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Anchovies al verde: the delicious appetizer to make at home – Italian Cuisine

Anchovies al verde: the delicious appetizer to make at home

Anchovies al verde are a typical Piedmontese recipe in which the fillets are left to rest for 24 hours in the green sauce based on parsley

Anchovies al verde are a typical recipe of Piedmont, which has this as its protagonist ingredient.

What do the anchovies with Piedmont, a region without the sea? Actually this ingredient (and all of the blue fish in general) is widespread throughout the Piedmont area and is the basis of numerous recipes typical of these places, especially of Langhe, an area that borders the Liguria and with which it shares numerous fish-based preparations.

It's about a very simple preparation, perfect as an appetizer, both on the plate and as a dish to be included in a richer one buffet. In the recipe for anchovies al verde, the fish is accompanied by a very fragrant e very aromatic parsley based sauce (salsa or green sauce or bagnet verd in Piedmontese dialect), garlic and chilli.

Anchovies al verde: the typical Piedmontese recipe


To prepare green anchovies you will need: 200 g of salted anchovies, fresh parsley, 1 clove of garlic, white wine, extra virgin olive oil.


The preparation of green anchovies begins by cleaning and desalting the anchovies. Just put them in a deep dish with a little white cooking wine and then rinse the anchovies one by one under water to remove the salt. It is a simple but delicate operation, the fish must not be damaged and it must not be opened. After desalting them, dry the anchovies one by one (with a clean cloth or paper towel), remove the head, open them and remove the bones and then place them in a clean container.

The second operation to do is to wash and clean the fresh parsley well, trying to select only the most tender leaves to prepare the sauce. After drying it, just chop the leaves together with a clove of garlic. The mince must be very fine. At this point, add the extra virgin olive oil (6-7 tablespoons should be enough) and mix the sauce with a fork to obtain a thick and homogeneous mixture.

The sauce is then poured into the container with the fish and the anchovies in green sauce are left to flavor for 24 hours before consuming them.

Browse the tutorial to discover other curiosities and tips on anchovies in green

Recipe Gin oysters with apple sorbet, the New Year's appetizer – Italian Cuisine

Recipe Gin oysters with apple sorbet, the New Year's appetizer

  • 16 pcs oysters
  • 300 g green apple pulp with Granny Smith peel
  • 150 g sugar
  • gin
  • thyme
  • coarse salt

For the recipe of gin oysters with apple sorbet, blend the apples with the sugar, collect everything in a bowl and put it in the freezer for 5 hours. Every 30 minutes remove the container from the freezer and mix the sorbet: in this way you will get ice crystals that are not too large and the consistency will be creamy. Open the oysters using the appropriate knife and wearing the metal mesh glove for protection. Remove the water, remove the mollusk from the shell and turn it over. Season each oyster with 1 teaspoon of gin.
Spread a thick layer of coarse salt on a tray and place the oysters on it, making the shell sink slightly. Complete them with a scoop of green apple sorbet, a few leaves of thyme and serve immediately.

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Salted Zeppole: the delicious appetizer for Christmas! – Italian Cuisine

Salted Zeppole: the delicious appetizer for Christmas!

Not sure what to start the party menu with? The salty zeppole satisfy every perplexity and gluttony. Seeing is believing!

Who said that the zeppole they are just the sweet ones, which they usually prepare for St. Joseph? There are those too salty, which can become a sweet tooth starter to serve on the table a Christmas.

Typical of Neapolitan cuisine, in the salty version they are also known as zeppole of grown pasta. Finger food par excellence, they lend themselves to passing the wait before the pizza, but also as an appetizer or as a pleasant interlude between first and second courses. The only contraindication: being fried, one leads to another, and you have to be careful with your diet!
Below we provide you the recipe step by step, in the gallery some straight to make them even more delicious.

How to make salted zeppole of grown pasta: the recipe


To make salted zeppole, you will need: 300 g of flour 00, 250 g of water, 5 g of dry yeast, 5 g of salt and peanut oil for frying.


In a bowl, combine the flour, water, dry yeast and salt. Mix well with the help of a spoon or with your hands, then cover the bowl with cling film and let the dough rise for a couple of hours, making it double in volume.
Meanwhile, heat abundant peanut oil in a saucepan. When it reaches the right temperature, remove a ball from the dough with a spoon and slide it into the oil to fry it. The ball must brown on the surface, then it is ready to be removed from the oil and placed on a tray lined with absorbent paper. Repeat the operation until you have finished the dough. Serve them in a bowl with a pinch of salt.

Fried salted zeppole without leavening


These salty zeppole do not require leavening. Here is what you need: 2 eggs, 50 grams of butter, 150 grams of water, 75 grams of flour 00, gorgonzola, fresh spreadable cheese, peanut oil and raw ham to taste.


In a saucepan, pour the water and then the butter cut into small pieces, to melt. When the butter is melted, remove the saucepan from the heat, and add all the flour, mixing well until it forms a ball. Put the saucepan back on the heat for a few minutes, continuing to stir. At this point, add the eggs, but one at a time, the second only to the absorption of the first, mixing with the help of an electric whisk.

Now transfer the dough into a pastry bag with a star spout and shape donuts, placed on a square of baking paper. Meanwhile, heat the oil for frying. Now dip the donuts and let them swell and brown. Once golden they are ready. Place them on a sheet of absorbent paper, to dry them, and decorate them with a spoonful of gorgonzola cream (obtained by mixing the zola with the spreadable cheese) and on top of a slice of ham. Alternatively, you can use another type of sliced ​​(mortadella, speck, coppa, salami …) or anchovies in oil.

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