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Nico Acampora, founder of PizzAut, receives the Guido Carli Award – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

Congratulations to Nico Acampora of PizzAut: on May 10th the Guido Carli Award for Social Commitment and Inclusion through work thanks to his magnificent project, the first and only pizzeria chain in Italy managed by autistic children. Starting from his personal experience as a parent, Acampora felt the need to create opportunities for people with autism like his son. To date, with two pizzerias open in Cassina De’ Pecchi and Monza, he is a true visionary entrepreneur.

«It’s not just a question of occupying the kids’ time: whoever decides to create a restaurant like ours must do something real workwith the right training period and the right level of pay. Too often there are companies that approach young people with disabilities to work, but then never hire. Hiring is fundamental because work has immense power: it gives dignity, gives a future and provides kids with tools that without work they would never know they had”, Nico Acampora told us.

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What is the Guido Carli Award?

The Guido Carli Award bears the name of the former governor of Bank of Italy and former Treasury Minister and is awarded every year to personalities who have distinguished themselves for their social commitment, successes in the entrepreneurial field, as well as for having brought prestige to talent and to Italian genius in the world.

Who is on the jury for the 2024 Guido Carli Award?

The special bronze medal minted by the Polygraphic Institute is awarded by a high-level jury made up of CEOs, top managers, entrepreneurs and publishers. After more than a decade, it has been partly renovated and today is made up of:

  • Ornella Barra, COO of International Walgreens Boots Alliance
  • Urbano Cairo, president of Cairo Communication and RCS
  • Flavio Cattaneo, CEO and general director of Enel
  • Claudio Descalzi, CEO of Eni
  • Luigi Ferraris, CEO of Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane
  • Andrea Illy, president of Illycaffè
  • Matteo Lunelli, president and CEO of Cantine Ferrari
  • Giampiero Massolo, president of Ispi and Mundys
  • Claudia Parzani, president of the Italian Stock Exchange
  • Ettore Prandini, president of Coldiretti
  • Alessandra Ricci, CEO of Sace
  • Stefano Sala, president and CEO of Publitalia ’80

projects started with Guido Harari – Italian Cuisine

projects started with Guido Harari

The culture of chocolate goes hand in hand with that of the photographic image: starting this summer retrospectives, meetings, exhibitions of the works of the major world authors are scheduled

The culture of chocolate is combined with that of photography. Domori, the first company in the world to use only fine cocoa, to recover the biodiversity of the Criollo cocoa in the field and to create a 100% tablet, has inaugurated a artistic collaboration with Guido Harari, One of the greatest interpreters of the art of photographic portraiture, who immortalized the excellence of every field, from music to art, to culture, entertainment, fashion, entrepreneurship and sport. The project is called Domori and photography. Quality, innovation and culture and aims to «restore time to photography. Spaces and places for a new poetic image ".

In other words, Domori and Harari together give way to an artistic season e will develop events and projects together. They are already planning, for the next three years, in Coazzolo, a small village in the Asti area, between the Langhe and Monferrato, rising to the national spotlight for its permanent art installations and for welcoming artists from all over the world , and in Naples, in Made in Cloister, a Renaissance cloister transformed into a cultural center and exhibition space.

The appointments

Starting this summer, Coazzolo Arte will organize a series of meetings with the authors of the works that will soon be included in the territory. Made in Cloister will be joined by Domori Fotografia in three upcoming exhibitions: Art Kane. Visionary, a large retrospective of one of the giants of world photography (June-September 2019), a special one author's look on Pino Daniele (spring-summer 2020) and a large exhibition of works of Lou Reed photographer (autumn 2020).

For 2021 a big one is planned retrospective dedicated to Robert Whitaker, the legendary photographer of the Beatles and Swinging London of the Sixties. A volume edited by Harari will also be developed together with Benjamin Whitaker, son of the photographer, and published by Wall of Sound Editions.

Finally, in summer and autumn 2020, an exhibition will be organized retrospective, dedicated to Guido Harari himself, which will be curated by the Civita Association, in several Italian museums starting from the Mole of Ancona.

The art of photography will be the focus of a campaign signed by Domori and Harari, which will be launched in the fall: the photographer will take the emotional and sensorial aspects of chocolate in everyday life. A journey into the goodness and life of its fans.

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