mascarpone, ladyfingers, coffee, cocoa. Stefano Serafini, lively 62 year old from Venice jeweler profession, presented his heart-shaped Tiramisu with a romantic message. It is not surprising that at his election as Champion he thanked his companion Elena with so much love! To follow in second place Elena Orfei with a clean floral presentation and in third place Nicola Ottaviani very traditional.

The best creative tiramisu in the world 2021

For the creative recipe category, we start from the original basic recipe and it is possible to add up to 3 ingredients and replace the biscuit. Wins from Belgium Elena Bonali with the Prosciutto and Melon tiramisu: incredible, but true. Originally from Milan, swimming teacher in Belgium in Braschaat (Antwerp), she beat the competition with her original and balanced idea. In second place comes Erika Luis of Udine with a tiramisu with yuzu and hazelnut paste, on the third Barbara Marcon of Asolo with a tiramisu with pistachio cream, raspberries and gold dust. The latter was very much liked by Massimo Linguanotto, son of the inventor of tiramesù in Treviso, the legendary Roberto Loli Linguarotto: "I'm looking for innovation and this idea of ​​the blueberry that lowers fat seems interesting to me".

How do you choose the best tiramisu in the world?

For the Selections popular judges were involved selected according to an online test that required the passing of 15 questions on the competition rules, recipe and history of Tiramisu. In the Semifinals and Final the jury is made up of professionals and experts in the sector – for the first time La Cucina Italiana also made its contribution as a jury in the Final for the Original Recipe and I can personally state that all 9 tiramisu I tasted were made very good. The competition criteria for decreeing the "best Tiramisu in the world" are:

– technical execution: evaluates the organization of the table, cleaning, management of ingredients, executive capacity;

– aesthetic presentation: evaluates the appearance, the arrangement of the plate, the decorations and the final aesthetic appeal;

– gustatory intensity: evaluates the strength and permanence in the mouth of the tasting;

– dish balance: evaluates the balance between the ingredients used;

– flavor and harmony: evaluates the pleasantness, intensity and harmony of flavors (right dosage of ingredients);

– harmony of taste and perception of lightness: evaluates the harmony of Tiramisu considering the balance between the pleasantness of the flavor and the perception of lightness.

Congratulations to the organization, to all competitors and to the city of Treviso!

Here's what a champion eats: the secret diet of Cristiano Ronaldo – Italian Cuisine

Here's what a champion eats: the secret diet of Cristiano Ronaldo

The Juventus striker consumes up to six meals a day: in his diet there is never a shortage of fish and chicken, his "magical food"

The career of a professional footballer usually ends around the age of 35. Yet at 34, Cristiano Ronaldo, Juventus striker, is still in perfect shape and sports a 20-year-old body. Merit of a healthy lifestyle, made not only of regular exercise and an adequate number of hours of sleep, but also of a very controlled diet.

The sample consumes up to six meals a day. There are never two foods in his diet: fish, which he also takes several times a day (swordfish, tuna and cod are his favorites), and chicken, which Cristiano Ronaldo considers his "magical food”, For its high protein intake and, at the same time, a low fat content.

The menu

Here's what the former Manchester United star eats on an ordinary day. For breakfast he chooses ham, cheese and low-fat yogurt. A few hours later, it's time for the first god two lunches, which can be chicken and salad. The second, however, of fish (such as tuna), salad, eggs and olives. When giving himself a snack, Ronaldo focuses on fresh fruit and avocado toast. Me tooat dinner it is often double: if you consume fish (maybe swordfish) and salad in the first, choose steak and squid for the second.

The champion also really likes a typical Lisbon specialty, the bacalao a la brasa, a dish prepared with braised cod, onions, thinly sliced ​​potatoes and scrambled eggs. Always, Ronaldo he is abstainer: surely it is a choice that helps him to keep fit, but perhaps it is also the consequence of his father's early death, due to alcoholism, a tragedy that marked him.

Sleep is also very important in the Juventus ace routine: Ronaldo makes sure to sleep eight hours per night, in addition to five naps that crushes every day. "Sleeping properly is really important to get the most out of your training," he explains. «I go to bed early and get up early, especially before the games. Sleep helps the muscles to regenerate, which is very important. "

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Harper Beckham: champion in the kitchen! – Italian Cuisine

Harper's cupcakes published on

Will Harper, the daughter of the Beckham couple, become a pastry chef? For now he enjoys preparing colorful cupcakes, to the delight of Mom Victoria. So here are 18 things you can do in the kitchen for your children too. Who knows if you don't discover a talent!

It will be in the family DNA to be champions. The father, David Beckham, we all know him as one of the strongest players in the world before, then a successful model; the mother, Victoria Adams, champion of box office with the Spice Girls, in the nineties, and successful fashion designer with the name / brand Victoria Beckham. Now it's their daughter's turn Harper.

At the age of 7, according to his mother, Harper is already a talent in the kitchen. To be precise, we should define it as pastry chef, given that his gift is declined in the pastry shop. At least for now.

To tell us about it is his mother Victoria in Instagram's "stories", where he publishes some pink cupcakes decorated with 3D icing and rosebuds, made from Harper's prodigious little hands, with the words: "Harper has been baking!" the sweet!).

Harper's cupcakes published on
Harper's cupcakes published on Instagram's "stories".

The last of four children of the Beckham couple, Harper often appears in family social media: always very elegant and often close to celebrities from the fashion world. Recently we saw her at a fashion show by Mum Victoria, sitting on the lap of Pope David, in the front row, of course, and with a carré a Wintour (historical director of the US edition of "Vogue") who, coincidentally, sat right next to her.

LONDON, ENGLAND - FEBRUARY 17: (L to R) Brooklyn Beckham, Cruz Beckham, Hana Cross, Romeo Beckham, David Beckham, Harper Beckham and Dame Anna Wintour attend the Victoria Beckham show during London Fashion Week February 2019 at Tate Britain on February 17 , 2019 in London, England. (Photo by David M. Benett / Dave Benett / Getty Images)
The Beckham family during the Victoria line fashion show. In the front row also the director of "Vogue" Anna Wintour.

At this point, wishing you a "sweet" future for the Harper pastry chef, we also propose you to spend some time in the kitchen with your children. Because, even if they don't become TV star chefs, it will undoubtedly be a moment of intimacy, fun and complicity. A creative and recreational time. And, without a doubt, it will also be one of those memories that will almost certainly remain indelible in the memory of your children.

In our gallery the 18 things that children can do by themselves in the kitchen

Citrus cupcake: the recipe

Ingredients for 8 pieces

Butter g 65 – flour g 50 – icing sugar g 150 – an egg – salt – orange juice – half orange peel – half lemon peel – sugar candies – butter and flour for molds


Whip the sugar in a soft foam with the butter and a little salt for at least 10 ', then add the egg and the sifted flour. Spice the cupcakes with the grated citrus peel and a tablespoon of orange juice. Pour into 8 buttered and floured molds (ø 5 cm, height 2.5 cm) and bake at 180 ° C for 10 ′. Meanwhile make a glaze by mixing the icing sugar with 2 tablespoons of orange juice. Take the cupcakes out of the oven, glaze them when they are cold and decorate them with the sugar candies. They are kept in an airtight box for 4 days.

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