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Cerea cooks for the Bergamo field hospital: «Help us with raw materials – Italian Cuisine

Cerea cooks for the Bergamo field hospital: «Help us with raw materials»

From Vittorio to Bergamo: the Cerea Brothers will cook for the field hospital set up in Bergamo to deal with the coronavirus emergency. But everyone's help is needed.

The starred restaurant From Vittorio will cook for free for all the field hospital staff that will be set up at the Fair in Bergamo for the emergency coronavirus in the next days.

There Cerea family he launched an appeal on social media to all restaurateurs in Lombardy: "The Civil Defense has decided to install the Campo degli Alpini Hospital in the Bergamo Fair Area. It's about 230 beds which will begin operating in the week. We have decided to actively contribute to the organization of the activities, offering volunteers for the preparation of meals. However, we ask for concrete help from all of you. All those who have the opportunity, from restaurateurs, to owners of shops or grocery or related companies, are kindly invited to offer supply. If you think you can help, please send an email to cucineospedaledacampo@vicook.it
Unity is strength, we share as much as possible! 💪 # AndràTuttoBene "

Among doctors, nurses and volunteers, 500 people will have to feed each day: for this reason, all those who can make a contribution in the supply of fruit, vegetables, dairy products, bread, fish and meat are needed.

3358174540 is Graziano's phone number, collaborator who will take care of the initiative.

A gourmet palace: the Cerea family at the Royal Villa of Monza – Italian Cuisine

A gourmet palace: the Cerea family at the Royal Villa of Monza

From 10 December a new gastronomic offer at the Monza Royal Palace will be managed by the two brands owned by the Cerea family: Da Vittorio and Vicook

The splendor of the eighteenth-century rooms, the perfection of Piermarini's architecture, around the magnificent park, within the alternation of exhibitions and cultural events. And the starry kitchen of the Cerea. There Villa Reale Monza will be transformed into a center of gastronomic as well as cultural excellence: it will start on 10 December and the new catering project signed by the Cerea family will continue for the next two years, which will be entrusted with the "direction" of the Villa Reale restaurant service. The announcement was made during the presentation of the new exhibition dedicated to From there, to emphasize the combination of art, culture and gastronomy. The imprint arrives directly from the "Da Vittorio" restaurant in Brusaporto, with its three Michelin stars: "it is for us a source of great pride to be able to place our name alongside a prestigious reality like that of Villa Reale in Monza, underlined by Cerea – and to contribute with our catering experience to increase its success ".

In concrete terms, the offer will be divided into two different proposals, managed by the two brands owned by the family: Da Vittorio for the part relating to events e Vicook for the one related to the bistro. "Vicook bistro Villa Reale" will be a versatile space, capable of accommodating up to 200 people: connection between the Courtyard and the Park, includes restaurant, bistro and cafeteria; here the chef Corrado Leoni, under the supervision of the Cerea family, will reformulate the menus and update the service style.

The noble floor, first floor and Belvedere offer is different, where the Royal Dalì exhibition has just been inaugurated and will continue until 2021: these spaces will continue to host events of national and international prestige, under the aegis of Da Vittorio.

The recipe of the creamed cod of the Cerea – Italian Cuisine

The recipe of the creamed cod of the Cerea

They are not Vicentines, but the Cerea brothers of the Da Vittorio restaurant in Bergamo, are the new Ambassadors of the Norwegian stockfish. And their 3-Michelin-starred codfish is a scream (and we give you the recipe to do it at home)

The chefs Enrico and Roberto Cerea were awarded by the Norwegian Seafood Council with the appointment to Ambassadors of the Norwegian Stockfish 2019. Bergamaschi and both executive chefs of the tristellato restaurant Da Vittorio (Brusaporto, BG), are known all over the world, since the times of the father Vittorio, for their seafood cuisine.
Today it seems normal, but in the sixties when the father opened the first Da Vittorio, the fish in Bergamo was only the stockfish – other than prawns and caviar, like today. "The fish was the stockfish, period. And lo we called bertagnì, I discovered only years after it was the surname of the importer from Norway who took him to the city, Bertagni was called "tells Chicco at the time of the proclamation. "Next to the restaurant, at the time, there was a grocery store and I remember as a child that they soaked these big fish in water for days and then beat it with a stick. The stockfish has always been part of the history of Da Vittorio ". And it still is, because among the strong dishes of the restaurant there is just the "Risotto with borlotti beans and creamed Norway stockfish". Risotto, the great classic of the Italian and regional gastronomic tradition of Lombardy, was perfectly matched both with the draining of stockfish and with borlotti beans, demonstrating how it is possible to interpret in a non-trivial way two unique ingredients such as stockfish and rice. But here is the recipe of their creamed cod, which alone is worth the trip.

The Norwegian stockfish creamed with the recipe of the Cerea brothers, 3 Michelin stars

1kg of Norwegian stockfish already soaked
700 g of seed oil
chilli oil to taste
garlic oil qb
salt and pepper
250 g milk
1 l of water
Laurel, juniper, peppercorns, garlic to taste


Cut the Norwegian stockfish into pieces, put it in a saucepan and cover with water and milk. Perfume with a bay leaf, juniper, peppercorns and a clove of garlic.

Bring to a boil and cook for about 30 minutes, then turn off the heat and let cool in the cooking broth. Sift the stockfish carefully and chop the pulp with the help of a food processor.

Then mount the whole in planetary or directly into the cutter adding the oil, part of the cooking water and season with the flavored oils, salt and pepper. It must be frothy and soft.

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