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Panettone World Cup Summer Edition: the winner – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

Panettone World Cup Summer Edition: the winner

As per tradition, panetùn triumphs in the Milanese area. The winner of the Panettone Summer Edition World Cup, the summer competition that combines the fragrance of panettone with the creaminess of ice cream, is in fact a pastry shop in the province of Milan.

The evening took place on Saturday 18 May in the suggestive setting of the Porto Antico of Genoa and saw the presence of the Maestro Giuseppe Piffaretticreator of the Panettone World Cup, with the collaboration of the master Eugenio Morrone champion of the “Gelato World Cup” 2020 edition. There was also an insight into the city’s traditional dessert, Pandolce Genovese, which for the occasion also became an ice cream flavor that was offered free of charge to the public together with the flavors proposed by the candidates.

The ice cream pastry chefs presented two panettones, either of their own production or in collaboration with a pastry chef: one filled with ice cream, sorbet and semifreddo, the other decorated with a sports theme.

Who won the Panettone World Cup Summer Edition 2024?

The winner of the second edition of the Panettone World Cup Summer Edition was Gian Paolo Porrino from the The art of dessert pastry shop in Vittuone (Milan). The master ice cream maker took the first step of the podium by convincing the prestigious jury invited to evaluate the aesthetics of the product, the correct tasting temperature combined with the panettone and the filling, the cleanliness of the cut and the internal structure as well as the taste.

The winner of the Summer Edition will once again be the protagonist during the world final of the Panettone World Cup which will take place in Milan from 8 to 10 November 2024 where the best panettone in the world will compete.

The other winners

Runner up Emanuele Alvaro of the “I Dolci di Emanuele” ice cream shop in Rome, a young but already award-winning ice cream maker who has his own excellent ice cream shop in Campo de’ Fiori.

Third place Salvatore Ravese from Gioia Tauro (Reggio Calabria) who manages the ice cream shop together with his family and his qualified staff in the heart of Calabria.

The public award for the best themed decorated panettone “Genoa, European capital of sport 2024” was the duo Giovanni Cancelliere from Cancelliere – Bar Pasticceria Gelateria and Simone Monaco from Mamò Lab, the artisanal ice cream parlor in Rome.

The jury

The best “summer edition” panettone was decreed by a prestigious jury, composed of Onorio Vitti, ambassador of “Italian artisanal ice cream in the world”; Angelo Grasso, master ice cream maker and Bravo spa technician; Giuseppe Zerbato, winner of the 2023 edition; Luciana Poliotti, ice cream historian and founder of the “Ice Cream World Cup” event; Paola Bordilli the councilor for Commerce and Crafts of the Municipality of Genoa; Filippo Tagliafico, president of the Fipe-Confcommercio Genoa pastry shop association, Massimiliano Spigno, president of Confesercenti Genoa ice cream makers, Francesco Mastroianni APEI master ice cream maker.

Genoese Pesto World Championship 2024: the winner – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

The 10 finalists of the Genoese Pesto World Championship

How the selections for the Genoese Pesto World Championship take place

A long journey: before the final they were held at the Palazzo Ducale in Genoa 24 qualifying matches, of which 13 in Italy and 11 abroad, between France, England, Spain, Holland, the United States, Niger and South Africa and Brazil. Races that brought together cooks of all ages who have chosen to try their hand at this ancient gastronomic art partly by chance and partly out of passion, for cooking and for Italy.

The competitors

This year’s youngest contestant was Nicolò Di Girolamo23 year old Roman student and rapper, known to the television audience for having also been among the contestants of the edition of the program Friends by Maria De Filippi of 2022. The oldest competitor, however, a Genoese veteran of the championship who turns 90 this year: Mrs. Maria Carbone. With them professionals, artisans, managers, but also chefs and doctors, of which 80 Italians and 20 foreigners.

Maria Carbone, the oldest competitor of this edition of the Genoese Pesto World Championship

How to participate in the Mortar Genoese Pesto World Championship

And even if Mattia Bassi won, ultimately everyone was the protagonist of the party. One of those cases where the important thing is to really participate. If you want to do it too, know that in a few days the qualifying races for the next world championship will begin, in 2026. The first will be on April 6th in Milan. All the info on www.pestochampionship.it

The new issue of Vanity Fair is directed by Oscar winner Paolo Sorrentino – Italian Cuisine

The new issue of Vanity Fair is directed by Oscar winner Paolo Sorrentino

An innovative multimedia operation halfway between cinemas and publishing that launches a provocation: phase 4

The Oscar award Paolo Sorrentino is the artistic director in the new issue of Vanity Fair, on newsstands from May 20. In the hands of the director, the newspaper becomes a screenplay, a film that writes a stellar cast of actors, artists and personalities as writers. The project is inspired by La Grande Bellezza, the director's masterpiece awarded by the Academy Award in 2014, and is developed following an innovative multimedia operation, halfway between cinema and publishing.

First of all the cover, a crowd of pink flamingos photographed at night on the Spanish Steps by Alex Majoli with Paolo Sorrentino: an iconic and surreal vision that announces the "Phase 4", dreamlike but programmatic moment to think about the future after the lockdown and the first attempts to restart. Everyone is called to imagine their own Phase 4. For Sorrentino, this phase coincides with the myth of the Great Italian Beauty, treasure and opportunity, an ocean of excellence to look at and from which to draw any hypothesis of rebirth. For readers who watch it, it is a call to commitment and imagination: everyone can send their vision of the future using the hashtag # phase4 and describing their dream for tomorrow with a photograph.

The contents of the issue will be enriched by some videos documenting the director's long work, all shot in the eternal city during the lockdown. For this special issue, the city of Rome has exclusively opened some of its major cultural institutions for reportage and artistic performances organized by Vanity Fair together with Paolo Sorrentino, documented in the issue and in the videos. Among these, the Borghese Gallery and the Opera House.

Great personalities of the international star system contributing to the number, who tell personal experiences, suggestions or memories related to Italian beauty: Sharon Stone, Jennifer Lawrence, Willem Dafoe, Christoph Waltz, Jude Law, Wes Anderson, Jane Fonda, John Malkovich, Rachel Weisz is Woody Harrelson.

Italian fashion is also the protagonist: the designer Alessandro Michele participates in the operation by dialoguing with Achille Lauro on the role of beauty in today's culture.

For contemporary art, however, Marina Abramović he created an exclusive work by answering a question from the director.

Isabella RosselliniFinally, it adds to the stellar cast of the issue by telling the parable of one's beauty: from the memories of parents Ingrid Bergman and Roberto Rossellini to success as an icon in the world of beauty and cinema, up to the new commitment as an activist, popularizer and emblem of a new inclusive and feminist aesthetic.

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