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15 places to eat well from north to south | The Italian kitchen – Italian Cuisine

15 places to eat well from north to south |  The Italian kitchen

The bridge of the Immaculate Conception it’s a small preview of the Christmas holidays: four days to live intensely. Five for the Milanese given that on the 7th Sant’Ambrogio, patron saint of the city, is celebrated, and therefore many may not work. The long weekend of the Immaculate Conception is a pleasant appetizer for the Christmas holidays: it is worth taking advantage of it for a foray into one of the many Italian places that deserve it. And for those who are passionate about good cooking, the opportunity to sit at a level table presents itself. For our (very personal) selection we thought first of the places and then of the place we like best.

There are timeless cities of art such as Verona And Florence, practically impossible to enjoy from April to September. But also Rovereto, Udine, Perugia And Viterbo: smaller, but equally suggestive. A leap into Langhe to find truffles – at a very high price, if you wish – and (re)admire the most famous wine-producing hills in the world is mandatory. Then the sea of ​​Liguria, declined to Levant And Ponente (so similar and so different) and the fresh water of Garda, which compared to a decade ago remains lively even in winter. You can also opt for a relais in the countryside likeWindrow in Maremma or discover towns that are part of Italian history such as Loretto or Pompeii. Our South – in this case it is linked to the suggestive Matera it’s at Palermo, always lively and full of surprises. Happy Immaculate Conception and, above all, enjoy your meal.

Valentine's Day, the most romantic restaurants to celebrate. From North to south – Italian Cuisine

Valentine's Day, the most romantic restaurants to celebrate. From North to south

From the shared table of the starred to the small restaurant in the center with a sea view. The five restaurants where you can eat with your sweetheart in simplicity

Valentine's Day is approaching, and the time has come to book a romantic restaurant to celebrate the feast of lovers with the person of our heart. Here are 5 perfect addresses from north to south of the Peninsula

Social eating

Unforgettable (Turin), chef Christian Mandura

Exposed stone walls, resins on the floors and lighting aimed at highlighting the architectural details and the protagonists. The two lounges were designed to accommodate diners before and after the tasting itinerary, with an aperitif and cocktails prepared by the barman Salvatore Romano (from Barz8, a famous cocktail bar in Turin). Unforgettable is a location with a unique personality: a fifteenth-century building that became the first Italian restaurant without tables. The diners sit at the counter, conceived as a strong point, with the chef in front of them. The name of the place means that the experience will be hard to forget but, playing on the word, the "table" ending also suggests how traditional tables, coming last, are no longer necessary.

Valentine's Day menu
Fried potato, cuttlefish in zimino
Foiegras, yolk
Tuna and artichoke sandwich
Fennel and orange salad
Grated cauliflower
Taiarin with porcini mushrooms
Braised lettuce
Roasted peppers
Chocolate and pear cake
Crème brûlée
Price: 90 €

In medio stat virtus

Vertigo – Contemporary Osteria (Milan), chef Franco Aliberti

It is located inside the Milano Verticale hotel | ONE Experiences. The real flagship of Milano Verticale is in fact the gourmet proposal, declined in three concepts: fine dining restaurant, contemporary tavern and cocktail bar, all managed by Franco Aliberti, resident chef and new entry of the Bartolini team, undisputed protagonist of the international gastronomic scene. . To unify the three "public places" of food & beverage, open to the city as well as to hotel guests, is the large sloping tile ceiling: the space contracts and expands making the three spaces fluid, connected to each other, but at the same time perfectly identifiable. Vertigo – Osteria Contemporanea is an open environment, with an informal atmosphere, overlooking the kitchen and with a natural propensity to project outwards into the terrace and garden. The cocktail bar with urban garden offers a cocktail & drink menu created with the advice of Mattia Pastori and a food pairing prepared by the kitchen.

Valentine's Day menu
Winter salad
Goat cheese mousse and marinated yolk
Beetroot ravioli stuffed with parmesan and herbs
Tenderness of beef, cream of potatoes and marinated radicchio
Tartlet with raspberry, chocolate and gianduia
Price: 43 € per person (excluding wines)

From North to South, last call

L’Orangerie – Manna Resort (BZ), chef Manuel Astuto

The love for winter gardens and childhood memories give life to this restaurant where Southern Italy stands out. The protagonists are the raw materials of Italian excellence, with a keen and aware look to Asia. All reinterpreted in a creative way by chef Manuel Astuto together with his international cuisine brigade, sous chef Andreas Pernter and pastry chef Gregory Concin. Result: simple, genuine, elegant dishes that wink at the concept of "as it once was". From fresh pasta, strictly homemade, to bread, up to small pastries, everything is in the name of quality and refinement. For the feast of lovers, the menu focuses on sea and land delights.

Valentine's Day menu
Brandada of crispy cod and Pimenton de la Vera
Salty “Ringo”, cuttlefish, almond, lime
Manna Sushi roll
Thai soup
Amberjack, parika, tamarind
Raviolo with red prawn from Mazara del Vallo, bisque, orange, pistachio
Braised beef cheek and smoked eel, peanuts, daikon, kale, oriental sauce
Avocado and kumquat
Lychee, macadam, ginger, amaretto
Price: 95 per person

A jolt to tradition

Gio's, The St. Regis Venice (Venice), chef Nadia Frisina

Located a few steps from Piazza San Marco and with the widest view of the Grand Canal, the restaurant attached to the luxury hotel of the Marriott group combines the refined taste of the city on the water with the desires of the contemporary traveler. The love for the land and raw materials remains the first inspiration for the chef, who, following to the letter the "shaking traditions", claim of St. Regis Venice, has developed a menu that allows you to rediscover on the plate the tastes of the Italian tradition combined with suggestions from the Venetian Lagoon and certainly enriched by ideas of contemporary cuisine. The signature dish is Spaghetto Cavalier Cocco with Three Tomatoes, a declared homage to the flavors of the Italian culinary tradition. But for Valentine's Day the chef has thought of something even more special.

Valentine's Day menu
Oysters and passion fruit granita
Amberjack marinated with red turnips, Bronte pistachio, lemon and Romanesco cabbage
Carnaroli risotto with smoked artichokes, candied citron, toasted hazelnuts and goat cheese
Red mullet stew
Fillet with fine truffle
Mango sorbet
Dark chocolate mousse with soft raspberry filling
Price: € 180 per person (drinks not included)


Pesciolino (Rome), chef Gabriel Lucca

Elegant and modern fish bar & restaurant in via Belsiana 30, a stone's throw from Piazza di Spagna, in the heart of the Trident. A welcoming place in the heart of Rome with a proposal that combines Mediterranean and South American flavors and suggestions; between ceviche, bowl, comfort food and mixology. For this Valentine's Day the new chef has curated an exclusive special menu.

Valentine's Day menu
Glass of champagne with chef's entrée
Selection of raw seafood
Tuna tacos with 'nduja mayonnaise, wakame seaweed and allspice
Fresh pasta tagliolini with red prawns, pistachio and peanut butter
Amberjack Tataki with Herbal Yogurt
Mandarin crème brûlée
Price: 69 € per person (drinks not included)

Near the sea, faccimm 'ammore

MySeacret (Naples), chef Antonio Passariello

It has recently opened, but the location, the chef's offer, the atmosphere promise that it will become one of the most popular restaurants in the Neapolitan city. My Seacret, along the historic via Chiatamone in Naples, a stone's throw from the seafront in via Caracciolo, combines catering fine dining with the language of art, with the continuous and permanent display of paintings and sculptures by Neapolitan artists, such as the lacquered ceramic San Gennaro that stands out on the tables. The cooking proposal is entrusted to the young chef Antonio Passariello. Born in 1987 and with a specialization in macrobiotic cuisine, he heads an under 35 brigade. The sea is (almost) absolute protagonist, even for the Valentine's Day menu. For the choice of wines ask Christian Moreno, attentive maître de salle.

Valentine's Day menu
Oyster, Tabasco green apple and caviar
Seared scallops on pumpkin and cardamom cream
Risotto with red prawns from Mazara
Dumpling stuffed with fiordilatte di Agerola, clams and candied lemon
Red mullet stuffed with Neapolitan-style endive
Dessert: Unconditional love
Price: 65 per person (drinks not included)

Kringle: the braid that comes from the North – Italian Cuisine


Perfect for the cold days of this season, this elegant semi-wholemeal apple brioche will smell of cinnamon your mornings, and more


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Widespread throughout the North, where it seems to have arrived from Southern Europe in the thirteenth century, this one cinnamon scented sweet bread it has conquered gourmands from Scandinavian countries such as Norway, Sweden and Denmark, who share some versions of it.
The Estonian kringle, in particular, it is the one that most honors its original form: the word kringle means snail. The name of the dessert – unchanged in all Scandinavian languages ​​- in fact refers to the typical twisted braid shape. Despite the name, most Danish and Norwegian kringla (plural) are very reminiscent of German pretzels, with the typical "B" shape. In Sweden it is so widespread that bakers use it as effigy of their professionIn fact, outside the ovens you will find a golden kringle (in the shape of a bretzel) as a sign. Over time, the kringle has also changed in Estonia, where however it has taken on a simpler form of a circle. Kringles are a lot also popular in the American Midwest, where a number of Danes settled during the 1800s.

194927 "src =" https://www.salepepe.it/files/2022/01/GRANNY-E-CANNELLA-KRINGLE.jpg "width =" 210Estonian Kringle is very fragrant, with a leavened dough very similar to a brioche pastry, traditionally stuffed with butter, cinnamon and cardamom and then braided and molded in the shape of a crown. The Estonian variant of the dessert combines the particular consistency of rye flour with the sweetness of honey, which is the perfect contrast to the sugary sourness of green apples. Sprinkled with brown sugar, it comes out of the oven with a delicious crust on the outside, crunchy and sweet. Alternatively, the kringla can be polished with a simple icing of powdered sugar and water or, very deliciously, garnished with melted chocolate.

194929 "src =" https://www.salepepe.it/files/2022/01/VERSION-MONO-KRINGLE.jpg "width =" 210The braid shape is essential: when cut, the folds of the dough separate and rise, giving the cake a particular softness and releasing the scent of the filling. The oldest versions of the kringle, documented mostly in Denmark, had only almonds and almond paste. Today, however, the fillings – according to the country and the family tradition – follow the imagination, including raisins, apricots and other dehydrated fruit, apples, honey, marzipan, marmalade and various jams, small chocolate chips, dried fruit. The dough, on the other hand, is always the same. Only the flour varies: 00, chestnut, wholemeal or rye flour can be used.
Find the Estonian kringle recipe here

January 2022
Francesca Tagliabue

Posted on 13/01/2022


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