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The Great British Bake Off 2013: Meet the contestants

Have you heard the good news? The Bake Off is back! You can expect the usual friendly faces of presenters Mel and Sue and the experts Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood. Before it starts, we have rounded up all you need to know about this years hopefuls, which include a dentist, a student and a carpenter.

Along with the usual pressures of the Bake Off, this time round there is an extra contestant, which means everyone will be relying even more on the mercy of

Paul and Mary, as at any point they could choose not just one, but two bakers to leave the competition.

We can expect the classic test which showcase talent, imagination and personality in the signature challenges which will show contestants making home baking classics like a simple sandwich cake. But will they stick to safe? Or try something a little bit different to try and stand out? We cannot wait to find out!

Over the years we have put together quite the collection of recipes from both

Paul and Mary for you, so why not try out some of their gorgeous cakes and bakes to celebrate a new Great British Bake Off?Read more about the new series of The Great British Bake Off

Bake Off 2013: technical challenges

If you’re anything like us you’ll be keen to try your hand at whatever the The Great Bake Off contestants have been up to each week. We’re expecting the usual complicated cakes and bakes and are looking forward to whatever surprises Mary and Paul have up their sleeve too!

Each week, as soon as we know, we will let you into the technical secrets from each episode so that you can impress friends and family with your baking skills. We will even promise to try and bring you these lovely recipes before the show is on because we think that these recipes could help a more serious problem – food envy! We all get it but by baking ahead, no longer will you be drooling over your TV screens on a Tuesday night! Tuck into your home baked goodies from the comfort of your sofa while watching the Bake Off contestants sweat it out under the watchful eye of those stern judges. 

We always try to make our recipes as simple to follow as possible so that even if you aren’t the world’s most precise baker you will be able to produce beautiful and, more importantly, delicious bread, buns, cakes, pies and whatever else the Bake Off comes up with!

Top 20 recipes for September

Fancy trying out a new recipe this month? We’ve rounded up the very best of our impressive cakes and bakes, seasonal recipe ideas and quick weeknight dinners for you to make this September.

Has watching The Great British Bake Off got you itching to put on your apron and get baking? We’ve got some beautiful cake recipes to impress friends and family like angel food cake and a brilliant chocolate fingers birthday cake, as well as some classic British bakes from Mary Berry herself. 

When it comes to dinner-time we’ve got some autumn favourites to welcome in the new season, including steak and ale pie and a crumble from the Hairy Bikers. We’ve also got a waistline-friendly recipe from the boys, as well as other quick and healthy ideas for pasta, chicken and side dishes. Make the most of late-summer’s fruit and veg with our ideas for using up courgettes, raspberries and blackberries. 

Whatever you’re up to this month, we’ve got the recipes to make September in the kitchen go with a bang.

So have a look through our top 20 recipes and decide which one to make first…

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