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quinoa salad with roasted vegetables on the table – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

quinoa salad with roasted vegetables on the table

L’quinoa salad with roasted vegetables it is a culinary preparation that combines rich ingredients, with notable flavors, but which complement each other in a harmonious way. This dish cannot be attributed to a specific region or culture, as quinoa originates from the South American Andes. The latter is an ancient South American cereal, appreciated for its excellent nutritional composition, being rich in proteins, fibers and minerals. Its popularity has grown in recent years, especially among those who follow one vegan diet or vegetarian, thanks to its gluten-free nature and complete nutritional profile. Additionally, the technique of roasting vegetables is a universal culinary practice. The latter ingredient provides a complex flavor element, thanks to its slightly smoky flavor and meatier texture. The quinoa salad with roasted vegetables is a proposal suitable for different occasions, from the daily table to that of celebrations. Its versatile nature makes it appropriate as main course in a light meal or as side to a variety of proteins. Finally, it is possible to further enrich the dish by adding toasted nuts, sunflower seeds or fresh herbs. Prepare this quinoa salad with roasted vegetables with us and you will be able to experience flavors you have never tried before!

Puffed quinoa puff pastry – Sale & Pepe – Italian Cuisine

Puffed quinoa puff pastry - Sale & Pepe

Puffed quinoa puff pastry, the preparation

1) Break up the chocolate and do it melt in a water bath. Mix it well with a spatula.

2) Cover a cutting board with a sheet of baking paper.

3) Join the puffed quinoa (a minor cereal that can be replaced with puffed rice) with melted chocolate, mix again and spread the preparation on the paper.

4) Cover it with a second sheet and pass over it repeatedly with a rolling pin, thinning the chocolate layer as much as possible.

5) Do cool down in the fridge.

6) Remove the paper from the chocolate sheet e chop it up With the hands.


Posted on 11/15/2021


Quinoa with broccoli, ginger and trio of sprouts – Italian Cuisine

Quinoa with broccoli, ginger and trio of sprouts


Preparation of quinoa with broccoli, ginger and trio of sprouts

1) Peel thegarlic, peel it ginger and chop them. Separate the tops of cauliflower from the core, wash everything and grate the core. Sauté it in a pan for 2 minutes with thegarlic and it ginger prepared and 2 tablespoons of oil. Salt, add the it takes chopped and the quinoa and mix for 1 minute.

2) Wet with 360 ml of water, bring to a boil, cover and simmer for about 18 minutes, until absorbed'water. Turn off and let it rest for 5 minutes.

3) Combine the 3 types of sprouts well rinsed and the Macadamia nuts chopped, seasoned with extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper before serving.

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