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Vissani shock: "To kill lambs you must always use …" – Italian Cuisine

Vissani shock: "To kill lambs you must always use ..."

The impressive words used by Gianfranco Vissani who chose to tell via radio how he kills Easter lambs

If at Easter the world is divided between those who eat lamb and those who don't, there is no doubt: chef Vissani is part of the first category. Like so many of us. In fact, lamb is an important ingredient in many regional traditions and it is customary to prepare a good dish for Easter. And even if the gourmet kitchen focuses on this meat to amaze guests and create dishes of great effect, there are those who go a little further. To do so was Gianfranco Vissani himself who, instead of being intrigued by the proposals based on lamb meat on his menu, told the microphones of Un giorno da pecora (broadcast on Radio 1) how he kills the animals. Provocation? Advertising found?
"I ordered for Easter twelve kids and twenty lambs. We really like the coratella … Me I take the smaller lambs because they are tastier .
At this point the conductors asked him if he didn't feel sorry for killing them he said: «No, because my father killed them with his bare hands. And I killed them too. It's like chicken or rabbit. Need always use a small knife that can reach the heart to release as much blood as possible, with a snap, so that the meat remains white .
Needless to say, the reactions did not take long.

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