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The importance of water in nutrition: a precious resource – Italian Cuisine

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L’waterfall it is an essential resource for life, not only for our bodies, but also for the entire planet. The complex relationship between water and food reveals how this fundamental element directly influences our health, agriculture, the environment and the economy.

Water as an essential component of our body and the planet

L’Water makes up over 50% of our body, playing a crucial role in all biological processes. Not only our organism, but also the entire Earth is influenced by water, which covers most of its surface. This vital element is omnipresent, but not infinite. Its responsible management is essential to ensure the well-being of present and future generations.

Water in agriculture: a precious and often wasted resource

Agriculture is the sector that absorbs the majority of freshwater resources, constituting 70% of overall consumption. However, this usage is often inefficient. Sprinkler irrigation, widely used in large agricultural areas, requires large quantities of water, with a significant portion evaporating before reaching the soil. Furthermore, water collection and reuse are not common practices, while the use of pesticides, fertilizers and antibiotics in agriculture can cause pollution and contamination of water resources.

Food waste and its impact on water

In addition to the inefficiency in water management in agriculturefood is often wasted. Every year, 30% of the food produced is thrown away, wasting water equivalent to the water needs of New York City for the next twenty years. This double waste, of food and water, is unsustainable and requires greater awareness.

Drought, floods and the climate crisis: additional challenges

There climate crisis further complicates the relationship between water and nutrition. The drought is considered a kind of imminent pandemic, with 1.5 billion people already under water stress, a figure set to rise to 47% by 2030. Furthermore, phenomena such as worsening droughts in Italy and rising sea levels in the Pacific Islands affect food production, threatening food security.

Economic and political aspects

Water is also the subject of economic and political dynamics. Large corporations, the mining industry and international trade often undermine sustainable water management for the benefit of private interests and profit. In many cases, local communities, often poor and poorly educated, suffer the consequences of these dynamics.

L’Water is a fundamental resource for human life, agriculture, the environment and the economy. Its responsible management is essential to ensure the survival of present and future generations. World Food Day on 16 October, dedicated to water, invited us to reflect on how we can preserve this precious resource and guarantee a sustainable future for all. Awareness of water-related challenges and the adoption of virtuous policies and behaviors are imperative to address these complex challenges.

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