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Reportage: inaugurates the Sale & Pepe Cooking School – Italian Cuisine


170121We are a group of kitchen, photography and writing enthusiasts, who in September participated in a course to become Food Blogger organized by Sale & Pepe in collaboration with Istituto Krisalide, Adecco and FormaTemp (in the picture we are, with our teacher Barbara Roncarolo) .

We were invited to the inauguration (Monday, January 21) of the new headquarters of the Salt & Pepper Cooking School (here the courses), born from the experience of the team of Laura Maragliano, director of Sale & Pepe and all the cookery titles of the
169776Gruppo Mondadori, who did the honors, welcoming everyone and cutting the symbolic red ribbon of this new space signed by Neff at Design Elements (via Lazzaretto 3 in Milan).

It does not seem true to us, it's our first time since foodblogger!

The Neff Store Collection space presents a contemporary design: on the ground floor on the left there is a large room with a very scenic location and a refined social table.

On the right a staircase leads to the kitchen stations on the lower floor and, in fact, to look at it well you realize that it is a sort of small and elegant tribune to observe the showcooking.

170106On the lower floor, behind the open kitchen for lessons and performances, there are eight positions for practical courses and, beyond, there is a room that can be used for theoretical courses and conferences. Here is everything a kitchen lover could wish for. Nothing is left to chance.

But let's get back to us.


We met outside the office but not everyone is still here, I (Gaia), usual impatient, I start to enter, you can breathe a convivial atmosphere, but at the same time a lot professional, in this new space that will be coordinated by Chef Eva Golia.

Waiting for my comrades to come I head to one of the positions, because attracted by a preparations of the Chef Michele Maino, a very scenic aperitif Flames with Turmeric on Champignon Baskets.

170103CI always like those brilliant ideas that should not be missing in the kitchen and I can not help but reflect on how the culinary art is able to satisfy all the senses, not just the palate. About the palate, the Chef has also delighted us with a Carnaroli risotto with marroni.

I arrive breathless at the Neff Concept Store. I'm Carlo and from the windows I see my companions: immediately I feel guilty, because I know that they are already active on the web, while my blog project is still alive only in my head.

170085Within and I find myself holding a steaming bowl: who offers it to me, smiles and proudly reveals that it is about Tagliatelle Cacio e Pepe with fake Chocolate Bottarga. The pasta was pulled by hand from Chef Eleonora De Marchi, while Chef Stefano Grandi he took care of the fine preparationle, the result is sublime. Don the other side of the space I see the director Laura Marigliano engaged in an interview. The looks cross with those of my classmates, sigh and I say "Welcome home". My foodie's soul rejoices.

Me too (Anna) I'm late, while IvanMy husband, who does not know any of my food blogger classmates, is already there!

170100I'm worried about finding it bewildered, and instead, when I arrive, I find it at ease with the friends of the course. In fact it is as if they already knew it: we are all active on social media, we have started the first online publishing projects and we follow each other. In short, the friendship between us has also been nourished.
By and I see that in the lower floor post, the one dedicated to the showcooking, the
Chef Patrizia Riggi is Paola Sgadari they are preparing the Vegetable spaghetti with prawns. I find myself fantasizing about the kitchen I would like, made of induction plates and retractable hoods.

170088Ivan is a good fork. Look at random he has both hands busy, holds two finger food prepared by Chef Stefano Grandi: a Veal Sashimi with Anchovy Perlage it's a Bruschettina with Tomatoes Confit and Caciocavallo Flambè, smile, thinking about our itinerant foodblogging project aboard a camper van. And we want to experiment and grow again.

I'm admiring it Chef Cristiano Bonolo while preparing a raw food dessert: Pralines of dried fruits, cocoa, dried figs and coconut flour.

170079My mates they are all distracted, so I (Raffaella) I call them to invite them to taste this delicacy, to which I would certainly combine a good glass of Gewürztraminer with white flowers of Aztec sugar, you know how wonderful? Yes, flowers are my passion and they are also the protagonists of the online project I started, after having attended the training course organized by Sale & Pepe. While I'm still reflecting on the development of my blog and the beautiful projects that we can start together with my teammates, a big applause broke out for the whole group of professionals of the team Salt & Pepper Cooking School. The evening ended, it's time to say goodbye.

As usual, Sale & Pepe has offered us that extra something that allows our culinary creativity to take off and, as Carlo says, in this new space we will all have the opportunity to experience interstellar journeys!

Gaia, Carlo, Anna & Ivan, Raffaella

Video by Antonio Gaviraghi

Cooking school: fondue, such as types – Italian Cuisine

Cooking school: fondue, such as types

Are you really sure you know what fondue is and get to know all the varieties from switzerland to bourguignonne?

For those who sinned in not knowing yet the fondue, here is a simple and clear review. After reading these lines, you will feel like you can not do without them anymore.

The historical and social value of the fondue

The fondue is certainly a traditional dish with a strong social charge, which awakens conviviality and appetite: all seated together at the same table, the meal takes place around a pot placed on a stove, where they are dipped with long forks or with skewers, pieces of meat, vegetables and bread or cheese, depending on the type of fondue. It is a recipe that you decide to make only in the presence of many people, just because it is suitable for being together, the frugal sense of the meal and the old rural tradition.

Swiss and Valle d'Aosta fondue

This is a typical dish of French-speaking Switzerland, very common due to its proximity to Piedmont and Valle d'Aosta. It is prepared with melted cheese, mainly with fontina, Emmental or Gruyere, white wine, milk, butter and spices. It is served in a common container where everyone dips their pieces of toasted bread with the appropriate forks. It is a course that must be eaten absolutely hot, in fact suitable for the climate of mountain villages.

Chinoise and bourguignonne

If the pot is instead full of broth, the fondue is called chinoise, if full of bourguignonne oil. This variant consists of meat cubes, usually beef fillet, cooked individually by the guests in the oil that boils on the appropriate alcohol stove, placed at the center of the table, and then flavored with the different sauces prepared.
Try to make the fondue bourguignonne at home: the pan should be filled with oil about halfway up, put on the gas with the lid and heated well for about 5-7 minutes. Then before bringing the pan to the table, throw a piece of stale bread or a small potato into the table stove, washed and dried very well: these are two small secrets that have a light degreasing function and also prevent the oil from splashing too much. Dip in hot oil pork, beef and chicken and accompany them with various sauces prepared in various bowls. You will be amazed by the delicious taste of this dish, try it! Enjoy your meal.

Are you curious? To learn how to make this and many other recipes at home, take one of our courses!

See the calendar with all the courses!

Texts by Giulia Ubaldi

Salt & Pepper Cooking School: discover the new location! – Italian Cuisine


A new home for the Cooking School of Sale & Pepe: open its doors – and the doors! – the space in via Lazzaretto 3, very convenient between the Central Station and Corso Venezia. The public is invited: readers, lovers of cooking, students in the kitchen, curious and intrigued citizens can participate, Monday January 21st from 6.30pm to 9.00pm, at the party of inauguration and Open Day of the school.

169737Master and landlady is of course the Director of Sale & Pepe Laura Maragliano. Enthusiastic about this new location and adventure, it tells the characteristics of the chosen place: «The brand store by Neff is a 'multisensory' space, at the forefront of design and technological development, designed for welcome all professionals and kitchen enthusiasts who will choose our brand to enjoy pleasant moments of creativity and fun in the kitchen. A journey into the taste of the culture and the pleasure of food, further enriched by the experience and professionalism of the chefs of Salt and pepper.

169773For the school they will be activated 8 individual positions for 16 participants, in this space equipped with areas for socialization and training, designed with the contemporary concept of "home lived" by the German manufacturer of high-quality built-in appliances.

The inauguration of January 21 will allow all fans of cooking to personally know the chefs, attend the showcooking held by chef-teachers and participate in tastings of the dishes departments offered by the Cooking School.

The 2019 novelties of the Cooking School

169740A school that makes school, that of Sale & Pepe, open for just over 3 years but with 30 of editorial experience behind it. And that will present at the Open Day courses and the events of the year. Courses as usual dedicated to the various types (from those active in evening hours for beginners or professionals to the courses dedicated to couples) and always kept by expert Italian and international chefs like Alice Balossi; Stefano Grandi; Patrizia Riggi; Cristiano Bonolo; Keiko Irimajiri; Eva Golia; Michele Maino and Paola Sgadari. But the 2019 reserve also one really innovative formula, light, rich sharing but not for this without teaching: i social lunch. They are courses developed in a "soft" mode of an hour and a half during the lunch break: the participants will follow the chefs in the preparation while they consume what is prepared in mode social eating.

169776And so the lunch break becomes a refreshing and fun moment, to meet new people as well as new recipes and cooking tips! Moreover, one Saturday a month will be proposed specialized routes of 8 hours, training courses related to food blogging and events open to the public.

Meanwhile, the small cooking schools grow. From his new one headquarters it will give further impetus to the development project on the territory launched last autumn, which includes the opening of other schools in the Sale & Pepe brand in Italy and abroad, first of all the newborn ELNÒS Kitchen by Salt and pepper at the ELNÒS Shopping Center in Roncadelle (Brescia): a structure of over 300 square meters, inaugurated in December and active 7 days a week with a rich calendar of courses and events.

The complete schedule of courses and appointments scheduled at the Cooking School of Salt and pepper is online at: www.scuoladicucina.it.

Carra Traverso Saibante
January 2019


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