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Vegetable and legume burger? Let's make it weird – Italian Cuisine

Vegetable and legume burger? Let's make it weird

For example with peppers, aubergines and provola, with soy, with beans … which one inspires you the most?

For those who love the fanciful idea of burger, but does not like meat or want to find a pleasant alternative, we discover some recipes to make gods vegetable burger alternative, rich in taste, but simple to prepare. They can be eaten on the plate or inside a sandwich (some buns to do at home for those who feel like it), with your favorite sauces and with many types of contorni.

Seasonal vegetable and potato burger

This recipe is an excellent one "empty fridge" idea. The vegetable burger can be prepared, in fact, by mixing aubergines and pepperoni, or leeks and spinach, or fennel and pumpkin. The potatoes will serve to "bind" the ingredients and give substance to the burger. To prepare it, the first thing to do is blanch the potatoes and then mash them with a fork, with a potato masher or, if you prefer, chop them into a mixer. Meanwhile, in a pan, fry some onion and then add the seasonal vegetables you have chosen, all very small cubes. Cook them for about 10 minutes and then add them to the potatoes and season with salt, pepper and thyme. Mix all the ingredients well and, if the mixture is too wet, add a tablespoon of bread crumbs. Form the burgers and cook them in a pan or on the grill.

Eggplant burger and smoked provolone

The burger of eggplant and provolone smoked is an explosion of taste! To prepare it, just cut the le eggplant and cook them in a pan with a drizzle of oil. In a large container they are then mixed together with del softened bread with water, parmesan and basil and small pieces of smoked provola cut into very small cubes. They can be cooked in a pan or in oven, the time to melt the cheese and bring them to the table.

Soy Burger

Those who love more particular tastes can try this recipe for prepare at home some great burgers soy. The first thing to do is to soak 150 g of for about 10 minutes soy flakes, drain and place them in a large container. Boil one potato and one carrot, cut them into very small cubes, pass them quickly in a pan with some oil and then add them to the soy and mix by adding salt, pepper and (to taste) freeze-dried garlic. Cook them in a pan or on the grill for about 4 minutes to the side.

Bean Burger

Among the vegetable burgers, those that are best in a sandwich (but they can also be enjoyed on the plate) are those of beans. To prepare them, even those in box, to always rinse under water before using them for the recipe. You start by preparing a mince of shallot (or onions or spring onion) garlic and parsley, to be added to the minced beans to obtain a mixture soft and homogeneous from which to get the burgers. Before cooking them in a pan with a drizzle of oil, the advice is to pass them in breadcrumbs to obtain a breading crunchy and golden.

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Octopus burger: the recipe that brings the sea into the home – Italian Cuisine

Octopus burger: the recipe that brings the sea into the home

A lighter and (summer) variant of the meat burger. Here's how to prepare it and how to taste it

The octopus burger it's one of those recipes with a sea taste that immediately make us think of summer, of meals eaten fleetingly but with taste, good and light dishes which can be eaten even in hot weather.

A first step towards the summer season that is about to begin – with all the questions related toCoronavirus emergency – it could be try do it at home, just to be ready when it's time to replicate the burger recipe octopus in a table of friends overlooking the sea. You can eat alone dish, or inside a sandwich, just like theclassic meat burger.

Octopus burger, the recipe for summer

In fact, the octopus is the perfect ingredient to prepare a dish that is good but that is also light: it has in fact very few fats and it is rich in calcium, potassium, phosphorus and iron. The recipe for making octopus burger at home is simple and fast, let's find out together.


To prepare the octopus burger you will need: 500 g of octopus, 1 egg, grated Parmesan, breadcrumbs, parsley, salt, extra virgin olive oil.


The first thing to do is clean and wash the octopus and then put it to cook in water, with the lid and over medium heat for about 40 minutes. The octopus must cook, as the famous saying goes, in its water then don't take too long in the pot but check from time to time that it has not dried too much. After the cooking time, drain it and put it in a kitchen mixer together with the egg, parmesan, breadcrumbs and parsley, add a pinch of salt and chop everything for about 30 seconds.

With the dough prepare the Hamburger giving it the classic disc shape and cook them in a non-stick pan on both sides for about 5 minutes. Season them with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil.

You can, as mentioned, eat them on the plate with a side dish fresh, or use them for stuff a gourmet sandwich with, for example, burrata and Cherry Tomato Confit or simple rocket seasoned with balsamic vinegar.

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Eat pizza or burger and pay in vinyl – Italian Cuisine

From Melloo, in Florence, the Vinyl Coin project was born. The bill is paid with your vinyl. In addition to listening to them in the restaurant, thanks to an on-site evaluation, they can be traded for dinner. Only limitation: the musical genre

There Black Music changed the life of Massimo Mauceri. "Matter of vibrations," he says. For all its existence, the pizza maker of Calabrian origins, who landed in Florence after long Roman years, has been divided between music studios, DJ consoles and the world of catering. Now on the premises of his Melloo, in Florence, has found a way to merge his two passions: the music and the kitchen. Here, in addition to listening to one of the records of his collection, customers can pay for dinner by exchanging their vinyls.

Vinyl Coin

The initiative is called Vinyl Coin and is only accessed if, at the time of booking through the portal Melloo the wording is inserted in the notes vinylcoin. We present ourselves with one or more used records, we have dinner choosing between pizzas or sandwiches such as the coveted Jamaican jerk, and then, before paying, we evaluate the vinyls with the staff. "We use an impartial classification system, linked to the Discogs.com site, also exposed on the walls, which takes into consideration the state of the vinyl and the cover, as well as the rarity of the album", explains Mauceri. The value of the discs is then discounted from dinner, up to total gratuity. There is also the possibility that the disc may be worth even more than its consumption: in those cases, vouchers would be issued to spend in the future in the room. "But it is difficult for someone to get rid of a precious disc in exchange for a pizza," adds Mauceri, a true collector. But, be careful: if you want to experiment with the vinyl coin formula, leave Baglioni's albums and Edoardo Vianello's 45 rpm collection at home. The only restrictions to be subject to the Melloo concern musical genres. "We accept everything that is Black Music and its derivatives, such as R&B, reggae, hip hop. If it is not a genre that interests us, we leave it to the client, unless the record has a story .

Vinyl Coin

Passion and barter

The Vinyl Coin project started on June 20. In the first three days of the initiative, the Melloo collection was enriched with 25 specimens, but more than 200 titles were evaluated. "The idea of ​​charging a dinner with vinyl came to me during the lockdown. We were closed from 10 to 19 March, then I left with delivery. When I opened the venue last year, I wanted to put the records on as the identity element of the venue. Having a DJ experience, it came naturally to me. But to do a different thing, I decided to let people choose what to play. You can choose from my archive and listen to music in the restaurant. I have always bought records, but after the lockdown this natural act had become a luxury. So I thought maybe there was someone who wanted to get rid of them. " So why not swap them for a pizza or a burger?

During the first Vinyl Coin weekend, a lot of people who wanted to exchange records for dinner arrived. Two girls with 50 vinyl records, but none that interested the owner. But something new has entered: an original print of the Blues Brothers soundtrack, a Michael Jackson record, something of hip hop. Currently the average rating of the discs evaluated is around 2 euros. But Mauceri's satisfaction lies in something else. «I see 20-year-old boys, who have never seen vinyl, come in and be amazed. Or parents who come to take away, with young children in tow, who look at records and equipment (very serious, of course) as something similar to the gramophone ".

Along with a good record, there is no shortage of dishes not to be missed. Among the pizzas, there is the much desired Piennolo Gold, a reinterpretation of Naples with yellow tomato pacchetelle, buffalo mozzarella, added raw burrata and Cantabrian anchovies. Among the sandwiches, the Jamaican Jerk is very strong, a typical street food in the country where Mauceri would immediately take refuge, made with boned thighs and overcoats, marinated in soy sauce, lime, a mixture of spices including Jamaican allspice, cumin pepper and coriander , spicy sauce, then grilled and placed in the sandwich with cabbage and carrots, caesar sauce and chilli sauce. Two cymbals that, along with vinyls, sound damn good.

Text by Stefania Leo

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