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Cutolette alla bolognese – Recipe Cutolette alla bolognese di – Italian Cuisine

»Cutolette alla bolognese - Recipe Cutolette alla bolognese di Misya

Lightly beat the slices of meat with a meat mallet, in order to uniform the thickness.

Bread them, passing them first in the flour, then in the lightly beaten egg, finally in the breadcrumbs.

Proceed with cooking: cook them with butter in a non-stick pan, turning them to brown them on both sides.
When cooked, garnish each slice with cheese and ham.

Add the broth, cover with the lid and cook just long enough for the cheese to melt.

The Bolognese cutlets are ready: serve them hot, sprinkling them with the cooking juices as if it were a sauce.

Tortellino Bolognese takes De.Co recognition – Italian Cuisine

Tortellino Bolognese takes De.Co recognition

Great gala dinner on October 27 for the IX edition of the Tortellino Festival in Bologna: here all the information to participate in the consecration of the beloved stuffed pasta

New formula for the IX edition of the Tortellino Festival in Bologna: after skipping 2020 due to the pandemic, we are back with forks in hand in a new edition. This year it is a gala dinner that sees the tortellino as the absolute protagonist. In collaboration with the Municipality of Bologna, theTOur-tlen Association wishes to put Tortellino back at the center of attention of the city by paying homage to it with an adequate table service on the evening in which it will be given the De.Co. recognition (Municipal Name). The award underlines the work carried out, together with the previous administration, on the guidelines for the production of a Bolognese “supply chain” tortellino that maintains the ingredients of the recipe deposited in the Chamber of Commerce and adapts to the modern needs of traceability, sustainability and ethics. The intent is therefore to guarantee the consumer by promoting a typical recipe in the ingredients and packaging processes. The De.Co. it is also attributed to the Tour-tlen association and the Tortellino Festival for its commitment to promoting a central dish in the Bolognese tradition: congratulations!

Gala dinner October 27th

For the great evening of October 27th, participants who are passionate about tortellini will be able to enjoy a special menu:

Mignon of mortadella Felsineo Tourtlen Selection / Pasquale Troiano – Bentivoglio Winery

Traditional tortellini in beef and chicken broth / Lucia Antonelli – Taverna del Cacciatore

Tortellino with ray stuffing and anchovies creamed with butter and truffle sauce and turnip greens gel / Francesco Carboni – Acqua Pazza Restaurant

Traditional tortellino, artisan butter and black truffle, Parmigiano Reggiano, guinea fowl broth and hay and Lambrusco spheres / Vincenzo Vottero – VIVO Ristoarte

"Rich and poor" Traditional tortellino in bean cream, with Timut pepper and EVO oil / Carlo Alberto Borsarini – La Lumira Restaurant

The Cream Bomb / Demis Aleotti – Bottega Aleotti

The seats will be bookable at 392 3633049 and via email at info.tourtlen@gmail.com which must be followed by the payment of € 60.00 per person made on the IBAN IT25F0707202405000000196843 in the name of the Tourtlen association, up to the exhaustion of the 250 places available. The Green Pass will be mandatory and must be shown at the entrance, at the same time spacing and sanitization will be guaranteed as per hygiene rules for combating Covid-19.

Bolognese cutlet, the best recipe – Italian Cuisine

Bolognese cutlet, the best recipe

The Bolognese cutlet is one rich and hearty recipe, pleasantly tasty and perfect for marinating the cutlet with an even more delicious preparation. Stuffed with ham and mozzarella, it differs from the Milanese cutlet also for cooking.

Bolognese cutlet, which ham do you use?

To prepare the Bolognese cutlet you always use the raw ham. This ingredient also differentiates it from the Aosta Valley cutlet which is instead prepared with cooked ham and provides a filling under breading.

Bolognese cutlet, which cheese to choose?

The cheese used to prepare this recipe is the king of the territory: Parmigiano Reggiano. Choose it not excessively seasoned and cut it into very thin flakes or grate it using a grater with large holes.

The secret ingredient

The cooking of this cutlet is truly unique broth. An ingredient that is not usually used in the presence of fries, but which is used here to prolong cooking for the time necessary to melt the cheese. Although very little broth is used, this tends to decrease the crunchiness of the breading. For a more crunchy result, use only melted butter.

The Bolognese cutlet recipe

Ingredients for 4 people

4 fette of veal breast, 4 slices of raw ham, 4 spoons of parmesan flakes, an egg, breadcrumbs, butter, meat broth, salt, pepper.


Spread the slices of veal with the meat tenderizer and salt them. Shell an egg in a deep dish, add salt and pepper and mix vigorously with the fork. Pour plenty of breadcrumbs onto a smooth plate. Melt about 65 g of butter in a large pan. Pass the meat in the egg and then in the grated bread, pressing against the meat with the back of the hand, to make it adhere well. Put the cutlets in the foamy butter and brown them slowly, making them brown on both sides then, without removing them from the bowl, cover them with the slices of ham and the Parmesan, cut into thin flakes. Add a small ladle of meat broth, put the lid on and keep on moderate heat until the cheese is completely melted.

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