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Don't worry: in Europe there is (sometimes) a great pizza – Italian Cuisine

Don't worry: in Europe there is (sometimes) a great pizza

Who said you can't taste good pizza far from Italy? There is all right, just knowing how to find it … Here are the best places in the Old Continent where to go without fail

To say that pizza is popular in the world is like discovering hot water: it is the offer of thousands and thousands of clubs from Alaska to New Zealand, managed largely by non-Italians. But in the sea of ​​mediocrity, places absolutely emerge at the level of the best that are found in the peninsula, easily managed by our compatriots (but not necessarily) and in the major cities. Finding them requires commitment and this is why it must be given credit for the work of the guides and specialized classifications. One of the most serious is that of 50 Top Pizza who examined hundreds of places outside national borders, to draw up the ranking of the 50 best pizzerias in the Old Continent.

There is also a guide for Europe

There is good news immediately: if the top 50 are often in France, the United Kingdom and Germany, there is no shortage of suggestions in Estonia and Albania, in Russia and Slovakia, testimony to the exponential development of the pizza culture. "Because if they have always been pizza eaters abroad," said Luciano Pignataro, one of the curators together with Barbara Guerra and Albert Sapere, "before they were mostly American chains. Now, however, craftsmanship and true white art are making their way. " So much so that you are amazed to discover a large pizzeria in a town an hour's drive from Gothenburg, in southern Sweden. "Forget Swedish pizza, here there is only authentic Neapolitan pizza," reads the official website of Lilla Napoli.

Puglisi also makes (large) pizzas

London and Paris are the metropolises that can cheer up the Italians passing by (the residents are already experts), given the abundance of clubs, but Berlin is growing where you can enjoy the best pizza in whole Germany which is not the work of Italians but of a multiethnic team – that of Gazzo – in love with mother yeast and our country. And Copenhagen has at least a couple of places above the average: Pizzeria Luca and Baest – third for the 50 Top Pizzawhere the pizzas are signed by Christian Puglisifrom Messina raised in Denmarkpupil of Ferran Adrià and René Redzepiwhich manages a group of premises dedicated to sustainability: the most famous is Relae, one of the most original Michelin stars in Europe.

Franco Pepe's signature

If instead you pass through Geneva, you can taste the proposals of Kytaly, where the consultancy is by Franco Pepe, the wizard of Caiazzo considered the number 1 in the world. The sign is obviously inspired by Eataly. Under the Eiffel Tower, Italian white art is well represented by Ober Mamma: one of the many clubs in a group where about 750 Italians work, led by two Frenchmen. The pizzeria in the 11th arrondissement, in boho-chic style, has two wood-fired ovens and serves five types of pizza, as well as many tricolor dishes.

Bijou, the temple of Parisians

But the true idol of the Parisians is Gennaro Nasti, Neapolitan globetrotter of great talent, second for 50 Top Pizza. In his restaurant – Bijou, i.e. jewel – at the foot of Sacre Coeur, he prepares jewels with five doughs – based on wholemeal flour and semi-wholemeal flour – plus one, very famous beyond the Alps, where he combines semolina with Champagne, which replaces the yeasts with the sugars present in the wine. For fans it is a cook who try real cooking recipes, with French touches, to garnish the pasta discs. And there is no shortage of cellar and important mixology.

The teachers are in London

London is on the same level, perhaps even better, thanks to the presence of Neapolitan masters such as those of the Antica Pizzeria – which has two locations, the most loved is that in Hampstead – who enjoy calling the excellent pizzas with the names of important characters of Italian history and customs, from Nero to Sophia Loren, from Caravaggio and Giuseppe Garibaldi. Logically more classic the menu of Antica Pizzeria da Michele, the London landing place of the Condurro, family that started kneading and baking in 1870. The pizzas are loved by common enthusiasts and celebrities such as Julia Roberts, loyal customer, who enhances its goodness on the official website.

Ciro Salvò, king of London

The number one – for the ranking and, if we want, also the pedigree in Italy, starting from Three segments of the Gambero Rosso Guide – Ciro Salvo remains with the 50 Kalò London. "The master of dough", the master of the dough: that's how the British media call the 42-year-old Neapolitan, who is also very good at topping. His creations foresee as in the mother house of Piazza Sannazzaro in Naples – where there is a perennial queue to have a table – only Italian ingredients from the best producers. We add that the local al 7 Northumberland Avenue (Westminster) it is large and trendy: the success among Londoners is not surprising. But even a Neapolitan Doc will find nothing to complain about.

10 ways to dirty less dishes (and don't worry about washing them) – Italian Cuisine

10 ways to dirty less dishes (and don't worry about washing them)

Here are all the rules to follow in order to have less dirty dishes and enjoy the after dinner relaxation without worries

How many times have we given up cooking an extra dish at the thought of the dishes and the hob to be washed? Stand bent over the sink to descale, clean, rinse and dry dishes it is not a popular activity. Especially after dinner, when you just want to relax.

But the solution is neither to not cook nor to eat with disposable dishes. We can indeed work on prevention: that is, following simple rules to develop the method suitable for dirtying few dishes.

Use the same cutting board on both sides

After cutting on one side, dry it with a sheet of absorbent paper, turn it and proceed with cutting the second preparation. If you can cut dry and soft foods in the right sequence, cleaning operations may not be necessary between each cut.

Optimize the accessories

The same accessory can have many functions: with a knife you can clean the vegetables, crush the garlic and peel without necessarily using more specific objects.

The soak container

The dirtiest utensils can be immersed after use in a basin with hot soapy water. In this way the scale will not form and will be easier to clean.

A tactical bowl

Use a steel bastard in which to store the lightly soiled utensils that you have used in the preparations: from here they can be easily recovered since they will remain visible and will not get too dirty as instead happens in the sink.

The measuring cups

The containers for measuring food can be used for all foods if care is taken to start with flours, salt, sugar and dry ingredients, leaving the ones that leave residues last.

All in a pot

If you have to boil some vegetables and cook rice or pasta, do it in the same pot. Start obviously from the vegetables that you will immerse in boiling salted water. Remove them, drain them and then proceed with pasta or rice that are then put on the fire because they release starch.

All in one pan

By calculating the right cooking times, you can prepare the main course in just one pan. For example, meat or fish and braised vegetables will allow you to soil just one pot.

Cover the pan

If you have to toast bread, dried fruit or other foods that require delicate cooking, you can do this by coating the base with aluminum foil.

Study the recipe

Some preparations require many steps and following them step by step leads us to use many bowls and utensils. We try to optimize them by combining immediately the ingredients that will be cooked in the same pot with the same timing.

The graduated glass

To measure liquids, use the same graduated cup: a quick passage under the water between one measurement and another will be sufficient.

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