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10 desserts with three ingredients. One is the banana – Italian Cuisine

Banana + two other ingredients: dessert is ready! For young and old and for those who want to prepare a good dessert, but simple and quick to do

How many desserts can you make with a banana and two other ingredients? We suggest at least 10.

Only three ingredients to prepare a dessert

The first of the list is the banana, a fruit so good, creamy and sweet that easily lends itself to the preparation of delicious recipes and also very fast. Just add honey or peanut butter or chocolate and you're done. And then there must be creativity and imagination. But if you really do not have time to think, simply follow our advice!

Spoon desserts

The banana is also good just shake and mixed with yogurt, cream or ricotta. The only problem with banana creams and mousses is that they tend to darken and so you should always dress the pulp with lemon juice or, alternatively, prepare the cake just before serving it. A simple spoon recipe with banana is the chocolate mousse that is prepared by blending the pulp of two bananas with the pulp of avocado and two tablespoons of cocoa powder. A real pleasure with very few calories, to give you a whim without guilt. To enrich it a little, you can also use coconut milk and chocolate chips.

Walking desserts

With the banana you can prepare extraordinary snacks for children who always want to run and play and who are not stopping a second. Just peel it, cut it at the base and stick it with a stick of icicle wood. At this point, dip it in the melted chocolate and decorate with chopped hazelnuts.
If you prefer something less demanding, there is also a toast sandwich with peanut butter and banana slices. A delight for adults and children.

Desserts to drink

It's always a good time for a banana shake, even if it's cold outside. The smoothie, or smoothie if you prefer the frozen version, is the ideal snack because it gives energy and breaks hunger. You can simply prepare it with milk and bananas or you can enrich it with many tasty ingredients such as vanilla or chocolate ice cream, coconut milk, peanut butter, caramel or white yogurt.

If we have made you mouth water and at this point you want to prepare in a few minutes a dessert with bananas with just three ingredients, well: here in the suggestion gallery.

Banana + Toffee = Banoffee! A super sweet dessert – Italian Cuisine

If you love bananas and caramel this is the cake for you. These two ingredients combined in a single dessert and then whipped cream and chocolate flakes. Can you imagine something more greedy?

The banoffee pie is one typically Anglo-Saxon cake of rather recent origins.
It was invented by the pastry chef of a London restaurant in the 70s and has since become famous all over the world.
If you have never tried it, immediately start working because it is an easy dessert to prepare it does not even need to be cooked in the oven. It is perfect in all seasons and will drive big and children crazy.

The base of biscuits

Biscuits and butter, practically the same basis of the classic cheesecake.
Melt 120 g of butter and mix it with 200 g of Digestive biscuits finely chopped.
Use a round hinge mold and press the mixture well on the bottom before storing it in the fridge.

The caramel cream

It is a simple caramel prepared melting in the pan 100 g of butter and 100 g of brown sugar.
Once you have prepared the sugar base, add 400 g of condensed milk and mix again with a hand whisk for 15 minutes.
Let the cream cool down and then make the banoffee pie.


There is no variant of the banoffee pie with other fruits, because as we said at the beginning, the name of this cake is banana.
Choose them mature, but not too much. and cut them into thick slices because they have to feel and not become a cream.

banofee cake

How to prepare the banoffee pie

Once the base is ready and cooled, pour the mixture into it caramel leveling it well.
Then add some banana washers and completed with tufts of whipped Cream.
Decorate everything with plenty dark chocolate flakes.
You can also add grain of dried fruit for a crunchy touch.

Brown sugar. It is not brown sugar.

This is an ingredient that you will find very often in the recipes of Anglo-Saxon origin.
It is a white sugar, finely chopped and mixed with molasses.
It can be found in some stores that specialize in sweet products and has the ability to make a dough is softer and more elastic and gives the typical rubbery consistency to cakes, biscuits and creams. He has a very particular right that he knows about caramel.
You can prepare without much difficulty even at home.
Consider that the proportion is 10 parts of white sugar and 1 part of molasses. Mix everything and you will get your brown sugar homemade.

Condensed milk: the basic ingredient

Another little used ingredient in our traditional cuisine, but super popular in American and British dessert recipes.
You find it in a jar or in a tube in all supermarkets and you can use it for the preparation of cakes, pralines and especially for the famous ice cream without ice cream maker.
We advise you to make a good stock and store it in the pantry. It could be useful to you very often!

Are you curious to try the recipe for this amazing cake? Then we give you some more ideas in the gallery.

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