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In Milan for tea with … Gucci and Jimmy Choo – Italian Cuisine

The 5 o'clock tea with Jimmy Choo or the one at the Gucci Club? Two glam addresses (for now) in the Quadrilatero della Moda. Between music, flowers and delicious mini bags, all to bite

In the beginning it was Anne Mary Stanhope, lady-in-waiting to Queen Victoria, who started in 1841 one of the most beloved Old England traditions in the world: 5 pm tea. In the beginning it provided that the tea, without sugar and with milk, was accompanied by a soft cake and bread. Things evolved and after 1870, the custom was cleared from the aristocratic palaces to all social classes with the title of afternoon tea.

Typical of large hotels, among the London cult addresses we find it masterfully served at Brown's Hotel in London, where Queen Victoria herself went.

In Milan the trend evolves with a glamorous note in two (temporary) addresses for this autumn

With the it-bag and heel 12: Jimmy Choo at the Four Seasons Hotel

For lovers of the iconic American shoe and accessories brand, from 14 October to 4 November There is the Jimmy Choo Tea Bar at Bar Stilla, inspired by the creations of the famous American fashion brand and its stiletto sandals so loved by celebrities. The initiative is from the historic Four Seasons Hotel in Milan which every Thursday, from 3 to 6 pm, offers a classic English tea in a glam version with a splash full of sweet and savory delights crowned by iconic models by Jimmy Choo reproduced in the form of small sweet single portions: there is the Cloud vanilla cake, the Madeleine bag chocolate and the reproduction of the pump Saresa. All decorated with edible crystals and the JC monogram. The credit is due to the skill of the pastry chef Daniele Bonzi which also offers a variety of finger sandwiches, fruit tartlets and a variety selection of teas, champagne and cocktails. Try the one with the hibisscus flower, pink in color and the spectacular corollas dried in the flute.

Daniele Bonzi, pastry chef Four Season Milan.
Daniele Bonzi, pastry chef Four Season Milan.

At the Circolo di Gucci between music and floral installations

Moving a little, inside the magnificent Palazzo Gallarati Scotti in via Borgospesso, also in the heart of the Quadrilatero della Moda, inaugurated the first Gucci Circle, a temporary "experiential format" (until the end of November) that will soon arrive in London and Berlin as well. Inside there is also a bright tea room full of greenery and flowery installations where you will be served on armchairs and sofas from the Gucci Décor line, detaching from the hectic life of Milan. The experience is articulated in a series of exhibition rooms to be experienced as a narrative space through the various chapters of the Aria collection, designed by Alessandro Michele and presented in April 2021. It starts with "Gucci 100" and, in a succession of installations that reflect and enhance the uniqueness of the Maison's aesthetic, ends with the presentation of "The Hacker Project".

The experience continues in the listening lounge, or rather a listening room that celebrates the deep bond of the historic Florentine brand with music. Inside, guests, surrounded by exhibitors full of vinyls, can immerse themselves in the songs of some of the friends of the House: Harry Styles, Sir Elton John, Florence Welch, Achille Lauro and many others; also they can download a playlist created on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Maison, take a photo inside the photo booth that reproduces effects inspired by the fantasies of the 100 collection and have fun with the Gucci Arcade video games.

Continuing the path, you have the opportunity to tread the catwalk of the Aria fashion show, reproduced in the center of the second room, accompanied by neon lights, flashes and cameras, and then magically find oneself among the scents and flowers of an enchanted garden.

Who knows if Queen Elizabeth would approve of this deviation from traditions. Certainly there is no lack of lack of elegance.

Jimmy Choo Four Seasons Milan.
Jimmy Choo Four Seasons Milan.

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Sipping 5 o'clock tea. The ancient British ritual from the 19th century to today. – Italian Cuisine

Sipping 5 o'clock tea. The ancient British ritual from the 19th century to today.

"I'll wait for you at home for a tea", a classic invitation to the afternoon which makes us think of a meeting between friends, a delightful meeting place in which to exchange a chat. But this custom that we have inherited over time and changed according to our beliefs, is born two centuries ago by the will of the seventh Duchess of Bedford, in England. The British in fact, at that time, used to consume only two meals a day, lunch and dinner. But the Duchess, impatient, due to the numerous attacks of hunger, asked a waiter to serve her you accompanied by sweets just before 17. This experience was so appreciated by the Duchess Anna, who decided to repeat it every day. So it was that she began, shortly thereafter, to invite friends and acquaintances to join her.

But unfounded those of you who have never identified with an elegant one lady of the nineteenth century, who wearing white satin gloves sips skillfully, with the little finger up, a cup of tea? Like the loyal English customers of Library Lounge of the Marriott County Hall of London overlooking Westminster Bridge. Where with its beige armchairs and the pretty round tables covered with pink placemats, it seems to travel a journey through time, when the tea rooms, in the early twentieth century, Were occupied by distinguished gentlemen and bourgeois women, used to exchange the latest gossip between a sip of hot and aromatic drink and a fragrant pastry.

It is called the 5 o'clock tea but in reality in all the places, especially the English ones, it is served between 15.30 and 17.00, to always maintain a certain detachment from the two main meals. Black, more classic, green, preferred by health lovers, flavored, spicy or fruity, the range is very rich, but the classic ones, like Earl Gray or Darjeelings they never set. But never be seen with the one in the bag, it would be practically an offense … the classic tea, the original one, is that bulk. Also wanting to always respect the Anglo-Saxon tradition, you can taste it with the milk which must be poured strictly before tea. A little contrary to what happens with coffee. But do you know why? It is thought that the custom arose from the need not to stain and crack the porcelain, pouring the cold milk first.

Afternoon Tea, by now, from an informal meeting it has transformed into a social event that has been taken up a bit all over the world. But the focus remains a London where you can treat yourself to a nice gift taking tea in the most elegant and exclusive places of the English capital. And it is precisely upon entering that you should pay attention to kit. Very important element that enriches the magical atmosphere. Cups, saucers, teaspoons, strainers and above all the pot-bellied teapots under the lid, with the spout ready to let down its amber or jade liquid … A sciccheria! This refined service comes to light and is admired by all diners. But let's not forget that in this tradition there are two types of Afternoon Tea: the "Low Tea ", which is accompanied by typical sweets and canapés and "Hight Tea", which is instead consumed alongside a real meal, which the British replace dinner.

Honey biscuits for five o'clock tea – Italian Cuisine

Honey biscuits for five o'clock tea

Prepare many to enjoy when you want or to give as a gift at Christmas! Here is the recipe (and many ideas to embellish and package them)

Delicious and soft Honey biscuits: what's better to indulge in a mid-afternoon cuddle, perhaps accompanying them to the five o'clock tea, but also for breakfast or after dinner?

Sugar-free cookies

In these biscuits there is none sugar among the ingredients, but there is plenty of honey and the dough is enveloping and tasty.
The pastry is soft in the heart and crunchy on the outside, buttery, scented with orange and lemon, sweet and rustic.
You can use the honey of your choice although in our opinion with the wildflower or with the Acacia's honey always play it safe.
If you love intense flavors, try the chestnut honey.

How to make honey cookies: the recipe


250 g of flour 00
150 g of potato starch
150 g of honey
2 eggs
5 g of baking powder
a pinch of salt
grated peel of half a lemon and half an untreated orange
90 g of cold butter cut into small pieces


Prepare the pastry for the biscuits by mixing the cold butter with the flour, starch and yeast.
Then add the honey, eggs and citrus peel.
Work well with your hands and only at the end add a pinch of sugar which serves to enhance the taste of honey by contrasting it.
Once you have a compact and uniform shortcrust pastry, let it cool in the refrigerator for a couple of hours wrapped in plastic wrap.
After the time has elapsed, roll it out and cut it out, or take some balls of dough and make round biscuits which you will then lightly crush with your hands on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper.
Cook them at 180 ° for 15-20 minutes in a hot static oven.

How to make honey cookies the perfect Christmas gifts

If you want to give these cookies to Christmas, enrich the dough with raisins, walnuts or with brazil nuts which are particularly buttery, or those of Macadamia, very tasty.
You can also add spices, like ginger and cinnamon, and you can give your biscuits a particular shape of chamberlains, sapling or starlet.
You can also glaze them if you want to make them special, with one icing made from egg white and lemon or orange juice or with del dark chocolate.
Pack them in tin boxes well covered with tissue paper or kitchen paper and gift them with good tea or another particular hot drink. An excellent accompaniment can also be one grappa or a herbal digestive or honey.

Read the tutorial for some more tips on preparing these cookies

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