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Cooking school: panna cotta, how to prepare it – Italian Cuisine

Cooking school: panna cotta, how to prepare it

Panna cotta is a perfect dessert for all occasions and all seasons: find out how to prepare it with the advice of our chefs!

Panna cotta is made from four ingredients: fresh cream, sugar, vanilla and isinglass. But how to put them together in the best way? Follow all the tips of our chefs at La Scuola de La Cucina Italiana, step by step!

How to make panna cotta?

Start to soak fish glue sheets in cold water. Then in a saucepan heat over low heat cream, sugar and vanilla pod previously scraped. After a few minutes, remove from the heat and dip the drained, squeezed and rehydrated fish glue sheets, about 16-18 grams per liter. Finally, fill a mold with the mixture, keep in the fridge to firm and … how about trying to flavor it?

Flavoring in progress

You can flavor your panna cotta with what you prefer, such as spices, herbs or fruit purees. If so, proceed as follows: filter with the sieve to remove the solid parts, or make layers, but remember that it is essential to let the panna cotta cool first. And be careful that the spilled liquid does not exceed 30 degrees: it could melt the previous layer!

Old style panna cotta

Did you know that in the past the panna cotta was made to thicken with the egg whites of theegg? All the ingredients were combined and brought at 70 degrees so that the egg whites coagulate.

Do you want to learn other little tricks and secrets in the kitchen? We are waiting for you at our School of Italian Cuisine. See the course calendar here.

Texts by Giulia Ubaldi

Summer cookery courses – The School of Italian Cuisine – Italian Cuisine

While you wait to go in holiday, jump in The School of Italian Cuisine to Milan. June and July are full of events and courses that will make you enjoy the best of summer, even if you are not on holiday yet.

First of all, if you want a little taste of our school, we are waiting for you lunch break "Midday Kitchen", available on selected dates. Click here to read the menus and book.
If instead you want to get into the heart of it, here are the four summer courses + one themed dinner that you absolutely can't miss. After all, summer is also in the scents and flavors of the kitchen!

Semifreddi & Parfait

A course to learn how to prepare fresh desserts perfect for the summer, using preparation techniques that can be replicated at home and using irresistible ingredients: mango and vanilla semifreddo; pistachio parfait with chocolate sauce and crunchy; coffee parfait; Strawberry Meringue. Book by clicking here.

Soups and creams: summer

Who said that soups are eaten only in winter? Discover here our proposals for fresh, light and tasty soups and creams.

Hamburger & CO

One of the most popular courses to learn how to prepare comes back for some special dates meat and fish burgers. It starts with homemade bread, to then find out which are the most winning combinations. Check out the dates by clicking here.

Regional cuisine: Sardinia

Sardinian cuisine arrives in Milan with some of its best traditional recipes. culurgiones, rut, seadas: impossible to resist! Book by clicking here.

Theme dinner: Sicily on the table

Not a cooking class, but a real one dinner prepared by our chefs, to say goodbye before the summer holidays with the flavors of Sicilian cuisine.
The menu is still secret: keep an eye on this page to find out as soon as it is revealed!

If these summer course proposals are not enough for you, we remind you of some dedicated to fish that will make you breathe sea air immediately: Fish menu, Fish appetizers, First courses of fish, Main courses of Fish and Sushi and Sashimi.
The best techniques to enhance fish according to the Italian tradition, but also to prepare raw fish according to the Japanese one.

You can find them all in the complete calendar, to consult here.

Discovering the Gavi with The School of Italian Cuisine – Italian Cuisine

Discovering the Gavi with The School of Italian Cuisine

From Friday 7 to Sunday 9 June it is a holiday! Where is it? TO Gavi, in the province of Alessandria, to discover the il Gavi Docg. We will be there too!

Di Gavi in ​​Gavi Festival

The Di Gavi in ​​Gavi Festival is an opportunity to learn about wine through events and tastings of the Gavi Docg, but also to enjoy the area in everything it can offer, including art, culture and traditional food. Many i places open to the public: golf clubs, resorts and wineries, the Archaeological Area of ​​Libarna and the pristine Protected Areas of the Piedmontese Apennines that reach Genoa.

This year the testimonial will be Antonella Clerici, which on Sunday 9 June will accompany court visitors to the court, to discover the producers of Gavi Docg and the specialties from the 11 municipalities that are part of the production area of ​​the Grande Bianco Piemontese.

Masterclass with La Scuola of La Cucina Italiana

Saturday 8 June at 17:00, a masterclass will be held with Andrea Gori (Intravino, Trattoria da Burde). You can discover Gavi in ​​its different types: Fermo, Riserva and Spumante. The tasting will explore the best combinations, through the preparations of Davide Negri, lecturer at La Scuola of La Cucina Italiana.

Masterclasses are held at La Lomellina di Gavi, Villa Raggio. Places are limited: only up to 50 seats, to be booked online by clicking here.

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