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The new service, only at Harry's in Venice – Italian Cuisine

The art of hospitality, which has always been the seal of Arrigo Cipriani's style, boasts unexpected novelties. Let's discover them with our Fiammetta Fadda

Devil of a man! At 89 years old (this year he turns 90), Arrigo Cipriani does not limit himself to arguing against the excessive power of the cooks, reiterating that the restaurateur's mission is to make the customer feel at ease by offering him a welcoming room in its (apparent) simplicity with perfect service. Indeed, it accepts the challenge of demonstrating that in that little hole of a few tens of square meters that is theHarry's Bar you can do a scene from 'Grand Restaurant'.

That is what everyone now talks about as the new future of catering, where the show is not in the food design inside the plate, but in the gestures of those who, at the table, know how to give a show by whipping a pasta, pinning a fish, cutting a roast- beef, kicking a bird.

You know Harry's? Impossible to be in Venice and not want to make a bet. I say want because, as far as power is concerned, it is a problem. There is no day, week, month, season of the year in which it is not overbooked and packed. At least for lunch or dinner, because, as for the aperitif, Arrigo has always liked the 'busier than that': at the bar on stools and standing, pressed against the entrance door. Of course: the mix of nationality, age, clothing, is irresistibly enjoyable, plus the share of Venetian regulars who enjoy the "friendly voice", or the privilege of a small discount on consumption.

The restaurant menu is a list of simple dishes (what could be simpler than a Carpaccio?), Good, in generous portions, which has never succumbed to the fashion of the tasting menu, for Arrigo a symbol of the chef's arrogance, because "knowing to welcome is to leave the guest free to choose ". And here too he was right, at first going against the trend, now at the forefront with his philosophy of offering flavors rich in identifying and recognizable roots. Tagliolini, risotto that follow the seasons, Venetian liver, the famous Scampi alla Carlina, Chicken curry with pilau rice.

But let's go back to the hall. You have ordered, let's say, the Risotto with radicchio, a classic of the house. In that room shared by the bar and restaurant, where there are no less than fifty people, in addition to the passage of those who leave or enter the room above, the waiter (elastic, sharp and certainly fit), brings and opens wide in front of you a folding table, you deposit the tray with the soup of the risotto, the accessories to finish it, the hot dishes; completes the preparation, places it on the plates and serves it to you. Everyone is watching, and you are part of the show too. Then, to the dessert, the grand finale: after clearing the table, the waiter reappears holding a new tablecloth stretched out in front of him: he carefully rolls it up, unrolls it delicately on the table which is now ready for the last act. We are at the level of sleight of hand. Applause.

Harry's Bar – San Marco 1323 – Venice, Italy 30124
Open from Friday to Tuesday from 12:00 to 23:00

5 mountain chalets in South Tyrol with restaurant service – Italian Cuisine

5 mountain chalets in South Tyrol with restaurant service

Between mountain chalets and tree houses, here is a selection of hotels in the mountains, easily reachable by car, which guarantee solutions for maximum privacy and security

Never like this year we wish we could travel safely and stay in close contact with nature to enjoy some serenity. The autumn and winter period is the right opportunity to admire the foliage in the mountains and experience days of well-being in facilities that have all the comforts, but which are isolated and surrounded by greenery.

Purmontes – Val Pusteria

The exclusive Purmontes, located in Mantana, a small town in the Pusteria Valley, has only 5 luxury chalets – suites, on a total area of ​​20,000 m², for a maximum of 20 people in total.

Each chalet, which has a living area ranging from a minimum of 80 to 130 m² and a private outdoor area ranging from 100 to 290 m², boasts a personal pool and in each suite there is also a large Jacuzzi with an original scenography: the lights next to the tub look like flames (it is a game of red LED light that is reflected in the steam, creating the illusion of having a real own fire).

Ideally, you don't even have to go out to eat… room service is available all day, just as breakfast, afternoon snacks and dinner can also be served in the comfort and privacy of your own chalet.

Each suite also has its own private dock that reaches the central lake, a small body of natural mountain water.

The Purmontes also has a private riding stable, which allows you to take your horse on vacation to explore the surroundings with him. Or trained horses are available for private riding lessons at all levels.

Chalet Salena – Valle di Casies

The Valle di Casies, in South Tyrol, is a perfect place for those who love to experience the mountains in peace, preferring long walks, snowshoeing or cross-country skiing.
Here, under the same ownership as Hotel Quelle, there are 6 brand new chalets / suites that offer tailor-made services for everyone.

Each suite is equipped with a Jacuzzi and fireplace and has dimensions starting from approximately 90m², plus outdoor spaces. The rich breakfast is always served in the room and it is possible every day to have a home catering service with typical dishes directly from the kitchen of the main hotel: stuffed crescents, pork ribs, dumplings and other South Tyrolean delicacies.

Each day, Sarah's "sweet surprise" is left in the refrigerator, a dessert created by the chef de patisserie of the Hotel Quelle, as well as the hostess.

Chalet Pföesl – New Ponente

These chalets immersed in 30 hectares of lawn and woods are a completely ecological structure. Owned by the Pföesl hotel in Nova Ponente, it is one of the few certified hotels in Europe Klimahotel , a quality seal awarded to sustainable structures that are attentive to the environment and climate protection. The green criteria of the Pföesl hotel are also present in the kitchen and spa: open-air treatments with natural products.

In 2017, the hotel also inaugurated 3 independent chalets, on the edge of the forest, as if they were real hut houses in an elevated position above Pföesl. With a contemporary South Tyrolean design, bright and completely made with the fragrant local wood, pine and larch, they are furnished with the utmost care, with the use of natural fabrics and mountain loden.

Saint Luis – Avelengo, Merano

To get to this enchanted village, you pass through a small forest where you are greeted by chalets and tree houses that are reflected on a lake, in the middle of a sunny clearing surrounded by about 40 private hectares of larch and fir forest.

From this place, set in the scenery of the Avelengo plateau overlooking Merano, it is very easy to go and discover the surrounding nature: the paths for the most beautiful excursions begin right next to the door of the chalets.

All chalets are equipped with fireplace and private sauna, while the large clubhouse with spa is located in front of the mountain lake that extends over 5800 m², here we also find areas dedicated to relaxation and catering: bars, restaurants, wine cellar and cheeses.
In an area the size of a barn, dedicated to the pool, guests can immerse themselves in the heated water and enjoy the crackling fire of the adjacent fireplace, or prefer the outdoor pool or the Jacuzzi in the middle of the pond.

Adler Lodge Ritten – Renon, Bolzano

All the quality of a five-star hotel, in a more familiar and informal environment than its peers.
Adler Lodge Ritten is a brand new complex set in a forest, consisting of independent lodges, ideal for those looking for casual and understated luxury.

It is located very close to the city of Bolzano, but in the quiet of the sunny Renon plateau, at an altitude of 1200 meters. The lodges can be reached (as well as in 30 minutes by car from the center of Bolzano) also via a cable car and a short walk in the woods.

From the large windows of the lodges you can enjoy a complete overview of the spectacular Unesco heritage of the Dolomites. Some of these are located around a picturesque mountain lake.

The kitchen, led by chef Hannes Pignater, accompanies guests throughout the day with genuine and enchanting dishes, created with fresh zero-km products. The philosophy that guides his cuisine is given by the desire to rediscover local flavors and culinary traditions, preferring ingredients from the daily Tyrolean cuisine with the use of herbs, roots, tubers and vegetables supplied by small local producers.
Even for drinks, we rely on local producers: Renon mountain apple juice and the best spirits and liqueurs of the area, as well as the wine list, full of labels from small family-run wineries that for generations have been producing among the best South Tyrolean wines.

The Earth and the Sky, organic agriculture at the service of health – Italian Cuisine

A link with the deep and lasting land. Indeed, with the earth and the sky, because the cycle of agriculture is not only made up of cultivated lands but also of seasons that follow one another.

And it is from this circularity that, forty years ago, La Terra e il Cielo was born, one of the first companies in Italy to make organic a targeted and conscious choice. It was 1979 and the organic sector was, by the five pioneers of the company, a targeted and visionary ideological choice, not a passing fad.

Today as then, the products are part of an ecological and solidarity production cycle, constantly listening to nature and the environment at 360 degrees. With a charter of values ​​that testifies to the constant ethics and commitment, rewarded over time by projects like the one with the Nobel Peace Prize winner Rigoberta Menchu.

Pasta, the Earth and the Sky is biological by tradition, authentic by vocation.

The pasta 700 grains

From this attention and this awareness, but also from the constant research, 700 grains are born, the pasta produced with wholegrain semolina of at least seven hundred different varieties of durum wheat. Not a seed, therefore, but many coming from different plots that are then mixed to give life to a new evolutionary population of the grains. The idea is by the agronomists Salvatore Ceccarelli and Stefania Grando, researchers of the evolutionary populations and founders of the Rete Semi Rurali association. For years engaged in the study of alternative farming techniques, they support and follow experimental fields to create evolutionary mixtures also in the Marche Region. The goal is to develop solutions that are increasingly serving the health of the environment and people. Like pasta 700 grains, a nourishing, digestible, high protein content product, which collects the nutritional principles of each field on which it is grown, without approval.

The controlled supply chain

Upstream, a controlled and sustainable supply chain, which starts from the full traceability of raw materials, passing through controls and certifications that guarantee quality and safety. But also a transparent relationship with consumers and even earlier with small producers, with whom a responsible and equal working relationship is established, starting from always fair rewards.

Mill-milled flours

mill the earth and the sky

Soft wheat flour and whole wheat spelled flour are still ground at the ancient water mill in Piticchio di Arcevia, dating back to the 15th century. It is precisely here that the flours of La Terra and the Sky are born, respecting the traditions. Durum wheat semolina for bread and pasta, type 2 soft wheat flour (with less bran but with the same beneficial properties of the whole wheat), whole wheat wholemeal flour (with soft wheat grown in cooperative farms), the wholemeal spelled flour (stone ground with traditional techniques, thanks to which it retains all the nutritional characteristics of whole spelled; used alone or with other flours for the production of bread, pizza and sweets), type 0 soft wheat flour ( more suitable for pastry).

focaccia flour the earth and the sky

"Sow the future", the essay and the presentation

"Sow the future" is the title of the essay by Salvatore Ceccarelli and Stefania Grando which focuses on what must be the heart of organic agriculture, or a means to restore the environment, without being a privilege for the few but to contrary to a general practice aimed at the health of all. The starting point is the analysis of the current state of the food system, with one billion people suffering from hunger in the face of almost two billion people who eat too much and badly. Behind this food system there is an agriculture that while ensuring massive productions is neither sustainable nor resilient, thus moving away from both the environment and people.

On November 16th the book will be presented by the authors themselves to Senigallia at 6 pm at the Naturasì store.

Recipe with pasta 700 grains: strozzapreti with vegetables by chef Dario Pierandi

Ingredients for 4 people

350 g. strozzapreti 700 grains

500 g. of vegetables: string beans, fava beans, carrot, wild fennel barbetta, leek, shallot, garlic clove, oil, salt, chilli pepper, 5 small tomatoes.


Clean and cut the vegetables into cubes of the same size; in a pan add a little oil and start cooking with leek, garlic and shallots.

Add the cleaned and cut green beans into small pieces, adjust the salt, cover and continue cooking.

Cook the shelled fava beans separately from the skin and add the fennel and chilli.

Combine the two compounds once cooked.

Cook the pasta, drain it and add it to the vegetables. Stir in a little cooking water and serve.

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