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Who is Misha Sukyas, the chef of "Camionisti in Trattoria" – Italian Cuisine

Who is Misha Sukyas, the chef of "Camionisti in Trattoria"

The birth of the passion for cooking (for money and despair), the chefs who changed his life, the time he cooked with Chiara Ferragni and the restaurants that made him known and loved in Milan. Before seeing him leave, aboard the trucks for "Camionisti in Trattoria"

Misha Sukyas he is the new chef who travels around Italy on board the trucks to discover the best restaurants for the truck driver. Chef, alchemist, active boy, ready to experiment and contaminate with ingredients from all over the world, he has a boundless love for all that is experimentation and innovation, the desire to know and listen to the tastes and culinary secrets of all the cultures of the world . How will you find yourself wandering around the Italian province?

The discovery of pirates

Born in 1980, Misha Sukyas is Milanese with Armenian origins. He begins to cook because "shipped", as he himself admits, from his father to work in the family restaurant in Cabo San Lucas, California, to do the dishwasher; as punishment after stormy years in art school. Misha is fascinated by the corsair atmosphere that she breathes in the kitchen, by the linguistic patois of the staff, by the feeling of belonging to a colorful crew, by this idea of ​​a group of Marauding pirates but they move like in a perfect ballet, handling food like a dancer. There the desire to become the captain of a gang like that was born.

The kitchen? A love born of desperation

His first real experience, at 18, is a London where he pretends to be an experienced cook, and after 20 minutes he receives a good 50 pounds exit. Paid for not working, from that moment, for about a year, Misha vivacchia turning also four or five restaurants a day where he receives the wages of the day even without receiving fixed assignments (having fun and earning more than one game chief though). Everything goes smoothly, until one day he meets Antonello Tagliabue, chef of Bice in London, who instead of firing him forces him to work: a spark strikes and the boy starts cooking. From what he considers a putative father as well as an example of work ethics, Misha learns the organization of work, "staying" in the kitchen, together with the search for quality and service.

Chefs and experiences around the world

In addition to Tagliabue, in London he works with Valentino Bosch and Michelle Roux. Globetrotter by nature, his experiences take him fromHolland, at Marc Philippart's Van Vlaanderen restaurant in Amsterdam, Sydney, where he works at the Pier Restaurant with Grant King, and then with the Australian star chef Peter Gilmore at the Quay. His next stages span from China to Indonesia, from Africa to Australia. He can count a "sabbatical" year in India, and a long stay in Holland, in Amsterdam, where he completes his internship and opens various venues: De Ysbreeker, Bar Itala and Lago where he is chef for a year. The fundamental meeting for Misha is with Moshik Roth, Israeli chef of "ruthless avant-garde" as he himself says, and champion of "techno-emotional" cuisine.

Restaurants: the Alchemist and Spice

Back in Italy in 2013, he inaugurated his first restaurant with friends, l'Alchemist. A romantic dream that did not last long, only one year, but of great rupture. While there was a return to simplicity all around, there instead it becomes avant-garde. The word "alchemy" derives from the Arabic al-khimiya and means to melt, weld, and the sequence of dishes that make up the menus of Misha is precisely the equivalent of an alchemical path, a palette of ingredients that recall – both in preparation and in the chromatic impact of the presentation – the elements present in nature.
Milan met chef Misha and began to speak with curiosity about the use of Rotavac, a distiller designed to separate solvents in chemistry laboratories, used for cooking in the absence of air and in continuous vacuum conditions. Or theuse of the drill to create sugar springs and to peel the apples or, again, of the spray guns for the distribution of sauces and of coffee pot for serving the sauce accompanying his pork strudel. On the menu we eat dishes such as Bronte pistachio crusted tuna with white chocolate and wasaby sauce, or the smoked Milanese Coteletta.
October 2015, the new Spice bistrò & bar project starts. A gastro-pub, a French bistro, something that was not there in Milan: a place to go to drink, eat, or both, in the Colonne di San Lorenzo area. Menu that changes every day, business lunch and dinner, and immediate success. Until the closure due to road construction at the end of 2016. Since then, Misha's curriculum has a couple of assets temporary restaurant and lessons at the Food Genius Academy, where he teaches cooking.

The presence on TV

On TV we have already seen it in some videos, on the web, with an almost unrecognizable one Chiara Ferragni in the early years of the blog The Blond Salad, in an episode of Masterchef Magazine and then as tutor in the first edition of Hell’s Kitchen, alongside Carlo Cracco, in 2015. In 2018 he was one of the three judges of Chopped, Wow effect, Comfort food on Food Network. He is the author of the recipe book Healthy as a fish, I enjoy it as a hedgehog (Vallardi 2019).

Truck drivers in a restaurant: the fourth season

In 2020 he lands in Truckers in the Trattoria, replacing chef Rubio. Keeping away from any concept of "satiety", his 8-episode tour de force touches new areas of Piedmont, Friuli, Lombardy, Puglia (with two thematic episodes that will cover all the variety of the region: the golden triangle of fried food Barletta-Andria-Trani and the California of Italy, the Salento) Veneto, Campania and Lazio. A high-calorie journey light years away from the cool kitchen, in the company of exceptional communicators, the road hauliers, to discover new temples of good taste. Among the novelties of this new edition, a completely new look will be given to restaurateurs and their collaborators in the kitchen, where the "miracle" of the kitchen of generous portions is handed down every day between stoves and pans.

Truck drivers in the Trattoria: do you remember when Misha Sukyas cooked with Chiara Ferragni? – Italian Cuisine

Truck drivers in the Trattoria: do you remember when Misha Sukyas cooked with Chiara Ferragni?

The first episode of The Blonde Chef in which the new lorry driver in Trattoria gave cooking lessons to Instagram's most famous Chiara.

If there is a TV series that really makes us hungry it is Truckers in the Trattoria. It satisfies that desire to wander around small restaurants and clubs with a heart and a large dish, where generous portions and traditions come together in dishes with an ancient yet always current flavor. And if the first was chef Rubio to guide us among these funny meals in the company of the truck drivers, now the management of the program is renewed and sees lined up on the front line Misha Sukyas. Student of Antonello Tagliabue at the Bice in London, the 40 year old chef is from Armenian and Italian origins, has also collected experiences in the USA, Holland, China, Indonesia, Australia, India and Africa, but it is in Italy that he put his idea of ​​cooking into practice with the Alchemist and Puzzle projects.
But if his face tells you something, it's because you've probably already seen it on the small screen. In fact, he joined Carlo Cracco in the first edition of Hell's Kitchen and taught Chiara Ferragni how to cook in the mini series The Blonde Chef. It was 2012 and this is the first episode.

Yesterday friend of the fashion bloggers, today fellow travelers of the Truckers in the Trattoria. What a chef versatility!

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