Forni & fornai•e 2024: bread is the protagonist in the Bolognese area – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

La Cucina Italiana

The Upper Apennines Wheat Community between Bologna and Florence returns to the scene with Ovens & bakers 2024, the event – for the first time also partly in the city of Bologna – which celebrates the vitality of an agriculture that takes care of the land and relationships and represents an opportunity for meeting and exchange for those who contribute to feeding the grain supply chains on a daily basis. A ethical festivalbased on community resilience which in recent years have resisted the agro-industry lobbies and also thought for all the people who every day find themselves faced with the dilemma of their food choices and the weight they have on their own health and that of the environment.

Forni & fornai•e 2024: the programme

The program is very rich bakers, farmers, millers, artisans and researchers from all over
Italy who have been working for years to put communities and their own at the center of agricultural production

June 1 | Mercato Ritrovato and Cineteca di Bologna

It starts on Saturday 1st June with conferences, presentations, workshops and limited meetings which will take place in collaboration with the stalls of the Mercato Ritrovato and the spaces of the Cineteca di Bologna.

The official opening will be entrusted to a message from Vandana Shiva, Indian environmentalist and activist, and the public and free conference “Sowing is a political act”, which will be attended by Matteo Lepore (Mayor of the Metropolitan City of Bologna), Fiorella Belpoggi (Scientific Director of the Ramazzini Institute), Roberta Billitteri (vice president of Slow Food Italia), Riccardo Bocci (technical director of Rete Semi Rurali), Fabio Ciconte (environmentalist and writer, general director of the Terra!) association, Salvatore Ceccarelli (geneticist, former full professor of agricultural genetics) and Antonio Pellegrino (co-founder of Monte Frumentario), moderated by Lucio Cavazzoni (president of the Bolognese Apennine Biodistrict). In the market spaces, workshops on cereals for children and children are planned in parallel
for adults.

In the afternoon projection of documentary “The earth holds me” and collective presentation of book “Pane Buono”, which brings together many and many bakers from the peninsula with an agricultural approach. They will follow a bread tasting and, in parallel, the “Face to face with the world of wheat” meetings with leading personalities from the world of agricultural and ethical bread such as Davide Longoni, from the Longoni bakery in Milan.

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