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Brain always at the top? Here are some foods to keep it always shiny – Italian Cuisine

From 11 to 17 March the World Brain Week is celebrated. Here's what to eat to keep you fit and healthy at any age

With advancing age it is normal that due to the decay of nerve cells the brain age and become less snappy. Many problems, however, could be prevented by having a greater care in the course of life. According to data from the Italian Society of Neurology in Italy are about 5 million people who suffer from neurological diseases. World Brain Week is celebrated to sensitize these diseases and their prevention from 11 to 17 March. In many cases these disorders can be prevented by correcting lifestyles, includingsupply.
In fact, some foods are rich in nutrients that can help protect brain health and prevent disease. Let's see with the help of the Nutritionist Nicoletta Bocchino, which are.

What to eat to keep your mind young

"At the table, go-ahead for the foods they contain essential fats, including the precious ones Omega 3, which protect against the damaging action of free radicals by protecting neurons from aging. Blue fish, oil seeds and nuts are rich. They have an excellent antioxidant and anti-aging action even the rich foods of C vitamin like citrus and kiwi, Vitamin E is vitamin A, like seasonal fruits and vegetables, "explains the nutritionist.

Brain always at the top? Dark chocolate.
Brain always at the top? Dark chocolate.

The foods are ok for the nervous system

In the daily menus you should not miss the tryptophan. "This amino acid," says Nicoletta Bocchino, "of which wholegrain cereals and legumes are particularly rich, favors the production of serotonin, the neurotransmitter of well-being. Yes also ai minerals that promote good oxygenation of the brain like potassium is magnesium, which are excellent sources of seasonal fruit and vegetables and those that support the proper functioning of the nervous system as zinc is phosphorus of which the fish is rich .

Would you like to know more? Discover in the gallery the other foods that are good for the brain

Top cake recipes for February

We’ve rounded up the top cake recipes for February 2013, as voted by you. From simple cupcakes to fancy Valentine’s treats, we’ve got lots of delicious cake recipes to keep you busy this month.

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Along with all our top tips, you’ll be perfecting your cake-baking skills in no time.

Don’t forget, if you see any recipes you like, to start your very own online recipe book and get saving. It’s so simple to start your own and you’ll be saving in no time.

Happy baking!

Diet-friendly spices: the top five for burning fat and getting back into shape – Italian Cuisine

Not yet disposed of the pounds taken during the Christmas holidays, we are ready to accumulate calories and dietary vices with Carnival. But then start remorse, because it is not always easy to get rid of excess weight and fat assimilated.
So, why not resort to some trick, for example accompanying healthy eating and hypocaloric with intelligent condiments, like le spices, which can be a useful complement to eat well and keep fit?
We deepen with the doctor Raffaella Melani, nutritionist biologist, which are the most strategic ones to carry out the good intentions for the new year!

The queen of spices "burns fat": the chili.

120911First of all there is the chili pepper. In fact, it contains capsaicin, a chemical substance responsible for the characteristic burning, with beneficial effects for weight management. Tell the story Melani "A 2012 scientific study on pepper consumption collected data showing the quality of red peppers in weight management, resulting from increased heat production (thermogenesis) and increased fat oxidation. more recently, it has been seen how a daily consumption of capsaicin can contribute to weight loss through the reduction of energy intake and through the regulation of satiety ".
On the market, there is a good assortment of spices containing capsaicin: there are common peppers, Cayenne pepper, jalapenos, habanero, sweet paprika and Tabasco. All of these spicy spices are easily accessible and can be stored for long periods of time.

Not just spicy: Turmeric counteracts abdominal fat and reduces cholesterol

169398Another very precious spice is the turmeric.
Used as an agent anti-inflammatory and considered effective against pain in gastro-intestinal disorders and menstrual problems, owes its qualities to curcumin. Clarifies the Doctor: "Curcumin is the active ingredient of turmeric and some scientific research suggests that this molecule can regulate the lipid metabolism and that it is also useful for disposing of abdominal fat. It also helps reduce cholesterol and triglyceride levels ".

Cinnamon: to increase metabolism and reduce blood sugar

13881Intense flavor, rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals: cinnamon is a true passe-partout. This tasty spice can be used in sweet and savory dishes and also boasts the ability to increase metabolism. This spice increases insulin sensitivity by reducing blood sugar – both key components to losing weight and above all useful for diabetes management.

Mustard: to flavor the dishes

147171Tasty, perfect to flavor meat and also diet.
Mustard it does not just add taste to the dishes! mustard seeds also increase the metabolic rate by 25% which means that adding less than a teaspoon of mustard to the meal can result in the combustion of 45 extra calories per hour. Points out Melani "A research published last year considers it a useful natural reagent for the treatment of obesity".

Cumin, to reduce fat mass and waist centimeters

163479Studies show that only 1 teaspoon of this spice per day can increase weight loss results (helping to lose 3 times more body fat). "Furthermore, this spice supports the management of the cholesterol reducing the "bad" one and the risk of coronary problems. cumin manages to balance blood sugar levels by lowering blood glucose levels as antidiabetic drugs, "clarifies the nutritionist.On an experimental study of overweight women has also decreased the amount of fat mass, reducing the cm of waist circumference.

The diet as a whole is fundamental

In conclusion, however, it should be emphasized that no spice can be decisive to lose weight if it is not accompanied by proper nutrition. "The results are obtained when conscious and lasting food choices are implemented, or we rely on the advice of a professional who directs us towards balanced and personalized solutions to live better and stay fit".

Elisa Nata
January 2019