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Eat with tonic water and ginger beer: why not? – Italian Cuisine

Here is the project that combines the dishes of the Roman brand Mercerie by chef Igles Corelli with the Royal Bliss premium mixer range. For a special food pairing that is not afraid to dare

Haute cuisine is creative mixology they have a lot, a lot in common. Because the rules of the game in which they move seem to be substantially the same: starting from quality ingredients and reinvent them in a new way, combining them to give a sensory experience to be discovered. In other words, daring without any fear of experimenting or breaking down prejudices. He knows it well Royal Bliss, the new premium range of tonics and mixers with a highly sought-after profile, which to reaffirm its revolutionary spirit has decided to jump off the bar and land at the table. Not just any table, to tell the truth, but that of Knitting, the Roman project of high street food signed by the multi-starred chef Igles Corelli.

A revolutionary combination

Here then is that the meeting between Royal Bliss and the proposals of Mercerie takes place in the light of a food pairing who wants to break through the wall of conventions. The dishes, in this case, are combined with a range of tonics with shades that are anything but conventional. Starting from "Lasagna", a candy with a soft heart and a crunchy bow perfect to accompany a special toast. "The lasagna is tied to one of the most vivid memories of my childhood," says chef Igles Corelli about his dish. – When I was a child and the lasagna came to the table, they fought to win the most crunchy parts. So when the kitchen became my job I decided to create a mini portion that would satisfy everyone: very crunchy on the outside, very soft on the inside . Here then is that this wonderful recipe of nostalgic charm is projected into the present – and why not, into the future – from the combination with the proposals of Royal Bliss. But the gastronomic adventure is not over.

For each dish his Royal Bliss

Lasagnetta aside, the menu of Mercerie by Igles Corelli finds in three of its recipes just as many meeting points with Royal Bliss's premium tonics. In particular, the Yuzu cheese and pepper is combined with Royal Bliss Exotic Yuzu Taste Sensation Tonic Water: the freshness and acidity of the Yuzu tonic, a common ingredient in the dish and in the glass, go to lighten the strong tones of the pecorino, recreating a pleasant contrast on the palate. THE'Amatriciana with balsamic vinegar, instead, it is proposed in combination with Royal Bliss Creative Tonic Water, which with the bitter but at the same time sweet tones, manages to balance the strong and aromatic flavor of the amatriciana, enriched by the bittersweet tones of balsamic vinegar. Finally, the Codfish creamed with cuttlefish ink goes hand in hand with Royal Bliss Seductive Ginger Beer Taste. In this case, the refreshing and slightly spicy ginger transforms the creamed cod into an exotic and modern dish. Reinventing it in a simple but effective way. The collaboration between Royal Bliss and Mercerie's premium street food will unfold through a series of events between Milan and Rome, which can be followed directly through the Royal Bliss Instagram profile.

How to prepare a Grand Tonic and 5 other cocktails dreaming of the Caribbean – Italian Cuisine

How to prepare a Grand Tonic and 5 other cocktails dreaming of the Caribbean

Cognac and exotic bitter oranges meet in the Grand Marnier, a liqueur that is ready to give its best this spring when mixed in fresh and decisive cocktails. Here's how to prepare them

The beauty of classic cocktails is that they take you away from the embarrassment of choice when you arrive at a bar in a club. Gin Tonic, Old Fashion, Mai-Tai and Margarita, are words that come out of our mouths automatically, as if they were part of us, of our language and our desires. Perfect habits to toast, pass in time with friends or break the ice with those we do not know, but also to understand something from the first glance.
Just think of theUnderstanding that automatically takes between two people ordering the same cocktail or the curiosity that leads us to listen to the orders of others while we wait for our drink. And although what we know is perfect to cuddle us and protect ourselves from repentance, the risk of settling in a comfort zone and getting bored is high.
Why not conjure up it by revisiting the great classics? The interesting proposal comes from Grand Marnier, the famous liqueur produced by the company established by Jean-Baptiste Lapostolle in 1827. Created in 1880 with the name of Curaçao Marnier is produced from the union of a great French cognac with the exotic aroma of the peels of Citrus Bigardia, particular bitter oranges read in the Caribbean lands (the orchards are mainly found in Haiti) before complete ripening. It is the sun of the Caribbean to dry them so that they can best release the aromatic oils that characterize them and that will transform the French cognac, with the help of sugar, into one of the most famous liqueurs in the world.
And it is just thinking of the Caribbean sun and the overwhelming energy that you breathe in these lands guarded by the crystal clear sea that we have prepared 6 aromatic and carefree cocktails. We recommend siping them enjoying the first warmth of the evening, perhaps while planning the next trip to sun-kissed lands.

For the aperitif

Here are three cocktail recipes light, aromatic and fresh perfect to taste before dinner or accompanied by appetizers. To do something different, we advise you to accompany them to del fried platanus (if you do not find it, you can substitute it with slightly bitter bananas), perhaps served with a primosale-type fresh cheese.

Grand Tonic
Ingredients: 50 ml of Grand Marnier Cordon Rouge, tonic water, ice, a slice of orange, raspberries to decorate
Method: pour the ice cubes into the Gin Tonic glass (the very large cup that the bartenders call baloon glass) and add the Grand Marnier. At this point pour tonic water and mix well before completing the cocktail with the orange slice and the raspberry.

Grand Margarita
Ingredients: 30 ml of Grand Marnier Cordon Rouge, 30 ml of tequila, 20 ml of lemon juice, ice, lime
Procedure: as for traditional Margarita, pour on a saucer of fine salt. Cut a lime slice, put it on the edge of the glass and let it flow so as to wet it with the juice. Cut another slice of lime that you will need to garnish and flip and the glass so as to adhere salt to the edge wet with juice. Pour into a shaker the Grand Marnier, tequila, lemon juice and ice and pour into the glass after shaking. Garnish with the lime slice.

Grand Mai-Tai
Ingredients: 30 ml of Grand Marnier Cordon Rouge, 60 ml of Appleton Estate Signature Blend rum, 15 ml of orzata, 15 ml of lemon juice, ice, a slice of lime, mint and a tuft of pineapple to garnish
Method: shake all liquid ingredients with ice, pour into a narrow, tall glass and garnish with lime, mint and pineapple leaves.

After dinner

Freshness, bitter notes and an enveloping taste. The Grand Marnier can be served with an ice cube as a digestive liqueur, but it is also the perfect base for intense and aromatic cocktails. Also in this case the theme of the revisitations of the great classics works and invites us to dare inspired by the best mixologists. The extra touch? There orange peel in the glass, perhaps cut so subtly to be wrapped around itself.

Grand Old Fashioned
Ingredients: 30 ml of Grand Marnier Cordon Rouge, 30 ml of Wild Turkey 101 Bourbon Whiskey, 3 drops of aromatic bitter, ice, orange peel rolled up for garnish
Procedure: First of all pour the drops, the Grand Marnier and the Whiskey into the glass. Add the ice and mix until it is cold and well mixed. Garnish with the orange peel that we will squeeze on the surface of the cocktail to release the aromatic oils.

Grand Sidecar
Ingredients: 50 ml of Grand Marnier Cordon Rouge, 20 ml cognac, 20 ml of lemon juice, ice
Procedure: pour into the Grand Marnier shaker, cognac, lemon juice and ice. Shake well and pour into the cup.

Grand Collins
Ingredients: 50 ml of Grand Marnier Cordon Rouge, 15 ml of lemon juice, seltz, ice, rolled orange peel and raspberries for garnish
Procedure: pour the ice into the glass, add the Grand Marnier and lemon juice. Finally pour the seltz, mix well and serve with the orange peel and raspberry topping.

In the gallery above, all the cocktails to get inspired to prepare them with the most suitable glass and the gaskets to make them special.

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