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Sugar-free tart with berry jam – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

Sugar-free tart with berry jam

We are about to delight you with one sugar-free tart, an explosion of taste that will win you over from the first bite! Preparing this delicious healthy dessert has never been easier. This delicacy home made it is stuffed with a berry jam rich in flavor, perfect to satisfy your craving for goodness. How about combining the pleasure of Homemade pastry shop with a lighter food choice? Let’s discover together how to make this delicacy and let yourself be tempted by its irresistible fragrance. Our sugar-free tart it will win you over with every taste and we guarantee that your guests will be thrilled too! Get ready for aunique culinary experiencein which the taste and the Health they blend together in a delicious harmony. And don’t forget to pair the dessert with a aromatic white wine, to further enhance the flavors of this unrivaled tart. Have fun cooking and enjoy your meal!

Eggless crepes with berry jam, a journey through flavors between past and present – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

Eggless crepes with berry jam, a journey through flavors between past and present

For best accompany crepes with berry jamwe advise you to opt for one slightly acidic and fresh drink, which can balance the sweetness of the jam and enrich the overall tasting experience. Here are some alternatives to choose from, depending on your personal taste:

  • raspberry, blueberry and strawberry tea, which offers a pleasant acidity and a fruity aroma, in perfect balance with the berry jam;
  • fresh lemonade, useful for cleansing the palate and adding a refreshing note to the flavors of crepes;
  • fresh orange juice;
  • smoothie or fruit-based smoothies.

Berry cheesecake recipe – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

«Cheeseacke» ai frutti di bosco

A berry cheesecake, but raw food. «I dream of a healthy world, where the awareness that food can contribute to human well-being is increasingly widespread, says the author of the recipe, the pastry chef Vito Cortese, Apulian by origin, Florentine by adoption. His research began when he was young, when he solved a health problem by changing his diet. Attention was focused on pastry shop raw foodist when he realized that, unlike cooking, the world of desserts offered very few alternatives to the classic combination of eggs, flour and sugar. In his restaurant, in Florence, he only serves “raw food” desserts.

What is raw food?

The raw foodas the word itself says, is a diet that involves the consumption of food exclusively raw or treated at a maximum temperature of 42° C. At the base of the raw food diet, the belief that cooking alters the nutritional principles of foods such as vitamins and mineral salts, and that cooked and industrially processed foods contain toxins harmful to the body. Raw foods, as nature gives them to us, preferably sourced biologicalhowever, they can be cut, sliced, centrifuged, blended, marinated, dried, dehydrated.

To find out more about the world of raw food and Raw Food, here is our selection of recipes to prepare at home without cooking anything.

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