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Cups filled with candied ginger – Italian Cuisine

Cups filled with candied ginger

1) Temperate dark chocolate. Pour it in the special molds for chocolates, tilt them so as to cover the bottom and walls and deleted that in excess; let it solidify.

2) Meanwhile you work in a bowl the butter with the icing sugar and the powdered ginger until the mixture is frothy. Dissolve milk chocolate in a double boiler, raised the bastardella from the heat, let it cool and mix with the butter and sugar mixture.

3) Unplug the cups solidified by the molds. Transfer the milk chocolate cream in a pastry bag mounted with the star nozzle and fill the cups. Decorate them with small pieces of candied ginger and keep them cool until ready to serve.


Posted on 01/26/2022


Tartlets with cream and chocolate and candied citron – Italian Cuisine

Tartlets with cream and chocolate and candied citron

Tartlets with cream and chocolate, preparation

1) Work briefly the shortcrust pastry with your hands and divide it into small portions. Roll out obtaining 6 discs of about 13 cm in diameter. Lined with the dough 6 individual molds, evened out the edges with a knife and pinch them with your fingers. Put the molds in the refrigerator.

2) Cut the diced pumpkin e cook them in the oven at 180 ° until they are tender enough to be mashed with a fork. Reduce them in a homogeneous puree, then incorporated sugar, egg and cinnamon. United the chopped chocolate and diced cedar.

3) Distribute the filling in the molds and bake the cakes in the oven at 180 ° for about 25 minutes. Serve them lukewarm with freshly melted chocolate. Alternatively, heat them up passing them for a couple of minutes in the oven just before serve them.


Posted on 05/11/2021


Bakewell Tarts with candied almonds and cherries – Italian Cuisine

Bakewell Tarts with candied almonds and cherries

Bakewell Tarts (UK), preparation

For the shortcrust pastry: 220 g of flour 00 – 115 g of butter – 1 egg – 1 yolk – 60 g of icing sugar – 1 untreated lemon – salt

1) Prepare the pastry. Pass to the mixer the flour with a pinch of salt, the sugar, the grated zest of 1/2 lemon and the cold butter into cubes until the mixture is crumbled. Add egg and yolk e blend until the dough remains attached to the mixer blades.

2) Formed a stick, wrap it up in the film e do it rest in the fridge for 30 minutes.

For the frangipane: 90 g of powdered almonds – 100 g of butter – 80 g of sugar – 25 g of flour – 1 egg
For the filling and glaze: 100 g of cherry jam – 100 g of icing sugar – 40 g of sliced ​​almonds – 8 candied cherries

1) Prepare the frangipane. Whip the butter with the sugar, unite the powdered almonds, the sifted flour and the beaten egg and mix the mixture.

2) Roll out the shortcrust pastry on the work surface to a thickness of 3 mm. Obtained 8 discs of 8 cm with a smooth pastry cutter e coated the bottom and edges of 8 muffin tins with a 4 cm diameter bottom. Prick the bottom, distribute inside each 1 teaspoon of jam e cover with the frangipani almost to the edge.

3) Cook the tartlets in the lower part of the oven preheated to 180 ° for 35 minutes, leave them rest 5 minutes, unmold them And let them cool on a wire rack.

4) Frosted the surface with the icing sugar mixed with 2 tablespoons of hot water e decorated with lightly toasted sliced ​​almonds and candied cherries.

5) Leave set the glaze before serve.


Posted on 09/21/2021


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